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Tensei Saki de Suterareta no de, Mofumofu Tachi to Oryouri Shimasu ~Okazari Ouhi wa my Pace ni Saikyou Desu~

7. The crown prince wants to apologize

“This is….”

The head chef stiffened in surprise as he took a bite of the ice cream.

“It’s cold and melts quickly, it’s my first time experiencing such mild sweetness………it’s delicious.”

While holding a spoon in on hand and the ice cream bowl in the other, the head chef stared at it fixedly. His gaze was awfully enthusiastic because of his profession. That “It’s delicious.” wasn’t a compliment; It came from the bottom of his heart, or so I think. Mainly because of how he was scarfing down the ice cream while deeply nodding as he savoured the taste.

…………I was so glad that he said it was delicious.

When my face loosened a bit, the chefs in the gallery looked astonished. I thought it was refreshing, considering that I always used to have a prim and proper facade on when I was at home. While I was internally sorry for surprising them, I couldn’t help but smile.

I liked cooking in and of itself, but I also got happy whenever someone eats my cooking and says that it’s delicious. Sharing delicious food makes me happy, and if I were the one to make it, I’d be even happier.

In a good mood, I took a bite of the ice cream. It was a bit hot and humid here, so the chilliness of the ice cream was quite refreshing. And just as the melted sweetness spreads, the gentle taste of honey seeps in. It had a light taste that quickly melted that had me wanting to eat more and more.[1]

Yeah, this is delicious. The dish was a success.

There were no stoves or refrigerators, so I was worried that it would end up in failure, but it seemed that I was able to make it delicious.

From here on, I might be able to cook various dishes with a little bit of ingenuity and magic. Like Cheesecakes, drop cookies, hamburger, and white stew.

While my brain overflowed with the list of food that I wanted to eat, the sweetness and chillness of the ice cream were healing me. As I was finishing my portion, I checked on the chefs.

What the head chef and I were eating was tray made ice cream which contains a moderate amount of air. The ice cream bowls that they were staring at right now were slightly more solid.

I took my status as the Duke’s daughter into consideration, as I served them.[2]

“This ice cream might take a while to soften. If you don’t mind, try adding honey.”

I warmed the honey by immersing it in hot water till it was body-temperature warm, then inserted it. I dissolved the honey into the ice cream, then put what remained aside so one could pour it later.

The other reason was that I wasn’t sure how much of the honey’s taste would remain after it cooled.

And basically, the dishes of the aristocrats in this country were rich in spices and had a strong spicy taste. That’s why I thought that the chefs who make these dishes might lean towards a strong taste as well, so I prepared it in advance just in case.

When I recommended honey bowls, the chefs looked grateful as they took and poured them over the ice cream.

The warm honey was shining so brightly as it melted the surface of the ice cream.

The chefs scoped the honey-covered ice cream to their mouths in a timid manner. And they seemed to be surprised by how delicious it was that they kept on eating till there was nothing left.

Warm on top of cold.

The faint aroma of honey melted into ice cream, and the rich honey on top of it. It was a delicious-looking combination where you could taste different textures at the same time.

“Thank you very much, Milady. This ice cream dish was very delicious.”

The head chef thanked me on behalf of the people who sampled it.

“It’s my first time tasting something like this…….Honestly, I was surprised. There are frozen desserts that mainly use ice, but it’s a first for me to see cream chilled and hardened. Where did you learn how to make it?”

“From a book that describes the cooking situation in foreign countries. However, it was a bit rare…… I read it specially to learn about foreign countries as part of the crown princess-to-be training.”

Sorry for deceiving you, but I couldn’t just go and say, “It’s from my previous life’s memories!”.

Misled by what I said, the chefs seemed to be surprised.

“I see, that’s amazing! Milady studied to that extend to become the crown princess…”

While the chefs showed their admiration, they looked at me with concerned gazes.

I am already a former crown princess candidate.

