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The Luxurious Inner Palace!

“I’m bored~”

I sat on the amber coloured divan by the window, munching on the beautiful and decoratively cut apples as I looked outside.
A week had passed since I had entered the inner palace.
A week ago, just as I had arrived in the inner palace in a hurry, not knowing left from right, I was allotted an unduly spacious room.
The furnishings were of the highest grade, the bed was soft and fluffy, and the clothes they prepared were also of the highest grade, as if they had taken my measurements.
But conversely, it felt too smooth to the touch, to the extent that it felt itchy.
Moreover, just as my father had said, three meals, snacks and a naptime were complementary.
Mouth-wateringly delicious meals and sweets would be served on the table every time.
Perhaps I could make this at home with a few adjustments? I’ll try to memorise the taste for the time being.
Sigh. As expected, people in high places eat good food.

Just like that, although the two month interval just started, I had truly indulged in every possible luxury.
I spent my time leisurely with nothing to do.
I was scared to a certain extent, thinking, ‘Isn’t it too peaceful? Like the calm before the storm?’
I was not worried about His Highness the Emperor arriving, thinking that he’d surely visit the other two.
Don’t come, just let things stay this way.
As expected of the inner palace, there were around 50 rooms.
It surprised me to hear that all of them were occupied a few generations back.
Just how many wives did they keep!?
Their struggle for existence must have been impressive.
I’m glad I wasn’t chosen then.
But it was deserted now.
The inner palace was segregated based on one’s social standing, and it was tremendously huge. The room I had been allocated was pretty far back.
Anyhow, it was because I was an omega of a lower rank. Even if my estrus came, I don’t think that it would influence anything.
But my estrus just ended, so it shouldn’t cause a problem.
I drank my medicinal concoctions properly too.
I haven’t met the other two yet, so I’m sure they live in the rooms meant for the exclusive use of upper nobility.
Well, I don’t think I’ll get an opportunity to talk with them even if we meet.
I got goosebumps imagining myself going ‘ahaha, ufufu’ amongst people of status.
When I got down from the carrier for the first time, I had to walk quite a bit to reach this room.
His Highness surely wouldn’t go to the trouble of taking the time to come so deep into the inner palace.
I guess you could say that I was carefree.

At any rate, I rested leisurely.
I used to commute to school or visit the library, all while doing housework back home. As such, having all the time in the world was enough for me.
But now, on the contrary, I have too much time at hand. I don’t know what to do.
I suggested they let me do some work, but that was rejected immediately.
If I knew it would be like this, I would have brought my textbooks and other things from home.
Even so, I got permission to freely roam around the inner palace.
But it would be troublesome if I happened to run into the upper nobility while wandering aimlessly.
Thinking so, I decided to stay put in my room, but my body seemed to protest. I’d grow fat if I only walked inside the room.
Above all, I had become spoiled.
It would be really bad if I remained like this.
When I return home, I’ll be asked, “Who are you?”
If I only wandered in the vicinity of my room, I probably wouldn’t run into anyone. I called out to the person who was the exclusive chamberlain assigned to my room, a demure man of around 40 years, known as Solvay-san, and went outside.
He said that he would accompany me, but I declined.
Today’s weather was nice and the sun shone bright and warm.
It was the perfect day to wash and air out the sheets and other large laundry loads.
I was thankful for the luxuries, but as expected, I couldn’t get used to the indulgence.
Presently, I was thinking about how a jam made from the blooming roses would be delicious.
Usually one would think, ‘Beautiful! I wanna wear it!’
Certainly, beautiful things are beautiful.
But I knew very well that I was a bit eccentric.
I was a noble who was closer to a commoner… You could say that my lifestyle was more or less that of a commoner’s? My title may have been that of a baron’s eldest son and successor, but because I was an omega, I didn’t think it was possible for me to find a wife. Thus, I strived in the pursuit of knowledge in order to avoid causing my father any trouble.
In reality, the chances of an omega being born to a noble was quite low.
The nobles pretty much consisted of alphas.
Both of my parents were alphas, but I was a mutated omega.
Nevertheless, my father raised me lovingly and my mother was extremely gentle.
I was truly a fortunate person.
I’m proud that I was born their child.
But I always felt guilt.
I thought about things like, ‘If I had been born an alpha, I would have been more helpful’ or ‘I would not have made my mother and father feel bad’.
After me, the barony would cease to exist, and that was inexcusable. However, my father did not mind it that much, or perhaps I should say it didn’t bother him at all.


“Isn’t it fine even if our line ceases to exist? In the first place, the head of the family caught His Highness’ eye many generations ago and received a title. Isn’t it enough for Ollie to live life the way he wants to, without being troubled by the bare necessities of life?”

My shoulders relaxed at my father’s unexpectedly simple words.
Are you serious!? I thought so for a while, but in due course, I thought of listening to my father’s words.

As I reminisced, I found the delicious nectar-filled flowers.

“They even bloom in such a place〜. I wonder if it’s fine to pluck a few?”

While surreptitiously glancing around to make sure no one was present, I crouched and grabbed the nectar pots(1) with my hands and ate them.


My checks slackened, tasting the nectar that was as sweet as honey.
At a time when I was hungry, I got a snack!
It’s delicious. I’ll pluck another.
The place I’m living at is unexpectedly nice〜.


  1. From what little HS biology I know, there’s nectaries (nectar glands) present inside the flower, but in some cases they are present outside, like on the sepals too. I totally don’t get what part of the flower the author means lol.
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4 years ago

Haha that reminds me of when I was little, my sister and I would pluck honeysuckle blossoms and suck out the bit of nectar that was inside!

4 years ago

Lmao this boy really out here just casually eating flowers… thanks for the chapter! This story looks promising 🙂

I think his dad is pretty cool, very chill.

4 years ago

step 1: go to the inner palace
step 2: start just eating flowers
step 3: ???
step 4: profit

4 years ago

Thank you for the chapter, looking forward for the next chapter ❤

4 years ago

This looks good. Prepare to have your blog stalked. XD
Thanks for the chapter! <3