Tensei Saki de Suterareta no de, Mofumofu Tachi to Oryouri Shimasu ~Okazari Ouhi wa my Pace ni Saikyou Desu~

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Editor: Sarcasm

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Chapter 20: The Mysterious Silver Wolf

“…and that’s why, for the sake of making delicious meals, I’ve decided to have Mr. Gilbert help me with the cooking.”

I took a small breath as I finished recounting my exchange with Mr. Gilbert that happened three days ago. The one I was talking to was the silver wolf sitting beside me. He had appeared out of nowhere again today and had settled down beside me.

It was a happy reunion, but he still would not let me pet him at all. He sat close to me, occasionally moving his nose as if to smell me, but when I tried to reach for him, he would reject me with a growl.

“Well, you’re just torturing me…”

There was the most exquisite fur right in front of me, but I couldn’t touch it. It was a real shame, and I became kind of bored, so I started talking to the silver wolf.

At first, it was just me talking to myself, but…


As I went on, the silver wolf tilted his head as if to say, ‘So what happened then?’. I found myself speaking at length, carried along by his encouraging gestures.

“You must be very smart to be able to communicate like that.”

This silver wolf might not be able to understand human language, but he seemed to be observing my tone and facial expression and responding to them. I thought I would compliment him for that, but…

He looked somewhat disappointed, and the look on his face seemed to say, ‘No, I don’t want that kind of praise…’, or, at least, that was what I inferred.

“What’s wrong? I just thought you were amazing. Did I say something that offended you?”

Even though I knew he couldn’t understand me, I still tried to talk to him. Thinking about it, in my previous life, I used to talk to my precious Shiba Inu, Jiro. To others, I was just a weird person muttering to herself, but it was just a habit of mine.

“You’re such a mysterious pup, huh.”

I stared at the canine, as I muttered that. His bluish-green eyes looked back at me, and his silver fur swayed in the gentle breeze. He was such a dignified and beautiful creature, but there were many things I didn’t understand or know about him.

One of the only things I knew was that his paws were black. They were smooth-looking paws with no major cracks and quite noticeably stood out thanks to his silver fur. I hope to someday be able to touch them to my heart’s content.

Paws are supreme. I have a policy of not accepting anyone’s objections, what of it? 

But let’s leave my opinions aside for now.

I didn’t know the name of this silver wolf, and even its gender was unknown to me. I sort of assumed that it was a male with how proud and impudent its personality was. I wonder which one it was. Edgar didn’t seem to know either; I would have to ask Mr. Mohr the next time that I see him then.

“Come to think of it, I’ve been a little concerned about something…”

I muttered as I looked down at the silver wolf. He just jerked his chin as if to say, ‘What? Say it’. He was a wolf with a strangely pompous attitude.

“Your fur isn’t shedding at all, is it?”

The silver wolf in front of me had a beautiful, furry coat. It was so fluffy that I wanted to pet it if I could… But wasn’t it too hot for him though?

I looked around and saw that the other wolves that Edgar had brought with him were in the midst of their moulting season. Some of them had finished their shedding earlier than others, and their summer fur had grown back, making them look slimmer and more fearless.

Compared to the other wolves, the silver one showed few signs of shedding. From what I recall, when I had brushed him with the slicker brush before, he just looked comfortable and only shed a few hairs.

“I thought moulting was supposed to be a bit of a back and forth thing…but if this continues, the heat will make the hair follicles damaged and start to fall out, causing a weird form of baldness- OW ow ow!”

‘Who’s gonna go bald?!’

As if to protest, the wolf bumped me with his head. He may have restrained himself from biting me, but it still hurt.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I was careless with my words, so I apologize.”

‘If you understand, then so be it.’ The silver wolf snorted as if accepting my apology.

…This wolf understands human language after all, doesn’t he?

With such misgivings on my mind, I tried to pacify him, when I suddenly overheard Lucian muttering to himself.

“Even though you’re just a wolf, it’s disrespectful to make Lady Leticia worry about you.”

I was smiling wryly at Lucien’s disapproving look when I heard Krona calling out to me.

“Lady Leticia~! It seems that an invitation came for you~!”

Krona came running, lifting the hem of her maid’s uniform, and stopped at the entrance of the front yard. Her eyes were fixed on the wolves, watching them warily.

Could it be that because Krona was a cat beastkin, her compatibility with canines, like wolves, was bad? She never approached us whenever we were playing with the wolves, perhaps because she was uncomfortable with them.

“Lucien, can you get the invitation from Krona please?”

“Yes, Milady.”

Lucien quickly rushed over to Krona and brought the invitation back to me. The envelope was of high quality and stamped with sealing wax.

“An invitation from Lady Natalie…?”

I saw the silver wolf’s ears twitch as I muttered that.

I used the paper-knife that Lucien had handed me to peel off the sealing wax and open the envelope.

“I would like to invite you, Lady Leticia, to join me for lunch at my royal villa the day after tomorrow.”

A letter of invitation.

The sender of this letter was one of the reasons why I had come to this country. She was one of the women who had been considered as a potential Queen for His Majesty Glenreed.

NOTE: This is a double release, don’t forget to read c21 too!

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Sorry to hear that you’re discontinuing through translation. Though respect for the author is good reason, though I enjoy web novel versions even when I’m interested enough to pay for official light novel translations.
Thanks for your efforts