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Tensei Saki de Suterareta no de, Mofumofu Tachi to Oryouri Shimasu ~Okazari Ouhi wa my Pace ni Saikyou Desu~

6. I crave Ice Cream

―――――――― At the first light of the next day.

I was standing at the kitchen table with my blond locks in a knot, wearing an apron dress that I borrowed from a maid.

It was just past noon. The kitchen was relatively empty at this time, as lunch was over, and the preparation for dinner wasn’t yet in full swing.

The ingredients and utensils that I’ll be using were neatly lined up in front of me.

Eggs, cream, sugar, and bottled honey.

A metallic bowl, cups, a large pot, trays, and wooden pans.

And the iron scraps from the mountain that I requested from the servants. It looked out of place, but there was a good reason for it being here. I divided them, then held a handful as I closed my eyes and focused my energy.

From my hands to my feet, chest, stomach, and then to my head.

I grasped the magical power that was flowing throughout my whole body and concentrated on it. The magic that I was using was earth-based. In order not to fail, I didn’t shorten the chant but performed it accordingly.

“It’s done…”

The magic spell was directed at what was on the kitchen table. A silver whisk formed in place of the iron scraps. It was a type of earth magic called “Seiren”[1]. It was a magic spell that uses soil and minerals as raw materials to freely transform its shape.

At first glance, it looked useful, but in today’s magic, it was but a minor spell. There were several reasons for this, first of, it required a huge amount of magical power. It needed magical power equivalent to a medium-sized spell, to even transform a handful of iron scraps.

The second and most fatal problem was the strength of the reformed creation. The problem was that it inevitably loses its strength and breaks in just an hour, which makes it hard to use it properly. In that regard, I don’t think there’s a problem with using it as a temporary cooking utensil. And if it breaks, I can easily rebuild it again.

When I picked up the whisk, it felt cold and heavy.

“Well, it’s a little heavy, and the whisk’s head seems a bit smaller?”

I modelled this creation after the stainless-steel whisk that I used to use in Japan. I think that maybe because I’ve been using it for many years, that it came out great on my first try. Though, I was worried about the small differences because it was my favourite item.

“Let’s redo it.”

If the whisk is heavy, my hands will tire, so I’ll have to remake it from scratch. Since it was difficult to use the same spell on an already transmuted iron, I used the remaining unused iron scraps. After about four attempts, I was able to create a whisk that was almost exactly what I wanted.


I grasped the whisk’s handle. Its nostalgic weight caused my lips to form a small smile. If I can remake my favourite whisk, then without a doubt my work will be much more comfortable from here on out.

I’m going to make Ice cream.

When I thought about what I wanted to eat, this was the first thing that came to mind. I got reincarnated before I ate the homemade ice cream that I had made; as such, I was craving it. Ideally, strawberry ice cream would have been good, but it seems that this country didn’t deal in strawberries.

Fortunately, there seem to be some berry-like fruits similar to strawberries, so I won’t give up and persevere in my search.

Just in case, I washed the whisk and dried it, then earnestly started cooking. First, I measured every ingredient then divided them into the metal cups and bowls. Then, I divided the eggs into egg whites and yolks and put them in separate containers. I put the egg whites in a bowl then mixed it with sugar.

Mix and mix and mix…….I’m quite tired.

I don’t think that I have enough strength to mix with a wooden spatula or even a whisk.

When I was in Japan, I used to try various time-shortening techniques such as cooling egg whites in advance, but today I will stick to the basics so that I don’t end up failing.

I continued mixing for a while till the corners started to rise. Next, I added sugar to both the egg yolk bowl and the cream bowl, then mixed them well. After mixing the three bowls, I lastly added honey and mixed them all with a wooden spatula. Then, after checking on the mixture, I poured the content of the bowl into 3 somewhat small trays.

It’s time to use my magic once more.

