Tensei Saki de Suterareta no de, Mofumofu Tachi to Oryouri Shimasu ~Okazari Ouhi wa my Pace ni Saikyou Desu~

Translator: Kuromaru

2. The Crown Prince and his party seem to be angry.

The Crown prince’s party looked down on me like I was a sinner.

Then, while paying attention to their appearance, they kneeled on the ground with elegance as if they were in front of the King himself.

The shock of the nullified engagement added to the subsequent confusion from the recovery of my past self’s memories made me a disgraceful sight.

I wanted to avoid showing my sorry appearance any further.

First, I should get rid of the water with magic.

“Clad me in heat and expel the dew.”1

As I chanted the spell, my whole body was enveloped in warm air and the water evaporated.

…I felt a bit uplifted from using my magic for the first time since regaining my memories. In my past life, I had longed for the existence of magic and wizards.

I had just used a fire-manipulating spell. It’s a fairly advanced technique.

The surrounding students gazed at me in admiration of how easily I had shortened the spell.

The spell was a success, but I was a bit curious. I felt like my magic was much more powerful than usual. Could it possibly be because the memories of my past life had returned?

…I would check it in more detail later.

My skirt spread gently as I straightened my posture. My hair flowed—completely dried, along with my uniform. 

I fixed myself up. After all, this was just a new beginning.

I composed myself as I faced Fritz and his entourage.

“Your Highness, may I ask if you really meant it when you said you want to break off our engagement?”

“Of course. I can’t let a vicious woman like you become the Queen,” Fritz said in disgust.

“I’m evil? What prompted that conclusion?”

“Are you going to feign ignorance? You can’t say that you forgot how you treated Sumia.”

“Treatment? Could it be about the warning that I gave her for approaching Your Highness?”

Even if they were false, those were some terrible allegations.

Sumia has been messing around with my fiancé Fritz for a while now.

Aside from conversing now and then, they had been linking arms in public and having dinner tête-à-tête. This kind of behaviour was unacceptable in aristocratic society.

“I only conducted myself as I should as an aristocrat. It’s unreasonable to think that Sumia didn’t know that I’m your Highness’s fiancée, right?”

“I-I knew. But I didn’t know that I would be attacked for trying to approach his Highness…”

Sumia’s face turned pale as she trembled. 

As her lowered eyes welled up with tears, she looked like a small animal. Her frail state was quite charming and pulled people in.

“You went too far, Leticia! Sumia grew up surrounded by commoners! Naturally, she knows nothing of aristocratic society’s social etiquette!”

“No matter how she grew up, Sumia is an aristocrat now. Even if it were the case, I, who abides by this etiquette, have pointed it out to her numerous times. This ignorance can no longer be overlooked.”

“She was thrust into this life out of nowhere. Do you know how much effort she puts in?”

“I’ve respected Sumia’s choices up to now. She’s the one who claimed the Baron’s name as her own and chose to attend this academy, right?”

I was taught, in this life and the previous one, that a person must take full responsibility for their actions. Sumia’s past was indeed unique, but that did not excuse all of her impoliteness.

Sumia was a Baron’s daughter, but she was illegitimate. Her mother was a mistress.

From what I heard, she lived in the royal capital as a commoner with her mother until her father took her in when she was 13. Not only was her status as a baron’s daughter pretty low among aristocrats, but she was also a bastard. Despite all that, she attended a prestigious school. There was a reason for that.

“Your Highness, lady Leticia is just jealous.”

A black-haired bespectacled man stepped out from behind Fritz.

He was Ileus, the third son of the current Chancellor.

“Just now, lady Leticia was proudly showing off her magic despite it being but a simple, common fire spell.”

…Oh, excuse me for using such common magic.

It might be common, but it has its uses and is quite convenient.

You can use it to save on fuel by warming up your body or make a delicious meat hotpot.

…bad, bad, bad.

It seemed that my thoughts had veered back to a middle-class mindset. It was probably because of my recovered memories.

At the present moment, I was the Duke’s daughter. 

In front of me was Ileus with his glasses shining insidiously.

