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The Dragon Sleep Flower

The path from the shrine to the underground lake where the ancient dragon Kharis was sealed was long and winding. Many dead ends, like a maze, existed as a countermeasure against intruders. The correct path had no special characteristic, nor did the corners have any marking to guide.

Despite this, Malacia was not lost and was leading the way with a lantern in his hand. Lutora, who was following him closely, became tense as the air became increasingly colder the lower they went.

After a long time, Malacia stopped in front of a passage that was different from the others they had walked through till now. The path had a slightly higher ceiling. Turning to face Lutora, he pointed towards the end of the dark path.

“If you go straight down this path, it shall lead to the underground lake where His Grace Kharis resides.”

“The ancient dragon Kharis?”

“He is one of the pillars of Palcemith. Please show him some respect. The storage area for Suimo is right here.”

Malacia urged Lutora to a hard-to-spot turn in the side of the passage and through a corner that had a wall in the blind spot. From here on, it formed a narrow path that only one person could pass through at a time.

Advancing along the narrow path and after going down countless flights of stairs, they reached a dim room where they could hear water flowing. Under the faint glow of the lantern, the room didn’t seem too large. There was a canal running along the wall that had many round buds blooming in the water.

“This is…”

“Yeah, Dragon Sleep. Do not touch the water with your bare hands. It is a deadly poison to humans.”

“This is the water from the underground lake, right?”

“Yes. This flows out from the lake where His Grace Kharis has immersed half of his body. It is later diluted into the groundwater, it is the origin of all the water veins and diffuses throughout the kingdom. This is what makes the kingdom abundant.”

The workings were known to all the citizens of Palcemith, but it was the first time that he was seeing it with his own eyes.

Squatting beside Lutora, who was observing the canal with great interest, Malacia ascertained the sizes of each of the growing buds one by one. Muttering “it’s no good,” his shoulders drooped.

“The growth isn’t great… No matter which bud I see, it doesn’t seem like they will bloom.”

“To begin with, can they really bloom? In such a place where light doesn’t reach?”

“They will. Just a fraction of them though. They will become the raw materials for Suimo.”

Malacia got up and unlocked a small shelf fastened to the stone wall with metal fixtures and slid open the door.

“I have no choice but to use these.”

Inside the shelf were five glass vials the size of a finger. Each had a round-petalled flower submerged in the liquid. On top of having a glass stopper at their mouths, they were also airtight sealed using wax.

“I had made preparations to ship them. However, seeing how we can’t expect to be able to refine new batches of Suimo, it can’t be helped.”

Malacia took out two vials from the row and handed them over to Lutora.

“The stoppers on the vials have conical plugs. If you take out the stopper, the ‘Suimo’ inside will stick to it. Take a drop of that and mix it with milk or other drinks and give it to Lady Melia. This would be Lady Melia’s first time using Suimo, so I believe that a drop should be sufficient.”


“The records state that the Dragon Priestesses usually consume a vial every month. If we regulate the dosage, the Suimo in here should suffice. There are chances that we can make a new batch of Suimo if the growing buds of Dragon Sleep bloom, however, the hopes of that are thin.”

Giving out a sigh, Malacia closed and locked the shelf.

“As long as Lady Melia plans to use the Suimo in here, we cannot sell any. I have to think of alternative methods to get funds.”

“That, you’re talking about the Royal Family’s embezzlement of the Shrine’s funds, right?”

At Lutora’s question, Malacia gave a nod in reply.

“Morino told you about it?”

“Ahh… He explained it to us. Hearing that the late King and his close relatives had embezzled funds. His Highness deeply lamented.”

“Well, alright.”

“That’s why you shouldn’t worry about the Shrine’s budget. Morino said that he will go through the account books and calculate the appropriate budget for the Shrine.”

“What a fool.”


He thought that he had given information that would put Malacia at ease, but he was quickly disparaged.

Seeing Lutora flustered, Malacia let out a second sigh.

“Did you think that the Child Prodigy Morino went over just that?”

“What do you mean?”


Lutora had clearly been made a fool of. After Malacia rubbed his brows with his free hand, he voiced out his exasperation. Just like that, Malacia quickly turned his back to him and walked back onto the original passageway. Tuning slightly to face Lutora for a moment, he continued to speak without pausing his steps.

