Sugar Sweet

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event to guess what might’ve happened in chapter 20!

Here are the ones the TL and Editor chose as their favorites:

Sui becomes a magician on his first try. He just needed a bit of practice. His power? Persuasion. Can’t we all just get along? Now he can look Red in the eyes so they stare into each other’s eyes and promise to stay together forever. The End. There is no chapter 21.

Sui goes back to Aoimachi and falls in the river along the way. When he wakes up, he is in his own bed and his grandmother is calling him. It was all just a dream… There is no chapter 21.

Yizul changes his mind and kicks Sui out of Akebi. In anger, Red goes with him and they set up shop in Aoimachi in Sui’s house. They live happily ever after. There is no chapter 21.

Azul realizes he was brainwashed by Sui into becoming harmless and goes on a rampage. The entire planet is destroyed. There is no chapter 21.

Sui and Red travel to Ulshia to place the pendant from Sui’s grandmother at Hana’s grave. While they are there, they sit the entire population down and explain to them that they are mean people. Sui’s power of persuasion works its magic and the population of Ulshia realizes the error of their ways. They become a kinder, more caring group of people. A period of world peace is ushered in and spreads across the globe. There is no chapter 21.

There was definitely a theme that we liked. Could you tell? 😛

Anyway, thank you all for joining us on this project. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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