The Show Must Go On 23

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The morning breeze blew in the faintly lit room,

Waking up, Lutora stretched and let out a short yawn.

It was early morning. Seeing how he couldn’t hear the morning prayers, it must have been quite early.

But Lutora promptly leapt out of bed, washing his face and mouth in the basin he had filled with water the night before. Throwing away the used water, he rinsed the basin and filled it with fresh water. Returning to the side of the twins sleeping soundly on the bed, he lightly tapped their heads.

“Cain, Abel, wake up!”



“Hey, wake up quickly! Don’t you know what day it is today?”



“Wasn’t someone going to come today?”

The twins opened their eyes with a snap.

The two young ones leapt out of bed in tandem, waking up to Lutora’s words.

“That’s right! Today…”

“Lady Julieta!”

“That’s right. Lady Julieta is to come for a visit today.”



“Hey, wash our faces and dress up. Don’t forget to brush your teeth too.”

“Aye, sir!”

“Roger that!”

As the twins scurried about, Lutora, who had gotten ready before the twins, left his room. The room had become his sleeping quarters for these past three months. He gave a quick glance across the hallway.


En route to the chapel just beyond the hallway, a very familiar man spotted Lutora standing beside the door, and gave him a small smile.

“Good Morning, Lutora.”

“Morning, Malacia.”

The Head Priest, on his way to the morning prayers, had a peaceful expression as always.

“Are Cain and Abel in your room again? I did advise them not to attempt a midnight rendevous in your room. I told them your lover would get angry.”

“I’m telling you, Morino isn’t my lover…might as well have you sneak into my room at night.”

Malacia heartless laughed off Lutora, who had inadvertently revealed his inner desires.

“Hahaha, what a funny joke.”

“Good Morning, Reverend Malacia.”

“Good Mornin’!

“Yes, good morning to you too.”

As the twins, who rushed out of the room next, clung to Malacia, the words, “I’m not joking.”, that Lutora spoke as he scratched his head, did not reach Malacia.

“Both of you woke up early. Well done.”

“You see, today’s the day Lady Julieta comes to visit.”

“Yeah, she’s praying right now. After that, she told me that she would come to play with you all.”

“Yay! I love Lady Julieta!”

“…Me too.”

Standing beside Abel, who raised both his hands and jumped, Cain, nodded as his cheeks turned crimson.

“My my. Lady Julieta seems quite popular.”

“That’s because she’s being considered akin to a [Saint] right now…Sigurd’s overprotectiveness is scary even from afar.”

“Well, it’s great if brother and sister get along,”

It had been more than a month since Anderheim and Julieta, the pair of father-daughter had left the Prime Minister’s residence.

Their new residence was a mansion on one corner of a hill that gently extended from the west gate of the capital.

Surrounded by a small forest, the mansion was not that large but was nevertheless enveloped by verdant greenery and flowerbeds full of roses. Led by her father and brother, Julieta happily strolled in the garden, brushing her face against the roses and cheerfully smiling. Rumours of her beauty soon spread far and wide.

Various anecdotes accompanied it. ‘The former fiancée betrayed by the Crown Prince’; ‘The woman who was forced to become the Sacrificial Priestess instead of the Crown Prince’s beloved lover’, and ‘The descendant of Sage Asbal that endured bitter pain for ten long years’. These half-truths soon manifested as gazes of sympathy towards Julieta and the simultaneous sense of hatred towards the Crown Prince and his fiancée.

Young noblemen came uninvited, day and night, in the hopes of interacting with Julieta. Indignantly muttering with his mask-like poker face, Sigurd rejected them, saying, “I won’t let anyone catch a glimpse of Julieta.” It made Lutora’s blood run cold.

The four of them offered their morning prayer at the altar and had lunch together. Malacia left for the chapter for his usual morning duties and the twins left for the orphanage, saying they had to make preparations for the reception. Left alone, Lutora decided to got to the outer court to meet the two who were visiting.

“Sir Lutora!”

As Lutora walked in a leisurely manner, a temple knight came rushing to him in panic.

“Hm? Amy? What happened?”

She was wearing her Sugarloaf Helmet as she was on duty, but Lutora quickly recognised her voice and gait. As Amy reached Lutora’s side, she cupped her hands near her mouth and whispered to him.

“This is bad, Sir Lutora. Under the staircase, His Highness and his fiancée have arrived by carriage.”


“They didn’t announce their visit, did they?”

“Of course they didn’t! What was His Highness thinking!?”

“It’s time for Lady Julieta and Sir Sigurd to arrive soon…what to do!?”

Although she did not know the exact details, Amy did know that this combination was a recipe for disaster, and rushed to find Lutora in the Shrine.

“It would be fine if it were on His Highness, but Nasha too…it’s hard to show my face…”

Two months ago. Lutora had volunteered to gather inside information about the Shrine at the study in the royal castle. But he was eventually outed by Melia, who told her older sister Nasha, that her use of Suimo began at Lutora’s behest.

When she asked Lutora why he didn’t stop her, Morino defended him, saying “If it weren’t for that, Melia would have gone crazy.”But what the both of them received was a harsh yell from Nasha. She replied, “It’s because of your incompetence that my sister became a victim!”

Abused and called traitor, Lutora left the castle heartbroken. Malacia, who welcomed him back, was shocked to see his haggard appearance. Informed of the situation by the weeping twins who clung to him, Malacia cradled the crouching Lutora’s head, spending the whole night beside him without a word.

I was scorned by the Nasha, the one I live. Yet I do not hurt. It’s all thanks to Malacia.

Lutora had to admit, the impossible had happened.

By no means was he an angel. He was a man who would willingly dirty his hands for the sake of the Shrine and the kingdom.

His fortitude as he smiled, taking pride in his disgrace, should not have captivated Lutora.

Even his task of spying on him was now a mere excuse. The children of the orphanage were cute and the temple knights idolized him. Spending his days beside Malacia, whom he despised as a foe, he realised the other could be so gentle, so full of affection.

This time, I want to become Malacia’s strength.

I want to be relied on. I want to be told, ‘it’s no good if you aren’t there’.

“Maybe I should say I will be hard to face them…I’ll go and welcome His Highness and Nasha. When Sigurd and Julieta arrive, guide them along the outer court to the orphanage. The chance of them checking on Melia’s condition is high, but I don’t think they’ll visit the orphanage. What about Melia’s medicine this morning?”

“On Malacia’s instructions, they administered her a diluted dose. She is calm now.”

“We can do nothing but pray that the medicine doesn’t wear off…let’s go.”

“Got it.”

As he urged Amy to the base of the stairs, below the arch stood a carriage with the royal seal engraved on it. She prepared to take Vikram’s hand to alight from the carriage. Questioning Lutora’s appearance at the base of the stone steps, she denounced him, speaking loudly on purpose so everyone around could hear.

“You traitor! You said you’ll stay by Melia’s side!”

“Nasha! What are you saying!?”

The Crown Prince immediately remonstrated her, but the person in question, Nasha, puffed her cheeks in complaint.

“But Your Highness, you heard it too! Melia was made to drink Suimo on Lutora’s orders!”

“But isn’t it medicine to ease the Dragon Priestess’ sufferings? It’s no doubt a powerful medicine, but if it weren’t for that, Melia would go crazy. Didn’t he explain that? You’re barking up the wrong tree blaming Lutora.”

“Then at least let Sigurd be by Melia’s side instead. If her lover Sigurd is by her side, even Melia will be at peace.”

“Sigurd is now Lady Julieta’s guard.”

As he alighted the steps, a frighteningly composed voice escaped his lips.

Distancing himself from the days when he was carried away by love, from the days when the fire burning again in his heart left him at a loss.

What he saw was the ugly side of his former love. One who was self-centred and egoistic, not bothering to hide her low birth at all.

“Protecting the Sacrificial Priestess is an important duty of the royal family. You have experienced it first hand, you should know it, right Nasha?”

“Don’t call me so casually.”

She drew closer the Vikram as if to hide behind him. From the shadows, Nasha glared at him.

“Sigurd is Melia’s fiancée. Using the excuse of him being her brother, staying together with a man who already has a fiancée, that woman knows no shame, does she?” [Hasr: irony much?]

Looking at her actions a few months back, it was the pot calling the kettle black.

Receiving a dubious gaze from Lutora, Vikram felt ashamed.

“I don’t have any recollection of ever getting engaged to Melia. May I ask who you meant while talking about a shameless woman? Was it my sister Julieta?”

There was no doubting who spoke with a tone heavy with wrath.

Sitting beside a veiled woman was an imposing youth dressed in a knight’s uniform.

Sigurd Isys Asbal.

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The Show Must Go On 22

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Born when Sigurd was three, his younger sister was, to him, an existence that could only cry and flail about.

Even so, when Sigurd reached out to touch her with just a timid finger, she grasped that finger, wrapping it up in a palm smaller than an autumn leaf. The moment her jade green eyes peered up at Sigurd’s young face and he saw her round cheeks, plump from laughing happily while babbling and cooing in a clumsy voice, something implanted itself in his heart. It was an oath, a lofty promise to protect the precious, newborn angel lying before him for the rest of her life.

That oath was broken quickly.

As he grew older and started to understand how the world worked, what he found was an ever-growing mountain of evil deeds built by his father, who in turn scorned Sigurd, but spoiled his younger sister. Rumours spread among the gossiping nobles, as they pointed their fingers at him for not having a single outward trait of the Asbal family.

At the age of seven, his sister was chosen as the Crown Prince’s fiancee, and simultaneously, became the Dragon Priestess with the duty to oversee the shrine’s rituals. Around the same time, Sigurd, who had been allowed to enter the Knights’ platoon, became acquainted with Crown Prince Vikram. As they grew up, so did their friendship and trust.

Occasionally, he would overhear rumours about his sister’s reputation, and every single one was terrible. While His Highness would give a wry smile wryly and say “As expected of your sister,” but Sigurd himself couldn’t help but feel shame.