While I’m sorry for making you worry, I just kept watching as the -“the Crown Princess training is amazing.”- misunderstanding spread among the chefs.

“Do we refreeze the ice cream that didn’t harden well, and then eat it, Milady?”

“We can do that, or we could reuse it as a sauce?”

The ice won’t recrystallize as it should once it melts. The smooth texture would get damaged, so I had an idea.

“As a sauce?”

“Yes. It’s a bit sweet, but I think it’ll taste good with meat dishes. I would like you to make meat dishes with less seasoning and spices so that one can enjoy the taste of the ice cream sauce….”

“It certainly seems to be a dish worth making, but…”

The head chef looked conflicted.

“Could it possibly be that Milady came to dislike strongly flavoured food?”

The head chef looked anxious.

……As a cook, he may have wondered if these spices-covered dishes that he made for the aristocrats were truly delicious or not, but he had to abide by their will and cook what they wanted. Maybe that’s why he was looking so anxiously at me.

The head chef was correct, but there was a reason why I couldn’t agree frankly. Up until now, I had been eating spiced dishes quietly. It would be out of the character for me to suddenly not accept them, and worse, the head chef could get fired.

Chefs were basically commoners in this country.

He couldn’t defy the aristocrats, so if I, a Lady, show my discontent for the food, the head chef would be under a great deal of pressure.

Soon I’ll be leaving this mansion and go abroad.

Since I won’t be able to take responsibility for what happens hereafter, I thought it would be for the best if I only influenced the dessert-making a little, and give up trying to meddle with the morning, noon and evening menus.


It was a very tiresome and frustrating situation.

As I thought, I’ve got no choice but to improve the cooking situation here before I get exiled.

As I was wondering where my exile destination was going to be, I talked with the head chef about how to reuse the ice cream.


In the following days, I dealt with tasks related to the engagement cancellation process and used the kitchen in my free time. However, in contrast to me, my father seemed to be working quite hard, and for that, I was very sorry.

Despite being very busy, he also had to deal with my engagement cancellation, which would cause one’s head to spin.

…… It had me re-evaluating my father a little.

Up till now, I’ve always thought that he hated and avoided me, but that might not be the case.

Father has been continuously busy these past few years as the head of the family, but I don’t think that was the only cause. My duties should have increased since I became His Highness’s fiancée, but I think that my father had shouldered them as not to trouble me.

I believe that I was able to devote myself to my crown princess-to-be training only because of my father’s support. I wanted to think that he does care about me, but then again, I couldn’t fully understand his coldness and distance.

Now that I’m 17 years old, my father probably doesn’t know how to deal with me, but I was a bit sceptical because he doesn’t smile at me at all.

While contemplating in my room how to treat my father from now on, Lucian came in carrying some documents. Once he finished reading the investigation report about a particular matter, he spoke.

“The results of the investigation were as Milady predicted. Had this report been delivered a little bit earlier on the day of the engagement annulment……Milady would have acted differently, right?”

“……..I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think it would have changed anything.”

I’m grateful that the report cleared up some long-lasting questions that I had, but this and that were two different matters. Probably, even if this report had surfaced a little bit earlier, I don’t think it would have changed the outcome of that day.

As I was explaining the reason, I heard a soft knock.

“You may come in. what is it?”

“It’s a letter for you, Milady. But the sender……”

The crown princess name was on the envelope.

It seems that someone quietly slipped it between the large number of letters addressed to the Duke’s house.

The letter inside said, “I wanted to apologize for breaking off the engagement, so can we meet tonight?”

/Translator’s note/

Just wanted to inform you that I’ll be splitting Chapter 8 into 2 parts because it’s way too long. ^-^

[1] どれだけでも食べれそうだった。It’s literal meaning is “It seems I could eat as much as I wanted” but it conveys how someone can’t stop eating something from how good it is, so I used that instead.

[2] 公爵令嬢という私の身分を鑑みて、そのような取り分けになったのだ。If someone gets it please tell me. I’m not sure of my translation. T-T

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