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Part 3 – Tarte Tatin Secret

[Extra] Idle Talk – Summer Vacation Diary1

August 1st 

Weather: Cloudy, then clear skies

When I was playing in the nearby forest like I always do, I met a strange person. He was like a forest fairy. He had red eyes that were very beautiful.

That person was scruffy and covered in scrapes. I wonder if he was in a fight?

It looked like it hurt, so I decided to take him home with me to where grandma was.

On the way, I remembered that I put the candy grandma gave me in my backpack so I gave it to the strange person.

Grandma treated his wounds, but it seemed like he was very tired and it was decided that he would stay at my house for the meantime.

August 9th

Weather: Clear skies

The strange person that I met is an amazing person. He’s an onii-chan that’s a lot bigger than me, but he plays with me lots. We draw pictures together and have adventures. And he can somehow make flowers come out of his hands.

With a ‘poof‘ he makes pretty, white flowers come out. It’s amazing!

When I told him he was like a magician, he seemed surprised for some reason.

I was also surprised. I’ve never met a magician before.

August 11th

Weather: Rainy

Today, I didn’t play with the strange person.

I had a fever. Grandma said it was a “summer cold.” Apparently it’s a cold that you get in the summer. I’ve never heard of it before.

It was hot but cold at the same time, and I hated it.

It would be bad if the strange person caught my cold, but it’s lonely not being able to see him. I also hate not being able to play together.

That’s why, tomorrow when I’m better, I want to play with him.

While I was lying on the futon and rereading this diary, I noticed something. I haven’t heard that strange person’s name yet. I thought that it would be nice if tomorrow, when we play, I could hear his name.

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