And then, fate brought a beautiful girl to the side of those supporting the Crown Prince.

Nasha Laturi.

A sacred maiden brought over from a remote village for the sake of becoming the Sacrificial Priestess who would be offered to Ancient Dragon Kharis.

There was no citizen who didn’t know that Placemith prospered because of the ancient dragon’s grace. For that reason, Sacrificial Priestess, who would become the Ancient Dragon Kharis’s fuel, was guaranteed a high social status and was respected and waited upon by even the royalty.

At first, it was just to comfort Nasha, who was confined to a room in the royal castle that the Crown Prince, and Sigurd in his role as His Highness’s Imperial Knight, visited the Sacrificial Priestess’s room. Because of this duty, Sigurd had the chance to meet her. Eventually, his feelings began to change.

It was the same for them too; Sigurd, Lutora, Morino, and Crown Prince Vikram. They were all the same. On the condition that she must be accompanied by someone, Nasha was allowed to leave the room she was confined in, and bravely faced her fate. She desperately gathered information, never discouraged by the burden of her unfortunate circumstances, as she earnestly moved forward.

I want to become Nasha’s strength, he’d thought.

I want to remain by Nasha’s side, supporting her, he’d prayed.

However, the man she’d chosen was His Highness Vikram.

Her younger sister, who bore the same face, fell in love with Sigurd, despite his thoughts still being full of Nasha. After receiving her confession, Sigurd decided to accept her feelings.

He accepted her for the sake of being able to pray for the happiness of his Lord, Vikram, and the first woman he ever loved.

He accepted for the sake of killing those feelings.


Crouching on the lawn under the shadows of branches, Sigurd sat with his head between his knees until he felt someone draw near.

A reserved hand reached and touched Sigurd’s black hair before cupping his cheek with her palm.


When he lifted his head slightly, his sister stood there with a frown on her beautiful face

The sister that Sigurd had, the entourage had, pushed into the depths of hell with their schemes.

Enduring ten years of excruciating pain, only to finally be discarded by the Crown Prince and her future ripped from her.

His beautiful sister stood before him.

“Brother, my dear brother…”


“Even if we aren’t related by blood, you’re still my precious brother.”

This sister, whom he’d started living with at Morino’s request in order to guard and observe her, wasn’t exactly the rumoured Dragon Priestess he’d heard so much about. He’d heard that Julieta had hurled cruel words at Nasha when she had visited the temple with Crown Prince Vikram, but if an engaged man was escorting a young lady who wasn’t his betrothed, it would be enough to foul anyone’s mood.

Engrossed in reading fairy tales, admiring small animals and the greenery in the courtyard, challenging dessert making in the kitchen with the maids, Julieta had been freed from the intense pain of being the Dragon Priestess. She was living her days to the fullest as if trying to make up for lost time.

Even with all that, her small body, even now offering up prayers to the sun as it began to set, bore the traces of the scars left in her heart.

Julieta hadn’t rejected the role His Highness forced upon her, but even if he understood the pain she had gone through and all the time she had dedicated to him—

It was already too late.

What could he do? How could he get her to open her heart to him?

The only one who could heal her loneliness and pain was, as much as he detested and regretted the fact, their father and no one else.

Which brought him back to today.

He’d heard the secret of his birth as he eavesdropped through the wall, a secret that had given reason to his father’s hidden distress and poor treatment towards himself.

How could his father face Sigurd, a child born of his mother’s infidelity, a visible proof of betrayal, and still show him love?

“Julieta…You…knew about it?”

Even if she had overheard the conversation from the study through the walls like him, Julieta was not as distressed by the news.

It was possible she’d already known he was not her brother by blood.

Asking her with his gaze, Julieta replied with a small nod as she wiped away the tears running down Sigurd’s cheeks with her fingers.

“There was something that Father once said when he came to visit me in the temple.”


“He’d happily told me all about your knightly achievements, and then afterwards had muttered to himself, ‘Blood will tell.”


“Even as flattery, one could not say that Father is skilled with a sword.”


“Yes…Although, I was only certain of it just now.”


His very foundation was crumbling beneath his feet.

The world he thought to be true, the justice he had unwavering faith in, was collapsing all around him.

He couldn’t protect a single thing.

He couldn’t save a single thing.

His family had been supporting him all this time in silence, and yet he was the one to push them off the cliff.

“…If only.”


“If only you hated me more…!”

How much easier it would have been that way?

If he was despised, treated cruelly, or had salt rubbed in his wounds, the agony and regret he felt wouldn’t be this intense.


She held his face between her hands as he clenched his teeth together.

Julieta stared straight at him with tears in her hazel eyes.

“…I love you, my dear brother.”

“You’re the only one I have, you know? Even Father couldn’t love you well… Afraid of being hurt, he always kept you at arm’s length.”


“I won’t allow you to be hurt. I will protect you from anything that may hurt you. …That’s why…”

The angel with swaying silver hair smiled.

“Don’t cry, Brother. Julieta is here by your side.”

His aim when becoming a knight was to protect the people who had guided him since his youth, and to protect his beloved country.

That’s why, to be protected by someone else, by such an ephemeral girl—


Driven by a sudden impulse, Sigurd pulled Julieta into a hug.


The body he held was light as a feather, the shoulders clad in the collar of her sopravveste1 were delicate enough to break.

Despite that, the floral fragrance wafting from her long hair, and sweet body warmth of a young lady warmed his skin where they touched.

Her pale fingertips pressed a handkerchief to Sigurd’s snot-sniveling face.

“Oh Brother. You’re such a crybaby,” she said in a teasing voice that sounded like the chiming of bells.

“…I love you.”

On that day, he’d sworn an oath to when the newborn Julieta first grasped his finger. Even if he wasn’t allowed to do so, he would do so once again anyway.

“I love you too…Julieta. My precious, one and only sister.”


“…I want to kill the me of that day…! Believing only in rumours, not knowing of your pain and suffering…!”


“Even though I’m your elder brother. Even though I’m your family…!”

“…No, Brother.”

Within Sigurd’s arms.

Julieta weakly shook her head.

“I am the daughter of Asbal. Our original purpose was to serve the royal family and support them from the shadows…Thus, for daring to wish for His Highness’s affection…it was my comeuppance.”

“Such a thing…!”

“…It’s fine, Brother.”


“For someone as thoughtless as I to remain as his fiancee, surely His Highness would feel annoyed.”


“I offer sincerest apologies and deepest regret, ut I will no longer be a bother, I would be grateful if you could forgive me.”

What did my sister say she did?

Did she truly deserve retribution to the point she was in such pain? Must she bear this blame with only a sorrowful smile?.

There was no mistaking it, the one who should have borne the blame was none other than Sigurd himself, and along with him—


He could see them in his mind—

The smiling face of his first love, and the profiles of the friends he held in such high esteem.

Their images—

were clear in his mind.


They are unrelated by blood.

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The Show Must Go On 21

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Vnovember

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Jolga firmly caught hold of my shoulder and did not let go.

Although I weakly struggled, I soon realised that breaking free would be impossible and looked up at Jolga in resignation.

“There’s something bothering me.”

His voice as he spoke was intentionally still.

“Lady Julieta is… ‘the Daughter of the Asbals’.”


“Born in a family cursed with an early death, the daughter of the Asbals cannot give birth to a crown prince. Am I right?”

“You’re right.”

“You knew that Sigurd was my son. You know that he doesn’t possess the blood of Asbal. If you let Julieta marry the prince then the Asbal bloodline would cease.”


“However, you did not abandon the duty entrusted to the Asbal family. When I think of that, I understood how Lady Julieta was allowed to be the Crown Princess.”

My elbow was wrapped by long fingers that were made to swing a sword around.

“You intended to adopt an heir, right? The child of Julieta and the Crown Prince, the last successor of the Asbals. And the prince-“

“-would be recommended by the nobles useful to the Royal Family to marry a consort from another kingdom. Their child would then become the successor.”

As I completed his words, Jolga made a pained expression.

“What about His Highness and Lady Julieta?”

“Of course, they know. Julieta is a daughter who understands her position well.”

“That’s why you spoke of a suitable replacement. Because Lady Julieta was never tied to his Highness and then you… you after that-“

I looked down and placed my other hand on Jolga’s hand that was gripping my arm. I felt his large physique suddenly tremble but I pretended to not notice. With my fingers, I lightly rubbed the veins that seemed to pop out of the back of his hand.

“Jolga, you see, I could still forgive the fact that His Highness wanted Miss Nasha as his queen no matter what. In any case, there were already plans for him to take in a consort at some point. Although I would have been hard-pressed to find another Sacrificial Priestess in a short span of time, it would still have been possible. Julieta was hurt but she would overcome her pain in due time.”

“But… His Highness…”

“That’s right. Quite unexpectedly, he made Julieta who had worked herself to the bone for the sake of the kingdom and for the same of His Highness; she, who had lost her precious youth in the service of His Grace Kharis; stoop to becoming a Sacrificial Priestess. Do you understand this? His Highness, whom she had continued to love and support, faced Julieta and told her to ‘Die’.”

“Nothing will remain. The proof that Julieta lived and the reason for her birth, I can’t give anything. Since it is like this, at the very least, as her father I can accompany her fate. Perhaps we should die together.”

“Don’t. Lord Anderheim!”

I forcibly shook off Jolga’s arm as he spoke to me in a strong tone.

“Shut up! What do you know!?”

“Lord Anderheim! We cannot lose a truly loyal subject such as you; one who has continued to support this nation all this while!”

“I don’t care! Don’t order me around!”

I quickly paced through the corridor through the sunbeams and went down the staircase, reaching a wall at the bottom of the stairs before I loosened my cravat [TL: a kind of collar] and heaved a sigh of relief.

I spoke too many flowery words and my tongue felt sore.

Does that mean I am not used to it?

As I took a break, Malacia, who had left the room to chase after Sigurd, passed by me. Giving me a slight smile as he approached.

