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The Civil Officer Can Have Sweet Dreams.

Translator: Hasr11

Priscilla had just a little bit of mysterious power.

She herself doubted if it was truly a “Power”, but because everyone in her family lovingly said “Priscilla’s hands are special.”, she somewhat believed that to be the case.
But that truly was just a “little”, thus it wasn’t something Priscilla could brag of. Because there existed numerous magicians in the world, all of whom possessed the capability to use magic. Priscilla’s power would not even count as magic. After all, a proper magician had asserted that Priscilla possessed no magic.
So then, what was this power? Wondering so, the whole family, Priscilla included, cocked their heads in doubt.
“This power must have surely appeared for the sake of your cute younger brother.” Her deeply touched mother spoke happily, and her carefree father too narrowed his eyes and said, “It’s because Priscilla loves her younger brother.”
Priscilla too was convinced by her parents’ words. Yeah, that was surely the case, she thought. It was because she’d taken care of her brother every single day. It was because she’d wished good health upon her cute brother Peter every day. That was why just a tiny bit of special power dwelled in her hands.
The power by itself was nothing to boast of, but the fact that a power existed in her hands gave Priscilla utmost joy.

Priscilla was born to the Land house, a low-ranking noble family in the kingdom of Lucott. Even if you called them nobles, the Land house was the lowest amongst the low, and they didn’t live a life much different from that of commoners. However, they did have land passed down from their ancestors, and people with no greed of their own continued to take over the inheritance and thus, despite the Land house having to scrape by as nobles, they didn’t have any troubles in life and passed their days by peacefully.
The ones living in the mansion were her easygoing parents and her gentle grandmother. With them were the eldest daughter Priscilla and the eight years younger firstborn son, Peter. Accompanying them were three attendants who’d served them right from the past. The attendants were already like family to them, and Priscilla was brought up lovingly in a warm residence like that.

The sole fear of the Land house so as to say was their eldest son, Peter. Peter’s body had been weak right from birth, and would always be confined to bed with fevers. Being the eldest son and the long-awaited second child, and since he’d been born quite late, the hearts of everyone in the residence broke for Peter. Priscilla, who couldn’t wait for a sibling, was worried despite being a child herself. Priscilla was eight when Peter was born. The most pitiful one wasn’t Peter who’d immediately gotten a fever, but the one who was most fraught with worry in the mansion, Priscilla. Perhaps it was because she could hold even fewer optimistic thoughts as compared to the adults.

The eight-year-old Priscilla had already begun looking after her younger brother. She cared for him so much that the people around admired her. It was to the extent that Priscilla would ignore her mother and attendants to nurse him. Patting the head of her brother who would be in pain and unable to sleep, she’d stay beside him till he fell asleep.
Before long, Peter, having his head patted by Priscilla would soon fall into deep slumber. He’d no longer be in pain, despite having a fever. When Peter began to speak, he’d say, “I like big sis’s hand.” He’d tell that all pain and bitterness disappeared once touched by Priscilla’s hand. Whether his head hurt or his stomach hurt, Peter would always beg for Priscilla’s hand.
Priscilla too would not stay quiet, happily fulfilling everything Peter wished for, despite being a child herself. Both of them were very close, Priscilla adored Peter and Peter was quite attached to Priscilla.

From Peter’s words, saying “Big sis’s hands are amazing.”, her grandmother was the first one to ask as a joke, “Then won’t you massage my back too? It has been hurting lately.”  Priscilla wholeheartedly rubbed the back of her dearest grandmother. Mysteriously, her grandmother felt her back pain disappear for the time when Priscilla placed her hand. Her grandmother was surprised and realised that Peter’s words weren’t flattery towards his sister but the truth. A small uproar occurred in the mansion at that time. Everyone together would request Priscilla “It hurts here so please touch it.”, and came to know that when Priscilla touched them, their pain would momentarily disappear and would be greatly excited. Her excessively carefree parents having no illnesses whatsoever and being saddened at the fact of not getting to experience their daughter’s power was a running joke within the Land house.

It was different from when other people touched. Certainly, Priscilla’s hand had a mysteriously gentle power, and when touched, it’d ease a person’s pain and suffering. Thinking it was a type of healing magic, Priscilla’s parents took her to a magician, but the magician shook his head. He said, “This child doesn’t have any magic within.”
Her parents meekly nodded at those words. People who possessed magic were invaluable. Especially in Lucott kingdom, where the Land house was, the number of magicians was fewer than those in other countries. Magicians, being an invaluable existence could adopt basically any country as their own, but there were few magicians who went beyond borders to settle in other countries. Magicians were a special existence in Lucott kingdom.
Though it wasn’t known how magic came to existence in a person’s body, it was known that it was greatly linked to lineage. Be it the Land house, or the bloodline of her mother who had married into the family, there hadn’t been a single person born possessing magic and thus her parents had thought that the chances of her having magic were pretty low.
As a result, they easily believed the magician’s words.

Then what was the power in their daughter’s hands?