“Think carefully, Lutora.”

“Think carefully about what?”

“No doubt the Shrine’s funds were embezzled. But did you know that I have appealed multiple times for the to be budget reconsidered, only to have all my pleas crushed under the hands of the royal family?”


“‘Although the former Prime Minister attempted to somehow accommodate them, his hopes were in vain’… is what you must have heard, am I right? And you thought that it was true?”


Even as Lutora was doubting his ears, Malacia did not turn to look back even once.

“He… Lord Anderheim has a huge influence. Even if it is the royal family, it would be difficult to ignore the intentions he clearly spoke of… usually, that is.”


“It was on purpose. And everything… was for the sake of His Highness the Crown Prince. You should know that the Crown Prince’s mother lacks substantial backing.”

Crown Prince Vikram’s mother was the Queen of Palcemith, Illumina.

Although Queen Illumina was the daughter of an Earl from a neighboring kingdom, her status was not high.

She fell in love with the king while studying in a foreign nation and thus, married him. Soon after, her family was caught up in a scandal and was wiped out. Although she gave birth to the crown prince, she has no backers.

“The late king deeply loved the queen. The fact that he did not take in a single concubine speaks volumes of his true feelings. His son, the Crown Prince was the apple of his eye. That is why he needed a backer… that too, the most influential person in the kingdom.”

“And that was…”

“Yeah. Lord Anderheim. However, he had his own circumstances and would not support the Crown Prince out of his own will. Thus, they thought of a roundabout way of deceiving him. The late King embezzled the funds from the Shrine and the former Prime Minister who saw through it gathered evidence, and finally coerced the late King to make his only daughter Julieta, the Crown Prince’s fiancée… is the scenario they made up.”


“The one who proposed that the Shrine should sell Suimo to make up for the lack of funds was also Lord Anderheim. The late King used the embezzled money to slowly win over the relatives and the rebellious retainers to his side. So that everything would work to their advantage once the Crown Prince came to the throne.”

“N-No way.”

Malacia remained calm and explained to Lutora who was shaking his head in disbelief.

“You’re free to not believe it. But, it is better to inform Prime Minister Morino of it. If he has the leisure to calculate the amount of money that has to be returned to the Shrine then he should rather put it to use thinking of ways to further solidify the Crown Prince’s foothold. The kingdom has just lost a rare guardian in the form of Lord Anderheim. It wouldn’t be surprising if anything happens.”


They reached the end of the stairs that led back to the surface.

Malacia placed his hand on the door through which light filtered in and muttered.

“When Lady Julieta was betrayed by the Crown Prince. The one who despaired the most was undoubtedly Sir Anderheim.”

Lutora was biting his lip behind Malacia’s back.

He felt that he had misunderstood everything.

Malacia: “I’m worried this puppy is a little too gullible.”

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The Show Must Go On 15

Translator: Hasr11

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The Shrine, which administered the Dragon God Faith in Palcemith had a relatively simple structure.

From the pavement so level that even carriages could easily ride through, extended a stone staircase. Climbing up the stairs, one would be greeted by an arch-shaped gate that imitated a gigantic dragon. This was the entrance. Surrounding it was a grass-covered outer courtyard. The altar for the believers to pray was a place where the floor was much more elevated than elsewhere and was deep inside the building. The building was separated, by white pillars that held up the roof, from the place of worship. Passageways extended from both sides of the place of worship. The tiny rooms that dotted the passageways at regular intervals served as waiting rooms for nobles as well as important people. And it was in one of these rooms that Lutora stayed. If one went up the stairs to the second floor, there was a corridor where you could see the place of worship in one sweep.

The passageway extended further behind the small rooms and led to a U-shaped building. This was the residence of the Priests, the ladies-in-waiting serving the shrine, and the orphans. Enclosed by the three-story building was a courtyard with a fountain. The Dragon Priestess was allotted a well-lit room facing this very courtyard.

Accompanying Malacia, Lutora stepped in the courtyard of the residential building. What he saw were ladies-in-waiting with bandages on their hands and feet, dull and tired expressions on their faces, all beaten black and blue. At the same time, the shrill shrieks of a young girl reached his ears.

