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Chapter 80 – Retribution

The day after my and Linde-san’s wedding, I ordered for all the magic bombs currently in the Deal Kingdom’s possession to be dropped on the Masia Kingdom. In addition to numerous small magic bombs, there were also two large magic bombs I didn’t have any use for and fourteen medium magic bombs. They would destroy everything without any care about the aftermath. Anyway, there were fellows who bombed my wedding celebration. My conscience didn’t hurt at all.

That said, the enemy also had air power, so the bombing might be hindered. To avoid that, the wyvern group was divided into groups with slaves that would drop the bombs and carry guns for protection. It was commonly known as the formation flight, but there wasn’t a concept of it yet in this world. The enemy didn’t know the air combat doctrine and once the bombs dropped, they wouldn’t have the leisure of coming up with one.

Two large magic bombs were dropped on the Masia duchy without a declaration of war on the Masia Kingdom. It was a fair trade, wasn’t it? They also bombed my capital without a declaration of war.

Because the bombs had a higher purity than the one used on the Estoani Kingdom, they caused larger explosions, so the wyvern soldiers fell and got injured. Since they dropped the bomb at the highest possible altitude a wyvern could fly, it was hard to increase the bomb’s firepower. In the first place, bombs with greater firepower than these were even more difficult to use. As expected, I didn’t need bombs that would damage my allies. It was an unnecessary risk.

After the opening shot with the magic bombs, we proceeded with carpet bombing with obsolete regular bombs and high-explosive shells from cannons, effectively converting the land into a barren, crater-filled wasteland. The enemy was destroyed before they could even surrender. Perhaps the pope was so terrified by the tragedy that he was shocked into silence. If he spoke out, he’d be bombed too.

As the Masia Kingdom completely ceased its function as a nation, more powers became active in declaring their surrender to the Deal Empire. The Masia Kingdom had no power to stop them, and the nation collapsed in a blink. What a nasty weapon. It seemed that everyone who complained about surrender died, so I sent barons and counts who were former slaves to their duchies, except for the Masia duchy, to promote the influence of the Deal Empire. 

As it happened, the religious problem arose as expected and the believers of Knut revolted, so they were slaughtered by the believers of Palpal. It was a great crime for a Knut believer to kill a Palpal believer, while a Palpal believer would receive money if they killed a Knut believer, so the Knut religion was inevitably weeded out. I made a law like that, so the selection accelerated.

I did think it was a terrible law, but ethnic cleansing was common on Earth, so I chose not to care. There was only one realistic way to solve the religious problem and it was to exterminate the adherents of the opposing religion, as the problem wouldn’t be resolved until one side completely disappeared.

And in this world, it was still the era where it could be done openly. As for the lost culture, art, and so on, the people of the later generation could lament and cry out for all they liked. The blade of law was far in the future and wouldn’t reach me anyway. At the moment, I was the law. I might be branded as the foolish king later, but I would promote the unification of the continent and the unification of religions to make this nation a strong nation.

…Until I unified the continent, it was just a matter of pulverizing other nations and making mine bigger. After that, I’d create a navy and focus on domestic affairs to buy myself about ten years. Right now, I probably had enough military power to take down nations on the other continent, but the hard part about being a military state was that things became difficult as soon as the enemy was gone.

After unifying the continent, I would have railroads created and have water and sewage systems deployed in all the cities. Both could be achievable to some extent without the technological advancements caused by magic, and even subjugated citizens would stop complaining if their quality of life improved. It wouldn’t be gone completely, but that was plenty.

As for the Masia duchy, now a vacant land, the plan was to systematically build a city. On the land where over 800,000 people died from two large magic bombs, the world’s first city equipped with a water and sewage system would be built. Many rivers ran through the Masia duchy and there were many lands suitable for agriculture as well. That was why it used to have a large population but now it has turned into an empty land, so I would make effective use of it.

…There had been a water supply-like thing since before, but I think the water supply equipped with filtration and sterilization would be the first in the world. Perhaps there were other cities on the other continent with complete water supply and sewage systems, so let’s consider it as the first in the continent instead of the world. This one was something I could say for sure.

Once I unified the continent, there would be less worry about technology leaks, and now that the Masia Kingdom had collapsed, it really felt like simple labor. The Anon Kingdom, which was to the east of the Masia Kingdom, had already started to surrender even though I hadn’t touched them yet, so all that was left was the Lenart Empire and Deluise Empire beyond the mountains to the east.

I was going to send both of them recommendations to surrender. If they refused, I’d erase their capital. The Lenart Empire might surrender, but I had no idea about the Deluise Empire. It was hard to get information, let alone enter. In terms of territory, they surpassed the Carling Empire in its heyday, but they had a small population, so they probably had a barren land.

…What should I do with the Papal territory? It was located south of the Masia Kingdom, and it was about the size of three duchies, but I heard that the land there was also barren. I was wondering if I should just continuously harass them. By keeping that place alive, I could expect the Knut believers that remained scattered in every nation to look for asylum and flee to that place, so I should destroy them the last. Until then, let’s consider that place as a target for cannon firing training.

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