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16. A Lady, a Dumbbell, and a Slow Life


How do you do?

I am Leticia, a duke’s daughter turned figurehead Queen.

…What am I doing?

I’m training to both kill time and overcome my weakness.

My weakness was from being born and raised as a lady for 17 years. More specifically, an overwhelming lack of muscles.

There were no cars or convenient appliances in this world, but there were always servants around me as the daughter of a duke. As a result, I didn’t have many opportunities to move my body and get enough exercise.

I learned how to dance and ride horses, but that was just part of my education as a lady, nothing more than just a form of etiquette.

Muscles to help maintain a beautiful posture… I probably have a good amount of inner muscles and other core muscles, but unfortunately, the muscles in both my arms and legs were like bean sprouts.

The last time I made ice cream, I had muscle pain that night. I used magic to make a whisk and figured out how to make it on my own.

The more you got into cooking, the more muscle strength and stamina you would need. Especially in this world, where home appliances and cooking utensils weren’t developed, there were many situations where one had to move their body.

Even though, to some extent, I planned on using magic to make things easier, there was no harm in training my body.

For this reason, I had shiny black metal weights in my hands, which are so-called dumbbells.

Dumbbells for a lady.

It was a strange combination, but definitely useful for muscle training. And these dumbbells weren’t only for that, but also for practicing magic in a discrete way.

Earth magic, “Seiren”1.

This spell, which changes the shape of minerals at the caster’s will, should be quite useful once mastered.

For the sake of practicing, I conjured up the dumbbells I had used when I was dieting in my previous life. I think it was a good practice to make pairs of dumbbells in a shape that was easy to hold, and had several different weights.

So, for a while now, I’ve been working hard on training my muscles with the world’s first dumbbells in my hands.

“Huff… Today…puff​…is already…huff…the tenth…puff…day, huh?”

It has been ten days since I arrived at the royal villa. During that time, there wasn’t a single visit from my husband, His Majesty Glenreed. I understood that His Majesty was quite busy, but I was undeniably being neglected.

So far, I haven’t been given any role in national politics and spent my days from morning to night at the royal villa. Left alone in an estate in the woods, ignored by my husband.

Generally speaking, I was being ill-treated, but the current me was welcoming this life. Peaceful, free time is a good thing. Long live the “slow life”.

…Looking back, I was always a corporate slave in my previous life, and since my reincarnation, I’ve been busy with my studies as a Lady, as well as my Crown Princess training for the past few years.

In comparison, my current life was heaven.

I had no intention of grieving my loveless marriage, and I could only thank His Majesty for giving me this free life.

“Ahhh, the water is delicious today too…”

After finishing my training, I drank the lemon water I had prepared.

A moment of bliss. This is what I live for.

Having refreshed my throat, I pulled out the cupboard’s drawer to put away the dumbbells. There were dumbbells of different weights and whisks in that drawer. They had a cool metallic feel upon holding them and fit well in my hand.

“This whisk still shows no signs of breaking yet, huh…”

When I flicked my finger to test it, the thin metal part of the whisk shook. It only trembled and there was no sign that it was about to fall apart or break.

I had made this whisk more than a month ago when I was at my ducal residence. It’s lasting an astounding amount of time, considering that the ones made by “Seiren” usually didn’t last more than a day.

“Hmm…a subtle cheat?”

It was certainly convenient not needing to remake a whisk every time. Though, I was still not sure why it didn’t break…perhaps it was also due to the memories of my past life.

It seemed that the lifespan of an object made by “Seiren” was influenced by the imagination of the caster. It was said that the more you mimicked an object you were familiar with, the stronger and longer it would last.

However, it was only an object made with magic. No matter how much you touched the copied object, and burned its shape into your mind, it would only last a few days at most. Or, at least, that was the established theory, but my whisk has been fine for more than a month now, and there was no sign of it breaking.

“Iron… Is it because of my knowledge of atoms, protons, iron-making methods, and so on?”

I only knew bits and pieces from the miscellaneous knowledge in my head and from my classes in middle and high school​ but didn’t really know much about it in detail. Still, I probably knew more about the material “iron” than anyone else in this world.

As long as there was such a thing as magic, it was doubtful how much the laws of physics from Earth would apply here.

Nevertheless, that knowledge was probably the reason of the unbreakable whisk.

“Milady, it’s almost time for Edgar and the wolves to arrive. Are you ready?”

“Thank you, Lucien. I’m coming.”

Putting the whisk back in the drawer, I took off my sweaty clothes and slipped into my apron dress. This apron dress was a cute outfit that was both easy to move in and relatively easy to clean.

The attire was too simple for a Queen, but I intended to dress properly in public. It was more of a choice that prioritized comfort and convenience since I was going to be left alone in this royal villa.

I quickly changed my clothes without the help of the maids and went down to the front yard, in high spirits.

Thanks to his daily visits I began to feel emotionally attached to the wolves that Edgar brought with him.

“L-Lady Leticia, excuse me again for today.”

“Good day, Edgar. It’s nice to see you again.”

When I smiled at him in greeting, Edgar froze, and his face flushed. He was as red as a tomato, but this was his norm. Apparently, Edgar wasn’t very good at dealing with humans and was always nervous around Lucien and I. It was the complete opposite of his imposing demeanour when he dealt with the wolves.

Led by Edgar, about ten wolves entered the front yard. A pup was sniffing at the groomed flower bed. Another was running around, trying to catch a butterfly. And then there was one who came up and rubbed his head on me incessantly.

“There, there​. You’ve come a long way.”

I patted him on the head, and he looked up at me with greedy eyes. I fished in the pockets of my dress to respond to its expectant look.

“Come on, don’t rush. I’ll comb it for you again today, alright?”

As I pulled out a handkerchief and sat down, the wolf dropped at my side immediately. In my hand was a metal brush that I made using “Seiren”. It was a slicker brush, which was a dog care product used on Earth.

When I was living at my parents’ house in my previous life, I used to groom Jiro with a slicker brush. The only difference from that brush and this one was the wooden handle was now made of metal. The brush part, lined with thin wire-like combs, was quite well reproduced, which I was proud of.


As I brushed its fur with the brush, the wolf whined comfortably and squinted its eyes. While I proceeded with the brushing, being careful not to damage the skin, the mix of grey and white fur bunched up and fell out.

It was currently spring, and the temperature was gradually rising. The wolves seemed to be itching as their fur began to change from winter to summer, since it was their moulting season.

Upon learning that using a slicker brush made their bodies feel good and refreshed, the wolves assigned me as their groomer.

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