As he approached the Dragon Maiden’s room, the shrieks grew louder. When he stood in front of the closed door, he could clearly discern the words to be unbearably filthy utterances.

“No! I don’t want it! What did I do wrong? You are all scum! Bastards!”


“Lady Priestess…! Please, please calm down.”

“Shut up! You whore! Die! Die in my place!”

As Malacia wordlessly opened the door with a frown, the scene that unfolded before their eyes was akin to hell.

A young girl with disheveled hair was stomping on the flanks of a fallen lady-in-waiting. She mercilessly threw a clay vase at the other ladies-in-waiting who were coming to her rescue. The one who had her stomach stepped on was groaning, while the other one, whose head the vase crashed into, silently fainted.

“Ahahahhaha! Maggots! Mealworms! Ahh, feels so good!”

Her bloodshot eyes seemed to pop out of their sockets, and as she looked down at the injured lady-in-waiting, the corners of her mouth foamed as she let out out a vulgar laugh. There was no mistaking the proponent of this repulsive behavior. It was the one whom all of Lutora’s allies were worried about, Melia Laturi herself.

“…You must be joking.”

Lutora doubted his eyes, but that was understandable. There were no traces left of the beauty that had made Melia and Nasha look like two peas in a pod. Her cheeks were sallow and her ribs were visible. She was skinny like a withered tree. Her bruised skin seemed dry and flaky with countless red scratch marks on it.

“Mr. Malacia”

One of the ladies-in-waiting noticed the two standing like statues in front of the door. She walked up to Malacia and kneeled, revealing her legs that had nothing but bruises. Malacia immediately got down on his knees and cradled the woman’s hand that seemed pitiful with all the fresh wounds.

“I a-apologize… she was calm till now, but…”

“It’s all right, Nemo. It’s not your fault. What about the healers?”

“Early in the morning, the last one ran out of magic. We planned for them to work in shifts, but as Lady Melia was unwilling to wait, we were unable to do so.”

“I see.”

Malacia gave a long sigh.

“I’ll do it instead. Lutora, follow me.”

“Ah… yes.”

Accompanied by Lutora, Malacia approached the bed as quietly as he could. No sooner had she recognized him, Melia let out a piercing shriek and spit on his unblemished face.

“Demon! Go to hell!”

‘O spirits of water, I beseech you with this prayer. I worship thy name, grant me with the miracle of healing…”

“You piece of shit! Son of a bitch! Go fuck yourself!”

“… ‘O light, overflow. Fill this prayer of mine.”

No sooner had Malacia uttered the words, a faint blue light filled the room. The moment she was enveloped by the light, the hysteric Melia’s expression seemed a little calmer.

As Melia slumped down to her knees, Lutora rushed past Malacia to grab her in his arms.

“Melia! Get it together!”

He lightly patted her cheeks, not minding the snot and drool on her face.


She heard a familiar voice.

Melia’s seemed barely at the edge of sanity as she raised her head.

Ascertaining the one who had caught her, she scrunched up her face and sniffled in her snot as she turned teary-eyed.

“Did you… come… to… rescue… me?”


“Hur…ry. Hurry, take me away… I don’t want… Dragon Priestess…”


Seeing the debilitated Melia, Lutora was at a loss for words.

At that time an unconcerned voice sounded.

“Lady Melia cannot resign from the duties of the Dragon Priestess until we find a replacement.”


“I’m sorry, but the seat of the Dragon Priestess cannot be left vacant till the Sacrificial Priestess is offered to the dragon.”

“You son of a bitch…!”

“I don’t want this… this pain, this suffering, no more…! Lutora, take me away from this place… Sigurd, come save me…!”

Melia shook her head and clung to his clothes as Lutora held her in his arms, as if to shield her, and glared at Malacia.

No matter how naive Lutora was, he understood that Malacia’s words were right.

Palcemith was born out of the dragon’s grace. For the sake of the kingdom’s existence and for the sake of the ancient dragon’s survival, if a single girl has to endure pain, it is justified. The one chosen as the holy maiden, the Sacrificial Priestess, was to offer her flesh and soul to the dragon on the day of the reckoning.

He knew that fact. But still…!

