Sugar Sweet

Hey readers! If you weren’t already aware of the situation that happened on our discord (shameless plug, come join us!), the author of Sugar Sweet deleted the novel from Syosetu before we could get all the chapters. Luckily, we were able to grab everything except for chapter 20, which would have been the chapter for today.

Therefore, we decided that we’d make this a fun little opportunity for you guys as the readers to show off your creativity! We want you to share how you think chapter 20 would’ve gone.

You can format it just like the previous chapters, but you can also just be fun and creative. Here’s an example by the editor, Cale:

“Red and Sui nekkid hugged, and Kasa and Teacher got together, and then, they made their own show called Ouran Highschool Host Club, where we saw Azul and Yizul too! The end

You can submit your own rendition on this Google Form.

There’s a 2500 character limit (about 500 words), and NO NSFW CONTENT ALLOWED. This is a shounen ai series, not a yaoi.

The contest will close on Sunday, April 3rd, and the staff’s favorite submissions will be posted on Thursday, April 7th.

Chapter 21 will be released next week as planned!

Submissions are now CLOSED. Thanks everyone who participated!

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