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An Unfamiliar Man

“What are you doing?”

Suddenly, I heard the calm and low tone of a man’s voice from behind me.
Uwah, that surprised me!
I was so surprised that I jumped abnormally.
Stop it with the surprise attacks! Geez, who is it!? This is not good for my heart!
When I quickly turned to look back, I saw a well-built man of about 30 years of age standing a few steps ahead of me.
Uwa, he’s tall! Moreover, he’s super cool!!
He was wearing some kind of light green buttoned up uniform.(1)
He had a physique that made it obvious that he had brawny muscles, even under those clothes.
Neat! He must have definitely done training, right!?
If possible, I also wanted to become like that.
If I stood beside him, hmm… That’s right, it’d be like a bean sprout and a… daikon?
I somehow felt sad comparing myself to him.
That was the difference between us.
He had a stature I had to raise my head to look at, rather short and lustrous black hair, imposing broad eyebrows, tapered single lidded eyes, a shapely nose, and pale lips.
Both sides of his face were perfectly symmetrical, devoid of any imperfections.
He had no spots or moles either.
His skin had a healthy wheatish tan to it.
Ah, his eyes were green.
They were beautiful enough to suck me in.
Who was this man? Was he a fallen god?
Or was he the greatest masterpiece of god, created by gathering together everything perfect in the world?
I somehow felt like clasping my hands together in reverence.
As I gazed at the Adonis in front of my eyes in a daze, he asked expressionlessly.

“Were you… looking at the flowers?”

Hm? This man sure is curt.
He doesn’t even smile.
Moreover, I have never seen him before.
Was there such a person?
He seemed like the Emperor’s middle-aged Grand Chamberlain, who Solvay-san had mentioned while introducing the bride candidates and the people of the inner palace to me in the beginning. I had not met him until now, so I’m unfamiliar with this man, right?
Nevertheless, even though his face was the greatest masterpiece, god seemed to have forgotten to give him a smile. God was no good either, huh?

“Ah, forgive me. I wasn’t looking at them. I was drinking the nectar of the flowers.”

He stood up in confusion and pointed at the flowers.
The Adonis repeated, “Nectar?” in bemusement.
I revealed the flower’s nectar to the Adonis.

“It’s this. You pinch here like this, and it’s sweet and delicious.”

“…Can this… be eaten?”

“Yes, flowers are delicious too. If you’re fine with sweet things, just take my word for it and give it a taste.”

The Adonis took the flower from my hand doubtfully and drank the nectar.
And he then proceeded to eat the flower too.
He mutely and impassively moved his mouth.
I couldn’t read from his expression whether he felt it was delicious or not.

“It truly is delicious. I never knew that flowers and nectar could be so delicious. I saw them as nothing more than decorations for food or ornaments.”

Ah, he thought they were delicious.

“I’m glad you think so. There are many other flowers you can eat too. Come to think of it, this sure is a treasure trove!”

“You think so? I don’t usually come here, so I never knew. Moreover, it shocked me that flowers could be so delicious.”

This time, he took a flower with nectar and drank it by himself, as if impressed.
Did he like it?

“Right? It makes for a good snack when you feel like eating something sweet. Flowers can also be eaten as a topping in salads. There’s lots of greenery here. Many flowers are blooming, and it surprised me to see that vegetables were planted too. There are also fruit trees here, so there should be no problems when it comes to eating. Really, this truly is a treasure trove! But I never expected there to be a vegetable garden in the inner palace. Moreover, it’s a full fledged one. Did any of the consorts having a hobby of growing vegetable gardens at home?”

As I spoke incredulously, greatly excited, the Adonis let out a chuckle.
He laughed!
But his expression immediately hardened. Ah, it reverted.

“This is the first time I’ve met a person who speaks like you. It is quite amusing. Ah, forgive me. A fair deal of time has passed since the inner palacethis place has fallen into disuse, but it is still maintained everyday. Moreover, I have heard that there are many consorts, so perhaps they have created a vegetable garden as a hobby. Well then, may I ask for your name?”

That’s right.
They must be maintaining it. That’s why they could grow such wonderful vegetables and fruits. I would have gotten along well with that Consort. I wanted to meet her.
Eh? Name?
The flower’s name? Thinking so, I answered, “It’s Kito”.

“It is a cute name.”

He narrowed his eyes and smiled.
He smiled again.
For a moment, my chest felt tight.
What, what?! Throbbing!?
He only said that the flower’s name was cute!
As I gently stroked my chest, it returned to normal.
Really, it must be my imagination.



  1. Imagine a gakuran, but in green




And thus the misunderstandings begin…

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I just stumbled upon this novel and I am already eager for more! Thank you for the chapter!

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