Her parents couldn’t wrap their minds around it, but being broad-minded, the two simply thought “Well, maybe there’s something like that too.” They thought, surely for Priscilla’s wholehearted feelings of “Want my younger brother to become health even if it’s just a bit.”, god had sent a small gift for her. That was a very beautiful line of thought
If one possessed magic, they would be invited by the kingdom to become a magician. One could refuse but a low-ranking noble family like the Land house couldn’t put up one bit of resistance against the kingdom. If one became a magician, a job and money would be guaranteed regardless of gender, but because her parents had no interest in making her a magician, they were rather relieved on coming to know Priscilla didn’t possess magic. They wished for their adorable daughter to grow up normally, and one day find a young man of similar status and have a happy marriage. Of course, if Priscilla loved him and her partner too was a good man, status was of no concern. In any case, the Land family line would be continued by the eldest son Peter, and they had no intentions of interfering with Priscilla at the very least. From the beginning, the people of Land house had no thoughts of marrying into riches.
Nestled in the gentle love of her parents, Priscilla unchangingly has her hands full with Peter. She’d snuggle up to Peter every single day, and if his health permitted, she’d play together with him. Her hands had been often praised by her family, but Priscilla was aware right from childhood that it was by no means an amazing power. Priscilla’s hands would only relieve pain momentarily. Those hands could neither heal wounds nor cure diseases. However, those hands would ease the pain for as long as they touched. To compare it with healing magic when it only gave momentary relaxation, both were of a completely different nature. Healing magic could heal wounds. However Priscilla could only reduce the pain, the blood flow wouldn’t be stopped.
As a result, it felt vexing. When Peter got a fever and her hand would be placed on Peter’s forehead, although Peter made a face of relief, the fever itself wouldn’t reduce.
But since her parents had said “It’s because Priscilla eases the pain that Peter can sleep peacefully and recover his stamina.”, Priscilla was thankful for her power. And just as her parents said, Peter, who would have a fever all through the night, would sleep soundly for as long as Priscilla kept her hand, and the fever would have gone down by the next day most of the time.

Looking after Peter like that, years flew by and the time came for her to think of her own future. Priscilla was self-aware. She was ordinary. Certainly, she was blessed to have been born into a noble family, albeit a low-ranking one. But her parents weren’t the type to fit into high society; perhaps due to their personalities too, and Priscilla herself never underwent any kind of tutoring for a woman of noble lineage in her upbringing. Priscilla wouldn’t even get passing marks for being a young noblewoman. The daughters of wealthy commoners were refined by far.
Most importantly, Priscilla’s life revolved around Peter. Nursing her brother came first and foremost, and no one from her family stopped her. As a result, Priscilla lacked experience when compared with women of her generation.
She wasn’t very good at dance, neither could she pride herself in embroidery. The scope of jobs for women had expanded in Lucott kingdom lately, and women could now do jobs that had been dominated by men in the past. It’d been said that Scholars and Doctors, and even the number of women amongst the Knights had gradually increased. However, Priscilla was not particularly smart and her reflexes weren’t great either.

And; this was the most import aspect for a young girl; but of course, her looks weren’t exceptional either. Her family often called her cute, but it was their rose-tinted glasses. Priscilla being ordinary, her assessment of herself was calm too. Her father had blonde hair, but Priscilla’s hair was more brown than blonde. If it’d been a beautiful blonde, she could have at least prided herself for her hair, thinking so, she was slightly envious of her blonde-haired father and younger brother. Her eyes too were an identical brown. She was of medium build and height. Her bosom wasn’t particularly ample, and her figure wasn’t that appealing to men. Her facial features too were ordinary. No, because Priscilla was a girl, she wanted to believe that she looked cuter than normal, and thus she thought maybe she was just a little bit cuter. But what others told her was, “Priscilla-chan is quite calm and composed.” Priscilla quickly matured once Peter was born. Her consciousness as a firstborn daughter was strong, and because she often tended to her brother, she’d oft be told by other, “You’ve been proper since that year.” Even after she grew up, her assessment was unchanged, and there were many times when she was thought to be older than her actual age. It was because of her atmosphere rather than appearance. But that too wasn’t beyond the limits of ordinary.

Priscilla would often think of her future while patting Peter’s head through the night. She wondered what the ordinary she could do. As she looked after Peter, Priscilla began to think, I’d like to do a job and live a life where I can be of use to others. She was at an age when she should dream of a happy marriage, but marriage for Priscilla seemed unrealistic, and she’d more often think about a job than marriage.
The only place where Priscilla surpassed was in her hands. But she couldn’t cure illnesses. Moreover, the effects would only last as long as the hand kept touching. She couldn’t look after many people. She didn’t have the brains to become a doctor, neither was she interested in putting in efforts to become one. She wondered if a job of constantly attending to a person with a weak body like Peter’s or an ill person was the most effective use of her hand. But considering the nature of her hand, she couldn’t look after multiple people. Just one or two. Priscilla thought that in itself was a wonderful thing, and if she could effectively use her abilities as far as possible, might as well.
The young Priscilla wondered what she should do as she gazed at her adorable brother’s sleeping face.


Chapter 2

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