I used water magic to spread ice on the flat bottom of a large pot in advance. After putting the trays in the large pot, I sprinkled salt over the ice. That was the artificially made freezing mixture that we learned in science experiments a long time ago. It should be possible to keep the temperature much lower than if we were to keep it cool using only ice.

However, there were a few problems. I couldn’t remember the accurate mixing ratio, and I wasn’t able to completely seal it while it was cooling. As I used a box instead, because I didn’t have a refrigerator, and it wasn’t as airtight.

Therefore, I divided the ingredients into three large pots, each with a different amount of salt sprinkled on the lid and put them in the artificial refrigerator.

As I replenished the ice and salt every once in a while, I decided to check my remaining magical power.

“As I thought, unlike before, I still have enough to spare.”

My specialty was fire magic, so I wasn’t very good at using water magic. But today, no matter how much I made ice, I still had plenty of magical energy to spare. I even tried and failed to make the whisk lots of times; that should have consumed lots of magical energy.

I had the same feeling yesterday, but it seems that my magic did indeed become powerful. My magic capacity was still the same, but it seemed that now I can use magic more efficiently with less consumption which was quite an improvement.

That was probably due to regaining my previous life’s memories. Naturally, there was no magic on Earth. It was like a foreign substance to my past self, and therefore, I could now feel its presence keenly.

The people of this world are more or less born with magical power. Because they have magical powers from birth, they had difficulty in sensing them, so they had to practice to be able to.  In short, a person’s magical power won’t change throughout his or her life. That’s why most of the magic training gets spent on how to sense it, and a way to use it more efficiently.

………I seem to have overcome that high hurdle by recovering my previous life’s memories. Up until now, I was only able to utilize about 20% of my magical power, but now I can almost use 80% of it. That was certainly exceptional, considering that even the best mages can only use 30% of their magical power. In fact, it was almost as if my magical power capacity jumped several times.

From the start, thanks to the Duke’s bloodline, I was one of the top ten in the country when it came to magical power. It was as good a cheat as any…[2]

Even Sumia, who was revered as a saint by many, would most certainly lose against me in a one-on-one magic fight. Well, that’s why I didn’t feel like using offensive magic. To attack means getting attacked back. I didn’t want to be in that situation; I’d rather use it in cooking. Also, if I use it in a flashy excessive way, I’ll risk making myself look suspicious when in dangerous situations.

While I was deeply thinking about this matter, about two hours had passed.

“It’s complete!”

The smooth chilled ice cream shimmered on two trays. The pot with the least amount of salt didn’t cool enough, but the other two seemed to be a success.

The ice cream in the pot with the most salt seemed to harden a bit too much, so I stirred it with a spoon several times. Thanks to all the stirring, air mixed in, and its texture became quite fluffy.

I didn’t stir the other two at first because I was afraid of ruining them by removing the trays and letting heat in, but it seemed like stirring was the right call after all.

While I was standing with the finished ice cream, there were many cooks lined up around me in the kitchen wondering what I was doing.

“You have come at the right time, everyone. If you don’t mind, will you try it with me?”

“What? Can we share it? Is it a kind of ice candy? Isn’t it a luxury item that only aristocrats can have?”

“It’s okay. The ingredients themselves aren’t that expensive, and I originally planned on letting the people in the kitchen eat them.”


“I think cold food tastes better when it’s hot.”

Eating ice cream in midwinter was good too, although I liked having it from spring to summer. But it was still early spring in this country.

Although I wanted to eat ice cream, the chilly temperature was too high to get rid of.

However, the kitchen was different. As dinner neared, its preparation was in earnest, so the room temperature gradually rose from the furnace’s heat. It was the perfect setting to eat ice cream.

[1] 整錬It can be translated as “Transmuting”, “Transforming” or ”Converting” but I decided to leave it in romaji since it was the name of a spell.

[2] もともと、公爵家の血統のおかげで国内十指に入る魔力量を持っていたので、チートも同然の有様である。I’m not sure about this part, but I tried to convey what I understood.

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