I decided to put thoughts about the profit and importance of fire magic to the back of my mind temporarily.

That crafty four-eyes was still talking.

“…On the other hand, Sumia is a light magic user, which is quite rare in our kingdom. Moreover, her affinity is exceptionally high. It’s even said that she’s the second coming Saint of Light. Don’t you think that it was her noble ambition and devotion to the kingdom that led her to attend this academy?”

“I don’t think we should confuse purity of the intentions with how the actions were conducted, nor dismiss their consequences.”

“You know better than anyone about consequences. After all, you’ve endured plenty of them. A duke’s daughter shouldn’t have such an unsightly nature, but in this, you are a hypocrite.”

“Unsightly? Don’t you think that you’re saying terrible things based only on Sumia’s side of the story? I believe that the warnings that I gave her were appropriate and for a valid reason.”

“That is…”

Crafty four-eyes didn’t retort.

He was more or less a prodigy who got to where he was with his excellent grades. So it seemed that he personally understood that it wasn’t wise to defend Sumia any further.

“Hey, Leticia, it looks to me that you’re just repeating fancy words to hide how jealous you are of Sumia. After all, you don’t want Sumia, who’s a precious light magic-user, to be doted on by His Highness, right?”

The one who inserted himself was Dustin, the Royal Knights’ leader’s son. He was a red-headed muscular young man.

“I’ve heard that a woman’s jealousy is scary. It seems to be true. Using your social status as a shield to bully Sumia; your cowardice knows no bounds.”

Dustin spread his arms as if to protect Sumia.

“Thank you, lord Dustin…” 

“D-Don’t worry about it!!”

Leticia sighed inwardly at Dustin, who turned his blushing face away from Sumia.

―Et tu, Dustin?

This is where Caesar’s famous quote came to mind.

It seems that not only the Crown Prince, but Dustin too had fallen in love with Sumia.

Despite being a duke’s son, Dustin didn’t have any sisters and was the third of four brothers. Because his father was the leader of the knights, Dustin had trained in the art of the sword since childhood. As such, while excelling at swordsmanship, he had no experience with girls his own age.

I remember in my old days in Japan there was a stereotype: Guys who only went to boys’ schools and devoted their all to sports tended to go for the naive-looking ill-natured women in college.

“Hey, Leticia. Do you have anything to say? Are you finally back to your senses?”

“I don’t plan to answer someone who displays neither manners nor courtesy.”

That meathead and I had the same status. We were both younger children of a duke. But we never had a close relationship, so he could not just forgo the honorific.

“Tch, you’re just quibbling!!”

“It’s not only about honorifics. I have yet to receive an apology from Dustin-sama for pushing me into the fountain.”

“That’s because…lady Leticia was trying to draw close to Sumia!!”

“Even so. I only tried to get closer. I didn’t raise my fist, did I? You, on the other hand, you pushed me with no warning.”

“I didn’t have a choice! I had to protect Sumia!”

“Are your muscles just for show? Couldn’t you have held me back with your arm rather than push me away? Shouldn’t you have a bit of restraint?”

“…You want me to apologize?! Shouldn’t you be the one apologizing? How dare you be so shameless; you’re the one who pushed Sumia down the stairs!!”

…What the hell?

Good grief, I’m getting yelled at for unfounded accusations about which I know nothing.

“…These are baseless accusations. Do you have any evidence?”

“Sumia said that you were the one who pushed her!”

“Is that all? Someone can easily pretend to fall down the stairs.”

“That’s enough. Shut your mouth.”

Fritz’s cold voice reached my ears.

I felt a dull pain in my chest from the hatred and contempt in his look.

For political reasons, Fritz and I had gotten engaged when we were 12. In the beginning, we were no different than lifetime companions.

Even if we didn’t end up falling in love with one another, I had hoped to at least be close to him as a person…or so I had thought. For years, I tried to find any good points of his to like.

…I’ve put lots of effort into it so far.

In the first place, our fundamental compatibility is not that good. It was now glaringly obvious.

However, it’s far too late.

The thought of ever falling in love was gone, especially with how Fritz was glaring at me now: as if I was his enemy.

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