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Chapter 81 – Next Generation

Several months passed since I destroyed the empire beyond the mountain, leaving only Deal Empire and papal territory as the remaining forces in the continent. Linde-san safely gave birth to a baby boy. People could tell whether the baby was a boy or a girl even before Linde-san gave birth because of the quality of the magic power, but it was possible to give the wrong answer, so I wouldn’t confirm the baby’s gender until it was born.

However, people around me said “It is definitely a boy” and Linde-san believed that a boy would be born and didn’t doubt it, so she was making various preparations for when the boy was born. Palpal religion advocated equal rights for men and women, but it seemed the idea of men being superior couldn’t easily change.

But what came to my mind after the birth was that I was glad both the mother and child were safe. Frankly, the gender of the child was secondary for me. It was still important, but it wasn’t uncommon for either to die in childbirth, so it was best that both mother and child were healthy.

I decided the boy’s name would be Pierre. It wasn’t like there was a special meaning for Pierre in this world and I explained to Linde-san and others that I gave the name because it just happened to come to my mind, but the actual origin of the name was Pierrot (clown). It was said that the name reflects one’s body, and I intended to force this child to act when he grew up, so I gave him a name that would fit him.

Being a mighty emperor earned me many grudges. Many of my citizens wished me to go to hell. When such an emperor died, if the emperor’s child didn’t have fame or achievements, and the moment came for the child to inherit the throne, uprisings and revolutions for independence would occur one after another. In order to prevent that, said child had to accumulate achievements.

…In the future, I intend to be killed by Pierre. After enjoying my life as an emperor for another dozen years, I was to be killed by the next emperor to serve as his greatest achievement. The bad deeds I have done would never disappear or rather, I would accumulate bad deeds that would continue to smolder even after dozens of years to come.

The number of innocent people I have killed has reached 8 digits, so it couldn’t be helped. If the number of people who were against me and the people who died in religious wars were also included, the number became so big that it was ridiculous to count. My karma value also reached an absurd degree. Considering I was already considered the greatest villain in the world even before I developed the weapon of mass destruction, my karma amount likely went beyond the upper limit and overflowed.

The child that killed the evil person like me would definitely become the emperor that the people of the continent sought. If he acted heroically, inherited the well-founded empire, and continued to rule properly, the generation to come would be stable. That was how high the value of my death was.

Looking at Pierre’s characteristic, in addition to water magic level I, swordsmanship level I, and whipmanship level II, he also possessed “mighty strength,” which was the inferior version of Linde-san’s “monstrous strength.” He had a low amount of innate mana just like me. This one couldn’t be salvaged. I guess he had it better than me since he had a good physical constitution. He even inherited my whipmanship, and since he had mighty strength, he would definitely grow stronger than most people.

He had water magic just like Wagner, but that was the characteristic of Klaus’ family for generations, where many of them could use magic. Even my father Bayer was the same. It seemed my fire magic characteristic came from my mother. Well, Pierre was definitely my child. Or rather, counting the days backward, he was actually conceived during my first night with Linde-san. I was glad I decided on the date of the wedding with this in mind.

…I intended to have him receive special training to acquire endurance from around 3 years old. It seemed the resistance I acquired from training didn’t get inherited after all. Well, the training had already been experimented on several young children, so while it might be painful, it wouldn’t kill him. Since I intended for him to kill me later, it was better for him to hold a grudge against me.

Also, on the day of Pierre’s birth, I accepted the pope’s surrender. He had been telling me to stop the bombardment since he was going to surrender all this time, but since I wanted to mark the birth of my child as the anniversary day for the continental conquest, I kept on attacking him. Anyway with this, I was able to create an anecdote that the continent was unified on this child’s birthday. Legends were made. Especially since I intended to create a hero, I had to be particular about his birthday.

Ah, come to think of it, this child wasn’t an albino. Unlike Linde-san’s pure white hair, the boy had brownish-black hair similar to mine. Albinism was supposed to be a recessive gene, so I guess it just happened not to be inherited. Well, if the emperor was an albino, they wouldn’t be able to avoid bad rumors, so maybe this was a good thing?

Well, there was a possibility that Pierre’s child would be albino, but I couldn’t have known at this point and wouldn’t be able to intervene in his life at that point, so Pierre had to do his best on his own. I need to watch over him so that he doesn’t die prematurely from illness or deadly poison, train him repeatedly, and raise him to be the next emperor.

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