“Lord Anderheim, you were here? I did chase after the two, but by the time I reached the courtyard, Lady Julieta had already quite adeptly comforted Sir Sigurd. I decided to leave them to their own means.”

“Ah, I saw it from the study above. My beloved daughter seemed quite the Angel.”

“No need to be so modest. She quite resembles Lord Anderheim.”

I see, praising me.

“I can say that the preparations on my side are going quite well. It all depends on what the other side will do now.”

“Got it. Then I will return to the Shrine for now. What should I do with Lutora? Should I leave him here?”

“I don’t mind either way. To begin with, Lutora values his friend Sigurd more than his mother as they used to hang around in the past. He shouldn’t have any resistance accepting Sigurd as his brother.”

“Well. Then I will take him with me. It is high time for us as Melia’s [Medicine] is about to run out. If she grows too violent and injures the ladies-in-waiting and the children any more, I will be troubled.”

“Is it going well?”

“Yeah. Little by little. It’s already the ‘third one’.”

Seeing off Malacia, who went up the stairs to return to the study, I leaned against the wall for quite a while. As I got up and prepared to show up in the courtyard where the children were, my ears caught the faint sound of footsteps.


What followed were a series of loud and chaotic footsteps and a voice that seemed cornered.

The first footsteps that came down from the stairs were those of the Head Priest Malacia. Before I, who was hiding close to the wall, could look over what was happening and before he could turn back to look at the person who called out his name. Arms extended toward him and bound Malacia’s arms behind his back.


Puzzled, Malacia said the name of the man who caught him. However, he didn’t feel the arms that were bound to his back loosen one bit.

“Hey… don’t misunderstand.”

Lutora muttered as he buried his face in Malacia’s chasuble. 1

“Morino was feeling down. He had lost his confidence and was crying so I simply comforted him. Um, it isn’t what you think.”

“Ahh. Was that what it was?”

Malacia quietly chuckled.

“Though I might look like this, I am the Head Priest after all. Not only people’s confessions, I shall never reveal their interests and tastes either. Regardless of whether you and the Prime Minister are lovers, or simply in a physical relationship, I have no intention of ever telling this to others. It’s alright. Be at ease.”

“That’s not it!”

“Ah… shit. I don’t even know what to do.”

Moving his hands from the other’s back, Lutora traced Malacia’s chin as the other cocked his head. Letting out a small sigh, he slowly loosened his grip.

“We’re going back to the Shrine, right? I’ll carry the luggage.”

“Yeah. But Lutora, you can take your time. You’re meeting with your father and lover after a long time too.”

“I’m telling you, he isn’t my lover!”

“Hm? Ah, my bad. Then is it that after all? It’s common among youngsters too, friends with benefits, right? I can’t say much good about it though. Please be prudent.”

“Did you not understand what I said?”

Lutora’s shoulders dropped and while scratching his head, he reminded Malacia, “We’ll go together, so wait for me.” Saying so, he climbed the stairs with huge leaps. As I surreptitiously peeked out from the wall beside the stairs, Malacia looked at me and lightly shrugged his shoulders.

When Malacia had returned to the study to call on Lutora, he chanced upon him consoling Morino with a hug as the latter cried with his face buried in his hands. Uttering a quick, “Sorry for disturbing“, he intended to go back to the front door, but Lutora’s expression abruptly changed as he chased after him.

“I wonder if he’s gotten too attached.”

“Don’t ask me that. Try to avert the crisis on your chastity as far as you can.”

“You know my past, don’t you? I don’t have a shred of that left.”

“Well. Whatever you do, please decide how you will deal with them at the earliest.”

“I understand. But well, I like this puppy.”

That was quite the comparison.

I choked on my laughs as he spoke.

Seeing Lutora, who was a whole head taller than Malacia, embracing him was certainly a sight. I couldn’t see him as anything but a collared pet dog running around its master, vying for his attention.

“Whether you throw him or keep him, just make sure he’s useful. I don’t like keeping useless pets. He has to work for his meals.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. I don’t wish to sell myself short either.”

As Malacia said that, Lutora returned from the study with baggage in hand.

“Then, Lord Anderheim, I shall excuse myself for today.”


“Lord Anderheim. I am thankful for letting me have a seat today. I would love to hear from you in the future and if it’s alright, I would love to have Sigurd… brother become family. Please convey that to him.”

“Thank you. You’re a strong man.”

As I smiled, he returned a slight bow.

Wrapping his hands around Malacia’s arm, he urged him toward the carriage that would take them home. His gaze held a fervent passion within.

He might have not realised it yet and he might not know its meaning but there was no doubt that the fire of possessiveness had been lit within.

“Well then, I wonder what will happen.”

It seems that he would make for an interesting [Pawn].

The kind that would feed bait to an already caught fish.

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The Show Must Go On 17

Translator: Aby

Editor: Vnovember

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HASR’s Birthday Release (1/5)


“This isn’t a good development, Lutora.”

“I know.”

“To think that the evidence we wanted to use would end up being the noose around our necks.”

Morino sighed deeply. Having looked through the leather folder full of contracts passed to him by Morino and understanding what Malacia had meant by “Anderheim’s situation”, Lutora once again looked up at the ceiling.

Away from the gloomy two, in a corner of the office, two children with a similar face sat side by side, knees touching, on the long fur carpet, opening a large book taken from the bookshelf.

In the Royal Office.

Morino, who was welcoming Lutora for his regular report, had deep bags under his eyes and looked exhausted.

On top of the follow-up investigations of the revealed truth, there were also petitions from various state organizations, preparations to be made for the Dragon God Festival and the coronation ceremony five months later as well as settling the guest list, maintenance and security for the roads, investigation of the taxes… the list of things he needed to do just kept getting longer.

Anderheim, who had been Prime Minister before him, had a thorough understanding of whom to delegate the state affairs to, as well as how to distribute them to prevent dissatisfaction. However, Anderheim had been angered by the unreasonable treatment of his beloved daughter and had resigned from his position.

All the heavy responsibilities and the baton of command fell to the new Prime Minister Morino, a barely sixteen-year-old who had none of the necessary know-how.

“While it’s not impossible, we’re far too short-staffed. The evidence you’ve recorded, rather than being a double-edged sword, is more likely to become a soldering iron. One wrong step, and we’ll be scalded past the point of recovery.”

What Lutora was doing while staying in the temple was recording conversations through the magic stone, saving it as evidence.

Of course, any identifying details of private consultations or confessions were deleted, but any of Head Priest Malacia’s conversations and accompanying actions were all sent to the office.

The audio recorded through the magic stone could be paused at will, however, the contents could not be altered. In other words, for a given length of audio recording, the recording in the middle would be reliable evidence, but the beginning and end of the audio would be judged unreliable. After all, it could be suspected that something inconvenient was recorded and cut off so that it was not saved.

Melia’s violent actions and Malacia’s countermeasures to them, additionally, Lutora’s words requesting for Suimo to be given to Melia, were all unfortunately recorded in the most inconvenient part of the recording.

Should this audio be used as evidence of Malacia’s wrongdoings; Melia’s violence, as well as Lutora’s careless words, would also have to be submitted as evidence.

The audio continued to Lutora giving Melia the Suimo, and the fact that Melia had started wallowing in the drug.

Neither of those facts would allow them to escape unscathed.

“Who heard this audio when it was transmitted to the office?”

“Fortunately, it was just me. Sigurd was at the Asbal estate guarding and keeping an eye on Lady Julieta, and Jorga had immediately left after sending me these contracts, just as Lord Anderheim had predicted, to suppress the revolt that broke out at the border. His Highness accompanied Sir Jorga. Nasha was in the middle of her lessons and wasn’t around.”

“I see… It’s great that His Highness and Nasha didn’t hear it.”

“Yes. Also… ”

Morino hung his head, and let out a long sigh.

“Regarding the Suimo that was found in the merchant goods headed to Cemtoah… Just now, I found out its intended destination.”

On the night of the banquet, they had prepared this to corner Head Priest Malacia should the opportunity arise.

“The destination was a wealthy water merchant family in Cemtoah. That family has a daughter who has fallen ill with [Junkusa Disease].”

The Junkusa Disease was an incurable illness with multiple outbreaks in Cemtoah. One theory was that a local Cemtoah disease evolved as it was transmitted by humans, but nothing has been confirmed. Should one contract it, their extremities would start to decay. As if they had severe frostbite, their fingers would turn black and crumble, following which it would spread to the rest of the body via blood. The most frightening part of this disease was not the grotesque rotting appearance, but that the pain of the decaying body remained till the end.

“Both her arms are lost to the elbow, and legs are lost till the knee. For the sake of their daughter who could only suffer intense pain while waiting for her death, the parents had exhausted all their means to contact an intermediary to buy Suimo. However, that was…”

“…confiscated by us.”


Morino’s beautiful face twisted with regret.

“In the end, her internal organs started to decay. Unable to bear watching her suffer from the pain in her last days, the father… personally ended his daughter’s life.”

There was no need to ask what the expression of the hunched over Lutora was.

His fist was clenched so tightly that his fingernails drew blood and his hunched back simply trembled with the force of his emotions.


“Lutora. I am guilty of the same.”

“I… If I hadn’t confiscated that Suimo.”

“It was I who asked you to do it…! Believing that it was for the best. Believing it was justice, without a trace of doubt!”

That fact.

It was far too late. Even if they regretted it, even if the hidden circumstances were known to them now.

As he struggled with the depths of the sins he now bore, small hands gripped Lutora’s arms from both sides.

“Sir Lutora, what’s wrong?”

“Sir Lutora, don’t cry.”

He drew his eyebrows together. Gazing up at Lutora’s face from below, looking as if they would cry too were the twins, Cain and Abel.

Amongst the orphans that Lutora was instructing in swordplay, these two were remarkably outstanding in their talent.

