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Chapter 11.5: Crafty Four-Eyes’ Monologue

It was the day that Leticia left her homeland for Glenreed and the Silver Wolf King. Ileus, the third son of the head of the Ilegar house, the prime minister, had his eyes narrowed in dejection behind his glasses.

“Hey, you! Are you listening to me?! I want to go to His Highness already!”

Standing before him was Sumia, whose chestnut hair was shorter. A portion of it was cut during her skirmish with Leticia at the historical ruins the other night. She couldn’t salvage the rest, so she had it cut to her chin.

‘Fufu, please don’t worry. It’s a refreshing change, right? Doesn’t it suit me?’

Sumia, who had acted very amiable in front of her fiancé Fritz, seemed to be quite annoyed with her haircut. She didn’t try to hide her displeasure at all in front of Ileus, who knew her true nature. He sighed for the hundredth time that day at the shouting, irritated Sumia.

“You’re the one who isn’t listening, Sumia. If you want to see His Highness, you have to memorise what I’m teaching you and start working on your assignment already.”

“I’m already doing it! This should be enough, right?!”

“No. This answer is too inadequate. Refine your argument properly and start over.”

Ileus cut off Sumia’s complaining. 

The results of the assignment given to Sumia was not very favourable. It was about etiquette and education​ related to the Royal family. Even the current Sumia should be able to arrive at the correct answer if she thought it over carefully. But unfortunately, she couldn’t concentrate enough, and the correct answer had never materialized.

How did this happen? 

Ileus sighed as he gazed at Sumia, who was right in front of him.

Ileus liked smart people, and he also liked people who put great effort into trying to be smart. That’s why he didn’t hate Sumia when he first met her. 

About three years ago, his father, Duke Ilegor, had taken Sumia in. Having found a user of the rare light magic, he decided to make her the daughter of a Baron who was a follower of the Duke’s household. His father secretly requested that he educate Sumia so she could serve as a useful pawn.

Sumia was a girl who could not stand living life as a poor commoner, so she accepted the falsification of her identity and became a daughter of the Baron. And, that overflowing ambition and desire to learn made her an excellent student, so to speak. Through her hard work and wit, she became an aristocratic lady in about two years, even though she was barely trained and could only read and write a little prior to that.

(But now she’s like this……)

Ileus bittersweetly gazed at the present Sumia. He gave Sumia basic education on the manners and etiquette of an aristocrat, or so he planned, but it only went surface-level until the end. He couldn’t teach her the so-called deeply rooted pride and mental attitude of an aristocrat.

Did Sumia change when she began to win Crown Prince Fritz’s favor? A former commoner, who had turned into an aristocrat and even captured the Prince’s heart. Such a situation could only inflate her ego. Sumia grew more and more arrogant, and she lost the desire to improve herself and all the hard-working qualities she possessed before.

Sumia, who was now acting arrogantly, became more impatient with Leticia, who could threaten her position, at the same time. As a result, Fritz accepted the lie ‘Leticia pushed me down the stairs’, which led him to outrageously annul his engagement. And, the other day, she called Leticia late at night and made an unreasonable demand.

These two acts, which threw aristocratic common sense out the window and disturbed national politics, brought the house of Ilegar’s wrath upon Sumia, and Ileus, who was supervising her.

Ileus’s role was to sit Sumia on the throne as the Crown Princess and to take care of her afterwards so she would not expose herself. Therefore, they said that he had to discipline Sumia once more on aristocratic manners, and thus he conducted the lessons.

Ileus’s mind wandered as he was watching over the complaining Sumia struggle with her assignment.

Leticia was leaving the royal capital today.

He met her two years ago, when he first entered the academy. Leticia took the top spot, with a one-point difference over Ileus, on the entrance exam. He was shocked, as he didn’t think he’d lose to someone his age, much less to a woman. Since then, as they were both honour students, he had competed with her many times, and naturally saw a lot of her.

Leticia, whose intimidating smile, status as the daughter of a Duke, and her beautiful yet cold, hard eyes, compared to that of an amethyst, kept the other students at a distance.

However, Ileus knew. He knew how sometimes her eyes would sparkle so brightly like a violet when she had solved a difficult problem or when something pleased her. She, with concealed soft eyes and intelligence to match his, who was called a prodigy.

That’s why it was a waste- it was such a waste that she was Fritz’s fiancée, or so he came to think.

As Fritz was the crown prince and he a Duke’s son, they had a fellow student type of friendship from working together. He respected him as the Crown Prince, but that was all.

Fritz’s personality. 

He couldn’t find anything charming in the royal he had to serve: he didn’t face his weakness nor his shortcomings, he didn’t have any ambition, and he only showed his jealousy. It was a waste for Leticia to marry a mediocre person like Fritz, who just happened to be the Crown Prince.

Perhaps, because of those feelings, he had accepted, though a bit perplexed, his father’s demand to bring Sumia closer to Fritz and cooperate in making her his (Fritz’s) fiancée a year ago. From then on, he was busy trying to set up Sumia with Fritz.

The original plan was to let people know about how Sumia and Fritz loved each other over the years, win them over to her side, then slowly have her take Leticia’s place as his fiancée.

What would happen after Leticia was no longer the Crown Prince’s fiancée? Who was she going to be engaged to next? Was her partner going to be of similar social status or not? He tried not to think about it deeply, but…

– – – Maybe Leticia’s new partner might be himself, the third son of the Ilegar Dukedom. The current Ileus couldn’t help but admit that he had such selfish feelings.

“…I may have gotten punished for having such wicked thoughts.”

Sumia looked at him strangely as he muttered. Without reacting to her, Ileus gazed in the direction of the kingdom of Wolfwald, to where Leticia was heading.

Because of Sumia’s rash actions, the plan had failed. As a result, their greatest weakness was in Duke Gramwell’s hands, and Leticia was getting married far away. All that remained for him was to keep the bawling Sumia, who had lost her former desire to improve herself, and babysit the Crown Prince Fritz, who one could only describe as a simpleton.

This situation, having been left behind by Leticia and having only troublesome people remain, was like he was suffering the consequences of his actions. Ileus used his glasses to conceal his facial expression.

Author’s Note:

This was an extra chapter to supplement the circumstances of Ileus, also known as crafty four-eyes, and the process of Sumia’s identity fraud.

In the next update, we’ll return to Leticia’s POV.

Translator’s Note:

So crafty four-eyes suffers from unrequited love and Sumia’s IQ is non-existent. Why am I not surprised?

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Wendel Wolf
3 years ago

It would have never worked crafty four-eyes. She needs a man with taste… to appreciate her cooking

Elegant Rain
Elegant Rain
3 years ago

Of course Ileus had a crush on her. Rival turned crush… But she’s got a different soulmate waiting for her. Thanks for the chapter! I can’t wait until she gets to meet Mr. Mofumofu <3