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The House of the Witch of Fresh Blood

We said our goodbyes to the people of the Otto house.

「Due to various reasons, I can’t become a private tutor for the Otto household」

After refusing so, we said our goodbyes to them.
The Countess regretfully hung her head.

「Even though my children’s success in life would’ve been guaranteed if I had been able to get a Wiseman, like Kite-sama, to teach them.」

Even if it were only flattery, it made me glad, but in any case, we said our goodbyes to the Otto house, where we had stayed for a few weeks.

When Chloe lashed her whip at the horses strapped to the carriage, we started moving.
The people of the Otto house saw us off till the last moment.
They were waving their hands until the carriage could no longer be seen.
Fiona too, while shouting 「See ya again!」, waved her hands until the mansion could no longer be viewed. Seeing that figure, I said 「Isn’t it unusual?」

「What do you mean?」Chloe asked without turning back.

「No, I thought she’d say something more selfish. I thought she’d throw a tantrum saying she wants to stay longer in the mansion.」

When I said that, Fiona shakes her head sideways in a jelly-like manner.
Her blonde twin-tails swayed.

「I-I won’t say something selfish! If Daddy’s with me, Fiona’ll be fine.」

「Aren’t you sad? Didn’t you just part with the first friends you’ve made?」

「If it’s friends, I have more.」

Fiona, saying that, pointed at Chloe.

「……Chloe is treated as a friend? But I want to be called Mommy here.」

Chloe, pretended to cry “boo hoo” , but Fiona ignored her, and took out a plush from her belongings. It’s a bear. It’s a so-called ‘Teddy Bear’ .

「This guy’s my friend!」

Saying so, she pushed her friend onto me.

「He’s called Juno1. That’s why you don’t have to worry daddy. Because I have two friends 」

「……I see. Fiona already has two friends.」

Saying so, I pat Juno’s head.

「If I’m with Daddy, I’ll be fine anywhere. If Daddy’s there, I don’t need a mommy. That’s why daddy, please be by my side always.」
(ED: <3)

Fiona, saying that, hugged me, Juno and all.The peculiar warmth and scent of a small child spread.

Perhaps Fiona had sensed from my expression that, right now, we might be in a difficult position.

Fiona is a clever child.
She might have read something from the slight change in the grownups’ expressions.

「My, my, this is a failure as a parent」

Making a child worry and the like, before being a failure as a parent, it is a failure as an adult.
I wouldn’t make my daughter worry any more than this. I decided to change my train of thoughts.
I decided to think optimistically.
When I hugged my daughter, I promised her.

「Daddy will stay by Fiona’s side till Fiona goes away as a bride」

If you don’t read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu, I’ll turn this into a lolicon novel!

「But Fiona’ll become Daddy’s bride.」

「Then, we’ll be always together」
(T/N- no, there’s no usagi drop here) (Ed: wait then why am I reading this?!)

When I said that in a joking manner, I added strength to the arm hugging her.

「It hurts. Daddy, it’s too strong!」

Fiona unusually reproachfully raised her voice, I without loosening my strength, replied so.

「That’s right. Daddy is strong. If the lot from the Empire or the Church came to mess with Fiona, I’ll show them this strength to my heart’s content」

My ability has been given a stamp of approval from the Great Wiseman Seymour.
In the past, I was even regarded as the top disciple by my successors.
Although I have not been selected as a Great Wiseman, I have been given the stamp of approval that my abilities are at par with those of Great Wisemen.
It is impossible to take away a daughter from such a Wiseman.
It’s possible that the people of the empire and the church might also be under the same impression.
While convincing myself so, I hugged the most precious existence to me in this world.

「Master, Seymour-sama’s mansion has come into view」

A few weeks after beginning our journey by carriage, we finally arrived at our destination.

The ride in the cheap carriage must have been by no means comfortable, but my daughter, without a single complaint or grumble, accompanied us on the journey until here.

The journey must have been an arduous one for the (Appearance-wise) 5 year old child Fiona, but that ends here.
I knocked at the gates of the mansion of my mentor, Seymour, without any reservations.
Immediately, a maid, who I think was an employee of the mansion, opened the gates.
It was a face I was not used to seeing.
But then again, the last time I visited Seymour was a few decades ago.

Unless they belonged to an elfin family, it wouldn’t be strange for the employees whom I last saw to have gone to the other world.2While thinking like that, I was guided into master’s study.
On the way, I whispered in such a manner that only Chloe could hear.

「If anything happens, take Fiona and immediately escape」

Chloe returned a question with a perplexed face.

「I don’t have any intention of refusing Master’s orders, but do you mean to say that Seymour-Sama might betray us?」

「No way. I have faith in my master. That person won’t do such a thing」

However, I added.

「That person too, isn’t invincible and undefeatable. We might be caught by the scruff of our necks by the empire or the church in a compelling situation. 」

「Don’t tell me. Is there any possibility of those Great Wisemen yielding?」

「If the other 5 great Wisemen become enemies with my master, then there’s a possibility.」

I said that, but I added this too.

「Well, I’m just considering all possibilities」

Saying so, I pat my maid’s back.
Good grief, I laughed, thinking of how people can only imagine the worst case scenario when they are in a position carrying responsibility.
Even though it was just the other day that I swore that I’d think optimistically from here on, I wonder what I’m flustered for.
The person I’m about to meet now is the greatest Wiseman as far as I know.

The sorcerer who holds the title of a Great Wiseman, held by only 6 people in the worldーー.

Their magical power was the strongest and the craziest.

Even if I went all out, I’m not sure I can even scratch that person, that was the extent of their strength.

ーーThat person’s personality is broken, and is an oddball and eccentric character, but at least there’s no one who can make my master yield in a proper way. No, it must be troublesome even at a national level.
(T/N- Who said Wiseman gotta be dudes, you sexist!?)

Age, 1200 years
The Blood-Stained Witch of Mirrodin.
The woman having the nickname of this world’s strongest Witch.
She was an elder-sister like existence to me, and was the most trustworthy woman in this world.
She was the woman I respected the most in this life as well.

ーーBut then, despite the fact that there is a difference of heaven and earth between our abilities, regardless of whether or not I respect her, if she is an existence that causes harm to Fiona, I intend to mercilessly beat her up.

My Daughter, Fiona, was that much of a precious existence to me.


1. Pronounced more like ‘Yuuno’

2. Die you piece of scum who doesn’t read it at watashiwasugoidesu.wordpress.com!

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