The elder of the two, Cain’s sword skills were decent and he had an introverted personality, but he was also very smart. The younger one, Abel tended to leave the thinking to his brother and was rather rough, but when handling a sword, his natural talent was outstanding.

The two were very attached to Lutora and were habitual offenders of raiding Lutora’s bed every night.

“Sir Lutora, are you being bullied?”

“Sir Lutora, tell me who’s bullying you! I will beat them up!”


Abel was swinging his fists and snorting wildly, while Cain, with tears at the corners of his eyes, was about to cry.

At the affection shown to him by the twins, who had barely turned eight, Lutora laughed weakly.

Lifting the twins onto his left and right thigh, Lutora bumped his forehead lightly on their round heads. The body warmth of the twins clinging tightly to him slowly melted the coldness in Lutora’s heart.

“Cain and Abel. They’re quite sensitive to emotions, aren’t they?”

“Yeah. And not just that, Cain is really smart and Abel is quite talented in swordplay. Although I also wanted to introduce them to Father, not just to you, Prime Minister Morino.”

Just like Sigurd, who had left the Asbal family. Talented children could be invited to be Knights, regardless of their birth. Lutora had been thinking of introducing the twins to his father, Knight Commander Jolga. By the way, when Morino had first met them, he had asked seriously, “Who did you have these children with?”

“Lord Anderheim’s predictions were spot on. Sir Jolga detoured to the knight garrison on his way to the castle and dispatched a squad to the suspected area of a revolt. The revolt broke out right before the squad arrived. Thanks to that, it was reported that the revolt was swiftly suppressed.”

“I see. That’s great to hear.”

“Yes. When His Highness and Sir Jolga return, we’ll invite Sir Jolga and discuss our future plans.”

“That’s true. For now, we can’t let His Highness…”

“Agreed. We can’t let him know.”

Hugging the twins tightly, the two men sighed again. Then the sounds of violent knocking at the office door reached their ears.

“Hey! Morino, Lutora! Are you in there?”

The voice they heard from beyond the door was a high-pitched voice, tinged with irritation, they were very familiar with.


“What’s wrong, Nasha?”

Morino stood up, but before he gave his permission to enter the room, the wooden door was opened. Uncaring about the hem of her dress dragging on the floor, entering with large strides was the former Sacrificial Priestess, Nasha Laturi. Yes, this person.

“Nasha, isn’t it currently time for your lessons?”

“Aren’t you scared of angering the head maid?”

Without replying to Morino’s or Lutora’s questions, Nasha pursed her lips and took a look around the room as she slumped her shoulders dejectedly.

“Nee. Prince Vikrum has yet to return?”

“His Highness is currently at the border, handling a revolt.”

“I know that! But isn’t Sir Jolga leading the troops? Surely it should be fine for the Prince to return earlier.”

“Nasha, that’s not possible.”

“His Highness headed to the frontlines in order to make his dignity and competency, as the next King, known. As he is with Sir Jolga, the degree of danger is less and it’s a necessary action as an administrator.”

“Even though I’m this lonely… the Prince is so unfeeling.”

Once again, they were on different wavelengths.

Nasha did not listen to their explanations. Like the past few days, she should have fought with the instructor of her lessons and had run to the office seeking comfort from her friends.

“Hey Abel, it’s a princess.”

“That’s right Cain, she’s so pretty.”

The words were exchanged in a whisper while sitting on top of Lutora’s lap.

Nasha dropped her gaze to the owners of the voices and was shocked to see the twins.

“How cute…! Are they Lutora’s children!?”

“Why are you asking that too!? When did I have children? These are two kids I’m looking after at the temple’s orphanage. Look. Cain, Abel. This is Lady Nasha. She’ll be the next Queen. Go on and greet her.”

Nasha smiled and approached the sofa as she bent over. The twins slid down from Lutora’s lap and bowed their heads, greeting her with a short “I’m Cain” “I’m Abel”. At the nervous expressions of the adorable twins, Nasha’s mood was lifted.

“So you two are twins. I have a younger twin sister as well.”

“Lady Nasha is a twin too?”

At Cain’s words, Nasha nodded in agreement, smiling happily.

“My sister is very lively and she’s called Melia. She has the same face as me, so you can tell right away.”


“Melia? The Dragon Priestess, Lady Melia?”

They tilted their heads as they asked, Cain in confusion and Abel in curiosity.

“Do you know her? Right now, she should be in the temple, like you.”


What Abel delivered next while nodding was the cruel truth that only children could say.

“Every day she shouts “Give me more medicine”. That Lady Melia, right?”

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The Show Must Go On 16

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Vnovember

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The Dragon Sleep Flower

The path from the shrine to the underground lake where the ancient dragon Kharis was sealed was long and winding. Many dead ends, like a maze, existed as a countermeasure against intruders. The correct path had no special characteristic, nor did the corners have any marking to guide.

Despite this, Malacia was not lost and was leading the way with a lantern in his hand. Lutora, who was following him closely, became tense as the air became increasingly colder the lower they went.

After a long time, Malacia stopped in front of a passage that was different from the others they had walked through till now. The path had a slightly higher ceiling. Turning to face Lutora, he pointed towards the end of the dark path.

“If you go straight down this path, it shall lead to the underground lake where His Grace Kharis resides.”

“The ancient dragon Kharis?”

“He is one of the pillars of Palcemith. Please show him some respect. The storage area for Suimo is right here.”

Malacia urged Lutora to a hard-to-spot turn in the side of the passage and through a corner that had a wall in the blind spot. From here on, it formed a narrow path that only one person could pass through at a time.

Advancing along the narrow path and after going down countless flights of stairs, they reached a dim room where they could hear water flowing. Under the faint glow of the lantern, the room didn’t seem too large. There was a canal running along the wall that had many round buds blooming in the water.

“This is…”

“Yeah, Dragon Sleep. Do not touch the water with your bare hands. It is a deadly poison to humans.”

“This is the water from the underground lake, right?”

“Yes. This flows out from the lake where His Grace Kharis has immersed half of his body. It is later diluted into the groundwater, it is the origin of all the water veins and diffuses throughout the kingdom. This is what makes the kingdom abundant.”

The workings were known to all the citizens of Palcemith, but it was the first time that he was seeing it with his own eyes.

Squatting beside Lutora, who was observing the canal with great interest, Malacia ascertained the sizes of each of the growing buds one by one. Muttering “it’s no good,” his shoulders drooped.

“The growth isn’t great… No matter which bud I see, it doesn’t seem like they will bloom.”

“To begin with, can they really bloom? In such a place where light doesn’t reach?”

“They will. Just a fraction of them though. They will become the raw materials for Suimo.”

Malacia got up and unlocked a small shelf fastened to the stone wall with metal fixtures and slid open the door.

“I have no choice but to use these.”

Inside the shelf were five glass vials the size of a finger. Each had a round-petalled flower submerged in the liquid. On top of having a glass stopper at their mouths, they were also airtight sealed using wax.

“I had made preparations to ship them. However, seeing how we can’t expect to be able to refine new batches of Suimo, it can’t be helped.”

Malacia took out two vials from the row and handed them over to Lutora.

“The stoppers on the vials have conical plugs. If you take out the stopper, the ‘Suimo’ inside will stick to it. Take a drop of that and mix it with milk or other drinks and give it to Lady Melia. This would be Lady Melia’s first time using Suimo, so I believe that a drop should be sufficient.”


“The records state that the Dragon Priestesses usually consume a vial every month. If we regulate the dosage, the Suimo in here should suffice. There are chances that we can make a new batch of Suimo if the growing buds of Dragon Sleep bloom, however, the hopes of that are thin.”

Giving out a sigh, Malacia closed and locked the shelf.

“As long as Lady Melia plans to use the Suimo in here, we cannot sell any. I have to think of alternative methods to get funds.”

“That, you’re talking about the Royal Family’s embezzlement of the Shrine’s funds, right?”

At Lutora’s question, Malacia gave a nod in reply.

“Morino told you about it?”

“Ahh… He explained it to us. Hearing that the late King and his close relatives had embezzled funds. His Highness deeply lamented.”

“Well, alright.”

“That’s why you shouldn’t worry about the Shrine’s budget. Morino said that he will go through the account books and calculate the appropriate budget for the Shrine.”

“What a fool.”


He thought that he had given information that would put Malacia at ease, but he was quickly disparaged.

Seeing Lutora flustered, Malacia let out a second sigh.

“Did you think that the Child Prodigy Morino went over just that?”

“What do you mean?”


Lutora had clearly been made a fool of. After Malacia rubbed his brows with his free hand, he voiced out his exasperation. Just like that, Malacia quickly turned his back to him and walked back onto the original passageway. Tuning slightly to face Lutora for a moment, he continued to speak without pausing his steps.

“Think carefully, Lutora.”

“Think carefully about what?”

“No doubt the Shrine’s funds were embezzled. But did you know that I have appealed multiple times for the to be budget reconsidered, only to have all my pleas crushed under the hands of the royal family?”


“‘Although the former Prime Minister attempted to somehow accommodate them, his hopes were in vain’… is what you must have heard, am I right? And you thought that it was true?”


Even as Lutora was doubting his ears, Malacia did not turn to look back even once.

“He… Lord Anderheim has a huge influence. Even if it is the royal family, it would be difficult to ignore the intentions he clearly spoke of… usually, that is.”


“It was on purpose. And everything… was for the sake of His Highness the Crown Prince. You should know that the Crown Prince’s mother lacks substantial backing.”

Crown Prince Vikram’s mother was the Queen of Palcemith, Illumina.

Although Queen Illumina was the daughter of an Earl from a neighboring kingdom, her status was not high.

She fell in love with the king while studying in a foreign nation and thus, married him. Soon after, her family was caught up in a scandal and was wiped out. Although she gave birth to the crown prince, she has no backers.

“The late king deeply loved the queen. The fact that he did not take in a single concubine speaks volumes of his true feelings. His son, the Crown Prince was the apple of his eye. That is why he needed a backer… that too, the most influential person in the kingdom.”