Seeing the girl, he knew so well and thought of as a friend, suffering in pain and wretchedly going crazy, he could not simply stay silent.

And that was why.

“Why… Why don’t you let Melia use the [Medicine]?”

Lutora asked Malacia.

Not realizing that it was the beginning of the elaborate trap Malacia had set up.

“Lutora. You ought to know how dreadful Suimo is.”

Wiping the spit off his cheek, Malacia deeply gazed at Lutora.

“I know it…! But wasn’t Suimo made for the Dragon Priestesses in the first place?”

“Yes, that is true.”

“Then why can’t Melia use it…? Melia is the Dragon Priestess now!”

“It is exactly because it is a powerful medicine! Won’t Lady Melia become Sir Sigurd’s wife in the future?”

At Malacia’s inconceivable shout, Lutora opened his eyes wide, at a loss for words.

“Certainly, Suimo shows strong tranquilizing and analgesic effects. But due to the strength of those effects, there is a possibility of it eating into the body’s health and potential. These effects manifest in different ways in different people. As a result, it is difficult to judge an optimal dose. Therefore, I decided not to give Lady Melia Suimo on my own judgment. If she can endure the pain for half a year, at the very least, she won’t lose her life.”


“A medicine… that will… give me relief…?”

Nestled in Lutora’s arms, Melia, who heard the story, looked at Malacia with her dull eyes and reached out her arms towards him.

“Give… me.”


“Quick, give it… to me. Quickly.”

“Lady Melia, we cannot do that. Suimo is…”

“Shut up! I’m telling you, give it to me! Quick! Fucking idiots!”



As she leaned against Lutora, Melia raised her heel high and struck Malacia hard in his sides. Giving a sidelong glance to the groaning Malacia, she brushed aside Lutora’s arm and threw herself onto the bed, with a canopy, roughly. From the basket placed on the side table, she grabbed a ripe peach and squeezed it.

“Hurry up… and do… the preparations. If you don’t, your precious subordinates might meet this fate…!”

Grumbling, she dug her nails into the white peach.

The flesh escaped through the gaps in the torn thick skin; a sweet scent wafted through the room.

“Hiss! ”

Lutora hoisted up the paling Malacia who was holding his stomach from the back and dragged him out of the room. Vulgar laughter sounded again in the room. Along with it, the sound of something being hit filled his eardrums. Crouching with his back against the walls of the corridor, he began trembling.

When a person felt strong pain and agony, their true nature surfaced.

Her true character hidden underneath her brilliant smile was by no means beautiful.



“Lutora… I’m sorry.”

Sidling up to Lutora, Malacia hung his head. His face was still pallid.

“Why are you apologizing?”

The one who was threatened was Malacia.

Even if Lutora said that, Malacia remained silent and shook his head.

“I prohibited the administration of Suimo to Lady Melia, thinking that it was for the best. But because of that, she showed you such a state today. Your worst self isn’t something you can show to any random person. To say nothing of a friend that you trust.”


“I’m truly sorry to both you and Lady Melia…”

As he lightly bit his lips, he somehow seemed powerless.

Peeling off his shell, what lay beneath the calm and collected Head Priest, who always gave a lecture, was a weak and weary man.


Before he realized it, Lutora reached out his hand and put it round Malacia’s back.

As he drew closer, he noticed that the body hidden underneath the loose dalmatic robes1 was thinner than his expectations.


A small voice full of confusion sounded out.

Lutora hadn’t yet forgiven him.

It was an unmistakable truth that the medicine that this man, Malacia, had spread, killed his loved one.

But that person… his beloved Fiona, couldn’t have possibly taken the leftover Suimo in the house, could she?

Objectively thinking, Fiona, who was sixteen at that time, should not have the money to buy the expensive Suimo.

It was most probably secretly acquired by her family for the sake of her uncle, who suffered from an incurable disease.

He did not know what the reason was.

Fiona may have self-medicated, taken the wrong dose by herself, and died.

And now in front of his eyes; a close friend of his,the younger sister of the one who awoke his slumbering love, was suffering.

If that is so, he would bear the [Sin].



Hearing the reply of the one right beside his face.

Whispering, Lutora made a request.

“Please give Melia, Suimo. I beg of you.”

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