“And that was…”

“Yeah. Lord Anderheim. However, he had his own circumstances and would not support the Crown Prince out of his own will. Thus, they thought of a roundabout way of deceiving him. The late King embezzled the funds from the Shrine and the former Prime Minister who saw through it gathered evidence, and finally coerced the late King to make his only daughter Julieta, the Crown Prince’s fiancée… is the scenario they made up.”


“The one who proposed that the Shrine should sell Suimo to make up for the lack of funds was also Lord Anderheim. The late King used the embezzled money to slowly win over the relatives and the rebellious retainers to his side. So that everything would work to their advantage once the Crown Prince came to the throne.”

“N-No way.”

Malacia remained calm and explained to Lutora who was shaking his head in disbelief.

“You’re free to not believe it. But, it is better to inform Prime Minister Morino of it. If he has the leisure to calculate the amount of money that has to be returned to the Shrine then he should rather put it to use thinking of ways to further solidify the Crown Prince’s foothold. The kingdom has just lost a rare guardian in the form of Lord Anderheim. It wouldn’t be surprising if anything happens.”


They reached the end of the stairs that led back to the surface.

Malacia placed his hand on the door through which light filtered in and muttered.

“When Lady Julieta was betrayed by the Crown Prince. The one who despaired the most was undoubtedly Sir Anderheim.”

Lutora was biting his lip behind Malacia’s back.

He felt that he had misunderstood everything.

Malacia: “I’m worried this puppy is a little too gullible.”

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The Show Must Go On 15

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The Shrine, which administered the Dragon God Faith in Palcemith had a relatively simple structure.

From the pavement so level that even carriages could easily ride through, extended a stone staircase. Climbing up the stairs, one would be greeted by an arch-shaped gate that imitated a gigantic dragon. This was the entrance. Surrounding it was a grass-covered outer courtyard. The altar for the believers to pray was a place where the floor was much more elevated than elsewhere and was deep inside the building. The building was separated, by white pillars that held up the roof, from the place of worship. Passageways extended from both sides of the place of worship. The tiny rooms that dotted the passageways at regular intervals served as waiting rooms for nobles as well as important people. And it was in one of these rooms that Lutora stayed. If one went up the stairs to the second floor, there was a corridor where you could see the place of worship in one sweep.

The passageway extended further behind the small rooms and led to a U-shaped building. This was the residence of the Priests, the ladies-in-waiting serving the shrine, and the orphans. Enclosed by the three-story building was a courtyard with a fountain. The Dragon Priestess was allotted a well-lit room facing this very courtyard.

Accompanying Malacia, Lutora stepped in the courtyard of the residential building. What he saw were ladies-in-waiting with bandages on their hands and feet, dull and tired expressions on their faces, all beaten black and blue. At the same time, the shrill shrieks of a young girl reached his ears.

As he approached the Dragon Maiden’s room, the shrieks grew louder. When he stood in front of the closed door, he could clearly discern the words to be unbearably filthy utterances.

“No! I don’t want it! What did I do wrong? You are all scum! Bastards!”


“Lady Priestess…! Please, please calm down.”

“Shut up! You whore! Die! Die in my place!”

As Malacia wordlessly opened the door with a frown, the scene that unfolded before their eyes was akin to hell.

A young girl with disheveled hair was stomping on the flanks of a fallen lady-in-waiting. She mercilessly threw a clay vase at the other ladies-in-waiting who were coming to her rescue. The one who had her stomach stepped on was groaning, while the other one, whose head the vase crashed into, silently fainted.

“Ahahahhaha! Maggots! Mealworms! Ahh, feels so good!”

Her bloodshot eyes seemed to pop out of their sockets, and as she looked down at the injured lady-in-waiting, the corners of her mouth foamed as she let out out a vulgar laugh. There was no mistaking the proponent of this repulsive behavior. It was the one whom all of Lutora’s allies were worried about, Melia Laturi herself.

“…You must be joking.”

Lutora doubted his eyes, but that was understandable. There were no traces left of the beauty that had made Melia and Nasha look like two peas in a pod. Her cheeks were sallow and her ribs were visible. She was skinny like a withered tree. Her bruised skin seemed dry and flaky with countless red scratch marks on it.

“Mr. Malacia”

One of the ladies-in-waiting noticed the two standing like statues in front of the door. She walked up to Malacia and kneeled, revealing her legs that had nothing but bruises. Malacia immediately got down on his knees and cradled the woman’s hand that seemed pitiful with all the fresh wounds.

“I a-apologize… she was calm till now, but…”

“It’s all right, Nemo. It’s not your fault. What about the healers?”

“Early in the morning, the last one ran out of magic. We planned for them to work in shifts, but as Lady Melia was unwilling to wait, we were unable to do so.”

“I see.”

Malacia gave a long sigh.

“I’ll do it instead. Lutora, follow me.”

“Ah… yes.”

Accompanied by Lutora, Malacia approached the bed as quietly as he could. No sooner had she recognized him, Melia let out a piercing shriek and spit on his unblemished face.

“Demon! Go to hell!”

‘O spirits of water, I beseech you with this prayer. I worship thy name, grant me with the miracle of healing…”

“You piece of shit! Son of a bitch! Go fuck yourself!”

“… ‘O light, overflow. Fill this prayer of mine.”

No sooner had Malacia uttered the words, a faint blue light filled the room. The moment she was enveloped by the light, the hysteric Melia’s expression seemed a little calmer.

As Melia slumped down to her knees, Lutora rushed past Malacia to grab her in his arms.

“Melia! Get it together!”

He lightly patted her cheeks, not minding the snot and drool on her face.


She heard a familiar voice.

Melia’s seemed barely at the edge of sanity as she raised her head.

Ascertaining the one who had caught her, she scrunched up her face and sniffled in her snot as she turned teary-eyed.

“Did you… come… to… rescue… me?”


“Hur…ry. Hurry, take me away… I don’t want… Dragon Priestess…”


Seeing the debilitated Melia, Lutora was at a loss for words.

At that time an unconcerned voice sounded.

“Lady Melia cannot resign from the duties of the Dragon Priestess until we find a replacement.”


“I’m sorry, but the seat of the Dragon Priestess cannot be left vacant till the Sacrificial Priestess is offered to the dragon.”

“You son of a bitch…!”

“I don’t want this… this pain, this suffering, no more…! Lutora, take me away from this place… Sigurd, come save me…!”

Melia shook her head and clung to his clothes as Lutora held her in his arms, as if to shield her, and glared at Malacia.

No matter how naive Lutora was, he understood that Malacia’s words were right.

Palcemith was born out of the dragon’s grace. For the sake of the kingdom’s existence and for the sake of the ancient dragon’s survival, if a single girl has to endure pain, it is justified. The one chosen as the holy maiden, the Sacrificial Priestess, was to offer her flesh and soul to the dragon on the day of the reckoning.

He knew that fact. But still…!

Seeing the girl, he knew so well and thought of as a friend, suffering in pain and wretchedly going crazy, he could not simply stay silent.

And that was why.

“Why… Why don’t you let Melia use the [Medicine]?”

Lutora asked Malacia.

Not realizing that it was the beginning of the elaborate trap Malacia had set up.

“Lutora. You ought to know how dreadful Suimo is.”

Wiping the spit off his cheek, Malacia deeply gazed at Lutora.

“I know it…! But wasn’t Suimo made for the Dragon Priestesses in the first place?”

“Yes, that is true.”

“Then why can’t Melia use it…? Melia is the Dragon Priestess now!”

“It is exactly because it is a powerful medicine! Won’t Lady Melia become Sir Sigurd’s wife in the future?”

At Malacia’s inconceivable shout, Lutora opened his eyes wide, at a loss for words.

“Certainly, Suimo shows strong tranquilizing and analgesic effects. But due to the strength of those effects, there is a possibility of it eating into the body’s health and potential. These effects manifest in different ways in different people. As a result, it is difficult to judge an optimal dose. Therefore, I decided not to give Lady Melia Suimo on my own judgment. If she can endure the pain for half a year, at the very least, she won’t lose her life.”


“A medicine… that will… give me relief…?”

Nestled in Lutora’s arms, Melia, who heard the story, looked at Malacia with her dull eyes and reached out her arms towards him.

“Give… me.”


“Quick, give it… to me. Quickly.”

“Lady Melia, we cannot do that. Suimo is…”

“Shut up! I’m telling you, give it to me! Quick! Fucking idiots!”



As she leaned against Lutora, Melia raised her heel high and struck Malacia hard in his sides. Giving a sidelong glance to the groaning Malacia, she brushed aside Lutora’s arm and threw herself onto the bed, with a canopy, roughly. From the basket placed on the side table, she grabbed a ripe peach and squeezed it.

“Hurry up… and do… the preparations. If you don’t, your precious subordinates might meet this fate…!”

Grumbling, she dug her nails into the white peach.

The flesh escaped through the gaps in the torn thick skin; a sweet scent wafted through the room.

“Hiss! ”

Lutora hoisted up the paling Malacia who was holding his stomach from the back and dragged him out of the room. Vulgar laughter sounded again in the room. Along with it, the sound of something being hit filled his eardrums. Crouching with his back against the walls of the corridor, he began trembling.

When a person felt strong pain and agony, their true nature surfaced.

Her true character hidden underneath her brilliant smile was by no means beautiful.



“Lutora… I’m sorry.”

Sidling up to Lutora, Malacia hung his head. His face was still pallid.

“Why are you apologizing?”

The one who was threatened was Malacia.

Even if Lutora said that, Malacia remained silent and shook his head.

“I prohibited the administration of Suimo to Lady Melia, thinking that it was for the best. But because of that, she showed you such a state today. Your worst self isn’t something you can show to any random person. To say nothing of a friend that you trust.”


“I’m truly sorry to both you and Lady Melia…”

As he lightly bit his lips, he somehow seemed powerless.

Peeling off his shell, what lay beneath the calm and collected Head Priest, who always gave a lecture, was a weak and weary man.


Before he realized it, Lutora reached out his hand and put it round Malacia’s back.

As he drew closer, he noticed that the body hidden underneath the loose dalmatic robes1 was thinner than his expectations.


A small voice full of confusion sounded out.

Lutora hadn’t yet forgiven him.

It was an unmistakable truth that the medicine that this man, Malacia, had spread, killed his loved one.

But that person… his beloved Fiona, couldn’t have possibly taken the leftover Suimo in the house, could she?

Objectively thinking, Fiona, who was sixteen at that time, should not have the money to buy the expensive Suimo.

It was most probably secretly acquired by her family for the sake of her uncle, who suffered from an incurable disease.

He did not know what the reason was.

Fiona may have self-medicated, taken the wrong dose by herself, and died.

And now in front of his eyes; a close friend of his,the younger sister of the one who awoke his slumbering love, was suffering.

If that is so, he would bear the [Sin].



Hearing the reply of the one right beside his face.

Whispering, Lutora made a request.

“Please give Melia, Suimo. I beg of you.”

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The Show Must Go On 5

Translator: Hasr11

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Trigger Warning: Violence (Depictions of violence in the last paragraph)


The banquet hosted by the Royal Palace in the kingdom of Palcemith. It was a place for the retainers to expand their networks, while at the same time serving as an opportunity for the royal family to announce engagements and the like.

Perhaps it was the aftermath of the chaos the Crown Prince and his entourage caused during the audience, the banquet was teeming with nosy noblemen and powerful clans that had attained the qualifications to attend.

I arrived slightly late at the Royal Palace on purpose; just before the banquet began. Wearing formal attire, I took the hand of Julieta; who covered her face with a veil as always, and alighted the carriage.

No sooner than the soldiers, entrusted with guarding the banquet, announced Julieta and my arrival, a tiny stir was caused. Whispers filled the room. Behind the folding fans, faces were brought closer and tales were happily shared. Exaggerated rumors of the Dragon Priestess abandoned by the Crown Prince and the Prime Minister who was driven into a corner. Even the nobles who usually gathered to greet Anderheim with flattery seemed to sense the situation in the kingdom this evening. They surrounded the seats Julieta and I chose at a distance.

Contrary to our surroundings, High Priest Malacia approached Julieta and I with a smile and gave a bow. Today, not just Julieta, even Malacia had a role to play. This luxurious banquet, that was to serve as the Crown Prince’s engagement announcement, would be the perfect occasion to raise the curtains of this ridiculous stage act.

“Is everything ready?”

“Of course. Just as Your Excellency wished, all the preparations are complete.”

“You did a good job, Malacia. Now, our time has come. Let us have a drink once everything is over. How about it?

“You jest…even if I look like this, I cannot possibly drink alcohol.”

The precious stones that adorned the candlestick on the table were Magic Crystals. A listening device thought up by the child prodigy Morino. Listening in on the conversation between the Prime Minister and Malacia at the table, the Crown Prince and his entourage lay in wait in another room. While I knew they could hear our conversation, I feigned ignorance, held Julieta’s hand, and gently spoke.

“Julieta…I shouldn’t have brought you to such a place today after you were hurt so badly. It must feel like a bed of thorns to you. But I promise you, this will be the last time you have to attend such a farce.”

“Your Excellency…I shall ask again, is it really fine? Won’t it be like you…abandoned everything with this?”

“Malacia, you’re mistaken. I have already abandoned everything.”

“Your Excellency…”

“I am tired of everything. If I was the only one smeared in mud, I wouldn’t have bothered. It didn’t matter if they made me play the clown. But the Crown Prince hurt his fiancée, Julieta. On top of that; he dared nominate that Sacrificial Priestess as a substitute for my lovely daughter. I do not believe His Highness is that ignorant to not understand what that means.”


I patted Julieta, who tightly returned my grip, on the head. Once I made sure that I had gathered enough attention, I took off my silver-rimmed glasses. I had made sure to eat and rest properly and had also borrowed some of Julieta’s makeup to lighten the area under my eyes. When I gave a gentle smile, countless sighs of wonder, albeit unconscious, could be heard across the hall.

“Ah, how beautiful…”

“It is obvious. His Excellency is the descendant of Sage Asbal.”

“Well, then why is Lady Julieta…”

I could hear it all.

Hearing the nobles gossip, Julieta lowered her head. But my Julieta’s debut would have to wait a bit. First I had to catch our opponents, who were to appear, off guard.

Before long, the time came. The sound of trumpets announced the arrival of the Crown Prince at the banquet.

The Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Palcemith, Vikram Atrai Palcemith. He had just turned eighteen and stepped into adulthood two years prior. Around half a year ago, he lost both his parents, the King and the Queen, in an accident. In addition to having a handsome face, his personality was just and upright; a gentle and reliable man. While his naivety as a sovereign was somewhat worrying, it was nothing that the retainers couldn’t support. There was no one to challenge his claim to the throne; and when the mourning would end half a year later, the same time as the Dragon Festival; he would ascend to the throne that lay vacant.

The one the Crown Prince escorted was a lovely girl wearing a marine blue dress, Nasha Laturi. Despite being brought from the remote village of Cofone as Holy Maiden who was to become the Sacrificial Priestess, she joined hearts with the Crown prince and overturned her fate.

Guarding their backs was my son, the Imperial Knight under the direct control of the Crown Prince, Sigurd Isys Asbal. Since the heroine had taken the Crown Prince route, Sigurd would eventually get married to Nasha’s younger twin, Melia. Incidentally, if the heroine took the Sigurd route, it would lead to a stormy love triangle with her sister. But let’s leave that for now. The one who was escorting Melia, who wore a canary dress, was the son of the Knight Commander, Lutora. It couldn’t be helped since Sigurd was on guard duty.

Besides, the child prodigy Morino and the Knight Commander Jolga were also present. The arrival of the Crown Prince indicated the start of the banquet and the announcement of his engagement to Nasha Laturi.

Hey! You won’t say a single word with regards to Julieta?

At the time when the vortex of perfunctory shouts and claps congratulating them settled down.

I abruptly stood up.

Clap, clap.

I intentionally clapped slowly, slowly walking towards the guests of honor.



Questioning my appearance, Nasha turned pale. Crown Prince Vikram confronted me as if to protect her. Standing beside them, Sigurd and Jolga gripped their sword handles. But I did not mind their actions and paid homage to the Crown Prince.

“Your Highness, I offer you my heartfelt congratulations on your engagement.”


“Hey, what are you planning?”

I ignored Sigurd, who interrupted me, and ran my eye over the people around. On catching sight of Morino, I beckoned him with a bright smile.

Giving a light nod to Lutora, who whispered for him to be careful, Morino cautiously approached me. I took off the golden pocket watch round my neck.

It was a pocket watch within the royal Coat of Arms engraved in relief1 on the back. It was a symbol of the Prime Minister. It was mandatory to carry it with me in public. When my father died in an accident when I was twenty, I was handed over the watch.

“Morino Swettso, hold out your hand.”


Even the prodigy could have never predicted this situation. Taking advantage of the moment when Morino was dumbfounded, I grabbed his hand and placed the glistening golden pocket watch in his palm.”

“From today onwards, this belongs to you. Congratulations, Prime Minister Morino. Be loyal to His Highness and protect the Palcemith Kingdom.”


Morino’s eyes quavered in astonishment.

The Crown Prince and the retainers gathered around too were the same. Seeing them clamor about in confusion, I once again loudly clapped my hands. While knowing that all eyes in the venue were on me, I politely bowed to the Crown Prince a second time.

“I humbly apologize. While it is inexcusable to propose so at such a celebration, Your Highness, I wish to quit the post of Prime Minister.”


“Therefore, I entrust Morino Swettso as my successor. Despite being only sixteen years of age, Morino boasts of the best brains in the kingdom. He is a promising youth whom the Crown Prince has a deep trust in. He shall surely support the Crown Prince from here on.”

“Wait, Prime Minister Anderheim. Is it fair to come to such an important decision by your judgment without any consultation?”

The one to first recover from the shock and pose a question was the Knight Commander Jolga.

I tilted my head in confusion, only to look up and see Jolga with a smile that did not reach his eyes. Taking in a sharp breath, Jolga resolutely glared at me. Well, if you thought about the fate between Jolga and Anderheim, it couldn’t be helped.

“It is custom for the appointment of the next Prime Minister to be entirely left to the incumbent Prime Minister’s discretion. You too must have memories of being nominated by your predecessor when you became the Knight Commander?”

“Certainly that is so.”

“Moreover, my heir, Sigurd, entered knighthood without my approval. I have heard that it was with your permission. Do you have any objections?”


Instead of the hemming and hawing Jolga, this time it was Sigurd who answered.

“I am an adult! I don’t need your approval!”

“Silence, Sigurd. Whether you are an adult or not, the fact that you carry the Asbal family name on your back remains unchanged. Don’t run your mouth.”


“…Calm down, Sigurd. Sir Jolga, thank you. I apologize, I was just surprised for a bit.”

I came to my senses at long last.

After taking a few deep breaths, Morino kneeled and bowed deeply towards me.

It would not be a disadvantage to take away the power of the Prime Minister before he changes his mind.

You must have judged so, right, Morino? Is it truly so?

“I humbly accept Lord Anderheim’s appointment. I shall wholeheartedly devote myself to lead the nation to become better.”

“That is good…then, Prime Minister Morino, I wish to request one last thing of you.”


“Come here, Julieta. Malacia, the preparations.”

“Yes, Father.”


I called Julieta, who had been seated all this while. After paying homage to the Crown Prince and Nasha, she remained kneeling. Not minding the Crown Prince, who made no effort to hide his displeasure; and Nasha, who seemed frightened; in the public eye, I took off one of Julieta’s shoes. Despite her fair and slender heel exposed, Julieta did not run away. She held onto my shoulder tightly and waited for the moment.

“As everyone knows, my daughter relieved the honor of becoming the Sacrificial Priestess on His Highness’ command. Originally, she should have stayed in the room prepared for the Sacrificial Priestess by the royal family. However, due to serving as the Dragon Priestess for a long time, her mind and body are weakened. Thus the only appropriate step is that she receive medical treatment until the Dragon Festival…Malacia.”

“As you wish.”

Trigger Warning!

Malacia took a small knife with the emblem of the shrine engraved on its handle. He bent beside Julieta and before anyone could make a move, slashed the skin between her heel and calf from the side.

Trigger Warning End

Hasr: Sorry for leaving you on a cliffhanger kek. You can always support me on kofi for faster releases tho.

A little note on the names, Jolga is pronounced Yol-ga and Malacia is Ma-lah-key-ah.

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The Commoner Omega And the Emperor Alpha 3

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Rei

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu! Support the Translators and Editors!!

An Unfamiliar Man

“What are you doing?”

Suddenly, I heard the calm and low tone of a man’s voice from behind me.
Uwah, that surprised me!
I was so surprised that I jumped abnormally.
Stop it with the surprise attacks! Geez, who is it!? This is not good for my heart!
When I quickly turned to look back, I saw a well-built man of about 30 years of age standing a few steps ahead of me.
Uwa, he’s tall! Moreover, he’s super cool!!
He was wearing some kind of light green buttoned up uniform.(1)
He had a physique that made it obvious that he had brawny muscles, even under those clothes.
Neat! He must have definitely done training, right!?
If possible, I also wanted to become like that.
If I stood beside him, hmm… That’s right, it’d be like a bean sprout and a… daikon?
I somehow felt sad comparing myself to him.
That was the difference between us.
He had a stature I had to raise my head to look at, rather short and lustrous black hair, imposing broad eyebrows, tapered single lidded eyes, a shapely nose, and pale lips.
Both sides of his face were perfectly symmetrical, devoid of any imperfections.
He had no spots or moles either.
His skin had a healthy wheatish tan to it.
Ah, his eyes were green.
They were beautiful enough to suck me in.
Who was this man? Was he a fallen god?
Or was he the greatest masterpiece of god, created by gathering together everything perfect in the world?
I somehow felt like clasping my hands together in reverence.
As I gazed at the Adonis in front of my eyes in a daze, he asked expressionlessly.

“Were you… looking at the flowers?”

Hm? This man sure is curt.
He doesn’t even smile.
Moreover, I have never seen him before.
Was there such a person?
He seemed like the Emperor’s middle-aged Grand Chamberlain, who Solvay-san had mentioned while introducing the bride candidates and the people of the inner palace to me in the beginning. I had not met him until now, so I’m unfamiliar with this man, right?
Nevertheless, even though his face was the greatest masterpiece, god seemed to have forgotten to give him a smile. God was no good either, huh?

“Ah, forgive me. I wasn’t looking at them. I was drinking the nectar of the flowers.”

He stood up in confusion and pointed at the flowers.
The Adonis repeated, “Nectar?” in bemusement.
I revealed the flower’s nectar to the Adonis.

“It’s this. You pinch here like this, and it’s sweet and delicious.”

“…Can this… be eaten?”

“Yes, flowers are delicious too. If you’re fine with sweet things, just take my word for it and give it a taste.”

The Adonis took the flower from my hand doubtfully and drank the nectar.
And he then proceeded to eat the flower too.
He mutely and impassively moved his mouth.
I couldn’t read from his expression whether he felt it was delicious or not.

“It truly is delicious. I never knew that flowers and nectar could be so delicious. I saw them as nothing more than decorations for food or ornaments.”

Ah, he thought they were delicious.

“I’m glad you think so. There are many other flowers you can eat too. Come to think of it, this sure is a treasure trove!”

“You think so? I don’t usually come here, so I never knew. Moreover, it shocked me that flowers could be so delicious.”

This time, he took a flower with nectar and drank it by himself, as if impressed.
Did he like it?

“Right? It makes for a good snack when you feel like eating something sweet. Flowers can also be eaten as a topping in salads. There’s lots of greenery here. Many flowers are blooming, and it surprised me to see that vegetables were planted too. There are also fruit trees here, so there should be no problems when it comes to eating. Really, this truly is a treasure trove! But I never expected there to be a vegetable garden in the inner palace. Moreover, it’s a full fledged one. Did any of the consorts having a hobby of growing vegetable gardens at home?”

As I spoke incredulously, greatly excited, the Adonis let out a chuckle.
He laughed!
But his expression immediately hardened. Ah, it reverted.

“This is the first time I’ve met a person who speaks like you. It is quite amusing. Ah, forgive me. A fair deal of time has passed since the inner palacethis place has fallen into disuse, but it is still maintained everyday. Moreover, I have heard that there are many consorts, so perhaps they have created a vegetable garden as a hobby. Well then, may I ask for your name?”

That’s right.
They must be maintaining it. That’s why they could grow such wonderful vegetables and fruits. I would have gotten along well with that Consort. I wanted to meet her.
Eh? Name?
The flower’s name? Thinking so, I answered, “It’s Kito”.

“It is a cute name.”

He narrowed his eyes and smiled.
He smiled again.
For a moment, my chest felt tight.
What, what?! Throbbing!?
He only said that the flower’s name was cute!
As I gently stroked my chest, it returned to normal.
Really, it must be my imagination.



  1. Imagine a gakuran, but in green




And thus the misunderstandings begin…

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Violant of the Silver 5.1

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Misaki Yata

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu! Support the Translators and Editors!

Chapter 5: An Invitation Letter (01)

By the time his eyes lifted off the documents laying before him, the sky outside had dyed indigo, and the stars had already begun to twinkle.
Following his early supper, Vio had been holed up in the study the entire time. The lights within the room shone brightly, painting an illusion that it was still noon.
As Vio got up to draw the curtains shut, the mutilated garden came into view. Seeing the tragic state it was in, he recalled the afternoon’s events, hating even the memory of it.

That was unexpected. I always thought that if I were to meet Erik again, there would have been more hate and fear in me…

At the time, he was desperately trying to protect Flora and lacked the leisure to feel fear.
But once he calmed down, he realized, all he felt was sorrow and pity.
He wasn’t the only one still shackled by the events which took place that winter night. Erik too, clearly still suffered from what happened back then.

I would probably have had felt more hate, had that mocking smile of his appeared on a face that did not manifest such emotion.

He was vigilantly aiming for the Lesserhain house from another country, even though it would have been better for him to wholly forget about having stabbed Vio and live a happy life.

“He’s an awkward fellow.”

Calling him names under his breath, Vio pulled the deep green curtains shut. At that moment, he heard a knock on the door. When he affirmed his consent, Jill entered the room.

“Young Master, won’t you take a small break?”
“Ahh, sure.”

He thanked Jill, who had brought a tea-set.

“This is quite unusual. Isn’t it Legi who’s been bringing me tea lately?”
“You’re asking about him? He said that he was going to patrol the area and went out with a hand-lamp. He wished to temper himself a little too.”
“At such a time?”

He cast a glance at the window at once. But the drawn curtains hid the outside from his view.

“He always trains himself in the morning, but he seems to want to cool his head down a bit,”
“I wonder what made him angry. Did being called an underclassman offend him to that extent?”

Vio drained the Black tea in one gulp and voiced his doubts.
Although Legion seemed calm as per usual, if one were to observe carefully, he appeared to be in quite a foul mood. His footsteps were loud, and he swung widely when he closed doors. It was considerably clear as Legi wasn’t generally a clamourous person.

“I apologise for being rude, Young Master. None of us servants can stomach this.”
“I see… wasn’t Lil scared?”
“No. If anything, she’s angry.”
“If that’s so it’s fine then. I truly hate having you all worry over my situation.”

As Vio gave a listless sigh, Jill chimed in, saying “That’s right”.

“It is because I know that Young Master is worried about us. That’s why we feel angry. You need not concern yourself over us. All of us will be content if you can lead a peaceful life.”

Jill bowed respectfully.
Vio’s violet eyes blinked, and his expression eased.

“You truly are adept at pampering me.”
“We wouldn’t mind if you were a little more selfish. Please do ask me if there’s anything at all, I would be happy to do more.”
“Pft, what’s with that? Am I not asking you to serve me tea like this? This much is enough for me. Thank you.”

He unwittingly burst out laughing.
But he felt happy. His heart warmed and his face lit up with an uninhibited smile.
Jill squinted his grey eyes and laughed gently, reminding him.

“Really, you can ask me anything at any time Young Master.”
“I got it, I got it. I’ll ask you if anything comes to mind.”

Really, what was with this situation of being asked to be more selfish? Vio chuckled at his strange predicament.

“Incidentally, Young Master, it seems as though the problem has been solved?”
“Nope, not yet. No matter how many times I calculate, we still cannot afford the expense of the materials needed…”

It was about the cost of repairing the castle walls that surrounded the town.
A section had badly collapsed. If the enemy invaded, it would surely be from there. It snowed heavily near the border here, so it was not a big issue at present. But in an instance of an attack, it would be critical.
The budget he had now barely covered a part of the personnel and material expenses. It was a good idea to look to the townspeople for the cost to repair the wall, but he did not wish to burden them. So he left that option as a last resort.

“I’ll try consulting the Commerce and Industry Guild in the town tomorrow, but… it’s hard as expected. The materials for the bricks are fine, but we have to bake them in a kiln and we need vast amounts of firewood for it. Furthermore, we have to purchase the lime mortar from another place. In that case, the transportation cost…”

His head hurt.

“Young Master, you can leave that to the experts. Simply present the budget and ask if it is possible or not. Let us cross that bridge when we come to it. —Young Master must be tired today. Leave your worries at that and please rest for today.”

After speaking decisively, Jill made the polite request. Vio returned a wry smile.”

“That’s right. I do not understand much about public work. I’ll think about it after consulting with the guild. Well, let’s sleep now.”
“Thank you for listening to me.”

Vio nodded. He left the documents on the desk as they were and put out the lights in the room.

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Violant of the Silver 4.6

Translator: Aelen

TLC: Hasr11

Editor: Misaki Yata

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu! Support the Translators and Editors!

Chapter Four: Gloomy Prospects (06)

By the time he had changed his clothes and tended to his wounds, the townspeople, having heard the ruckus, had already come over.
Gardener Ed, currently on a holiday, arrived with the concerned crowd and was stunned by the miserable state the garden was in.

“Sorry, Ed. After all the time you spent tending to it…”

Vio stood beside Ed as he apologized with downcast eyes. It wasn’t Vio’s fault, but he knew exactly how hard Ed had worked to build the garden to what it was, and felt distressed for what Ed must be feeling.
Just as Vio was about to inquire about Ed’s grievances, Ed drew near to him, his face pale.

“Are you alright, Young Master?!”
“Oh, this, you see…. I was attacked by a knight on a Kiryuu, but Legion chased him away.”
“I see! Aah, thank goodness. —Well, a garden or two can be rebuilt in no time!”

Ed replied with a gentle laugh, but then immediately observed with concern.

“But Young Master, is it alright for you to be outside?”
“Ah… I’m receiving shock-therapy[1] or some such thing for it, so not to worry, I won’t have a seizure.”

Vio took a deep breath.

“And moreover, being outside is nice, and the fresh air is quite pleasing.”

Ed stopped when Vio grinned. After all, Ed had been silently crying to himself when Vio had questioned how angry he was.

“I’m glad. The garden being ruined might have been a sign that it is of no use to anyone any longer. All the work I’ve put into the garden was with the sole purpose of comforting the Young Master who could not go outside.”

Vio broke into a smile, delighted at the admission of Ed’s gratification.

“Thank you, Ed. But if it’s quite alright with you, I would wish for you to rebuild the garden. The garden that you’ve put your hard work into is certainly the most beautiful.”
“Yes! Of course! It would be a joy, Young Master.”

Whilst Vio laughed with Ed, the townspeople at the entrance of the manor raised their voices.

“Going in alone, Ed?! You shifty rascal!!”
“My god, what’s with this garden! Looks awful. Is it true that a dragon attacked, Lord Violant?”
“Are you alright?”

Legion gave the impatiently bustling people a sharp glare.

“Hey, you’re too close! Behave yourselves!”
“It’s alright, Legi. Thank you for your concern. I apologize for the disturbances occurring every day, everything is alright now.”

At Vio’s assertion, one of the townsfolk raised their hand with a wry smile.

“Yes, yes! I’ll help with the cleaning up!”
“Ah, that’s unfair. I’ll also help!”
“Oi, everyone, bring along some tools. Shovels and hoes are necessary.”
“Carry the flowers that seem salvageable to the side.”

And in no time, the garden was flooded with the town’s residents. Under Ed’s guidance, they started to mend the ruined garden.
While watching them with a blank stare, Vio noticed the laughter bubbling among the townspeople.

“Around these parts, there’s usually heavy snowfall. So when something happens, it’s normal for everyone to work together.”
“Yes, yes. That’s why the mayor should stop worrying and get some rest. Your face seems pale. We’ll take care of the rest.”

After having heard this, Legion started guiding Vio to the mansion.

“That’s true, Lord Violant. Please go inside. I too will go help.”
“I see, you are pampering me with your words. Thank you, everyone. I’ll count on you then.“

When Vio said so to the people around, they cheerfully replied in chorus.

As he entered the drawing room, Karia, sitting next to Flora and sipping tea, hurriedly stood up.

“Lord Violant.”
“Ah, it’s alright, sit down. Lil, may I also have some tea please?”
“Right away.”

Seeing Lil’s figure leave the room with a sideways glance, Vio took a seat on the chair in front of Flora. Inspecting the bandage wrapped around Karia’s head, Vio inquired, “Miss Karia, how is your injury?”

“We’ve consulted the town’s doctor, but there doesn’t seem to be anything serious .”
“That’s good news then.”

While their exchange took place, Lil had already returned to serve the tea.
After drinking a cup, Vio finally felt relieved.

“Hah, that really was unpleasant. But I didn’t think that it would be Erik.”
“I did not notice until we met again today, but the man that called out while we were in the town was also him.”

Flora replied, her voice gloomy.

“Even after giving you such a severe injury, brother is still a target…”
“That’s unlikely, Flora. It’s more credible to say that he’s jealous of the Lesserhain family.”
“So this time, his plan was to aim for Flora in quick succession?”

Vio nods to Karia’s question.

“He must have noticed that it would be a bigger blow to Father if he aimed for Flora instead of me. Even if I were to die, my Father and Brother wouldn’t mind, but such is not the case with Flora. You are the apple of their eye, and they adore you.”
“That’s not the case Brother! Father and Brother Rupheus do care about you!”

Vio smiled back gently.

“Thank you, Flora…”

Flora too would eventually discover the truth concerning Vio. With her best interests in mind, he avoided divulging the details. It being best to leave the grief until it was the proper time.
Flora leaned forward, inquiring.

“Now that you can once again go outside, you will be returning to Nada, right Brother?”

To Flora, whose eyes shone with expectation, Vio flashed a wry smile.

“No, I don’t intend to go back.”
“But why? Mother would be delighted to see you.”
“I like it here, so I wish to live here. But Flora, I know that you’ve just arrived, but you will leave here and return to Nada in three days. It is much safer there at the Lord’s house… Actually, it might be better to evacuate with Mother to Grandfather’s place.”

Mother Viola was the daughter of the former King, who has already moved out of the castle after having stepped down from the throne. The former King and Queen now lived in a fortified palace in the outskirts of the Royal Capital. Were she to ask for his help, Grandfather was sure to give it.
Flora’s face made a perplexed exression.

“Why evacuate?”
“—Is it due to the previous matter?”

Vio nodded to Karia’s question.

“Miss Karia’s story holds an element of truth, so the quicker it is dealt with, the better. If prolonged, it might become impossible for Flora to return. Therefore, I’m counting on you, Miss Karia. If the time comes, retreat to Grandfather.”
“I understand.”
“Wait, what are you two talking about?”

Flora looked as though she was on the verge of tears. Even while failing to understand what was being said, the direness of the situation was comprehended.
Vio said to Flora.

“Flora, everyone has a role. Mine is to protect Leca and Amade. And yours is to protect Mother.”
“Protect Mother?”
“Yes, to protect Mother, and yourself. You need not concern yourself with Father and Brother.”

As she listened to Vio, Flora failed to understand, yet nevertheless, nodded in response.

Well anyhow, regarding Father and Brother, they would most likely say that it is a disgrace for a warrior to be protected by women and children, so it’s useless no matter what I say.

While laughing self deprecatingly to himself, Vio looked at Flora intently.

I am glad that I was able to meet Flora. This may be the last time…

He didn’t know how history would unfold, but if this country were to go to war with Ruslan, they were sure to lose. The people of Lesserhain, the cornerstone of the defence, were exhausted by the oppression of both Father and Brother. Things cannot go on as before.

As Erik said, it is sure to happen in the near future.

It is best to proceed with the preparation now, before it is too late.

By evening, the flowerbeds demolished by the Kiryuu had been tidied up, the uneven craters filled and levelled with soil.
Vio, while seeing to the townspeople returning home, having finished helping with the ruined garden, threw the devastated backdrop a pensive look.
Legion unwittingly gazed at the fair hair that looked like silver threads in the wind.

“Does Erik Kahland bother you?”

Vio shifted gaze to him, violet eyes blinking in surprise. Legion quietly revelled in satisfaction as Vio faced him.

“Does it bother you?”

As Vio returned his words, Legion denied.

“No, not particularly.”
“That’s a lie. It’s not me who is bothered, but you.”

Feeling uncomfortable by Vio’s silent knowing, Legion shifted his gaze.

“…My apologies.”
“Why apologize?”
“Wasn’t it an uncomfortable question?”
“Of course it was uncomfortable. Understanding that much is easy.”

Vio gave a light chuckle, murmuring.

“I, you see, can’t come to hate him, no matter what…”

He knew who it was even without any mention. It’s about Erik.
His annoyance seemed apparent on his face, for Vio chucked in amusement.

“It seems like you dislike it.”
“Of course! I was called a junior, and that too by a traitor! To be treated the same by that irritating scoundrel!”

Just thinking about it left him seething.

“After thinking about where he was, and what he was doing all this time… He seems to be in good health more or less. He intended to go scouting, but couldn’t control himself upon catching sight of Flora. Erik’s short temper is still the same as ever. The fact that he’s still holding on to the infraction of stabbing me… It would be for the best if didn’t tether himself to it and moved on instead.

Vio, who uttered as such, looked unwittingly forlorn.
However, seeing Legion at a loss on what to say, Vio swiftly changed the topic.

“Legi, I have asked Flora to return to Nada. From now on, I expect things to get much more hectic, so I’m counting on your assistance.”
“Yes, understood.”

Vio nodded, and as if to turn down further questions, left for the mansion with hurried steps. Feeling ashamed, Legi saw him off.
Vio only had to say the word, and Legion would happily devote himself to chasing Erik, no matter if it was to the next country over, or to the ends of the earth.

If Erik still intends to target Vio, unlike this one, their next meeting will end with him six feet under!

He muttered a dark resolution in his heart.
Vio, cast out and expelled by his family, has, at last, found peace in these lands. If there was anyone who wished to destroy this, no matter which adversary, he would, without doubt, eliminate them and protect Vio.
Legion stared beyond the Alpè Mountains and turned back.

Translation Notes:

[1]Not the obsolete method used to treat mental illnesses, this means abrupt or drastic measures.

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