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“Can you make it?”

Such an intimidating voice. He spoke normally, but his looks and voice alone were quite threatening. If it was someone else other than me, wouldn’t they be on the verge of tears? I thought his personality was definitely a loss. 

“…What? Eh? Ah, yes. I can make it. It’s one of my specialities.”

For some reason, my answer to his question made this handsome man put his hand over his mouth as if he was pondering over something. 


I thought for sure that I didn’t say anything strange, did I?

I said I could make it when he asked if I could, didn’t I? 

So just why was he thinking so hard about it? 

Kufa was easy to make and it was also a special dish that was even tagged with a saying like, ‘the way to a lover’s heart is through his stomach.’ 

By no means, was he trying to catch someone’s heart with Kufa? But I thought a bouquet of roses would suit him better. 

Ah, did he want me to teach him how to make it? But no, it can’t be. 

Then, this Adonis stared at me. 


Then, he pondered over it and looked at me again. 


He was being quite indecisive. 

This had been repeating for quite a full minute. 

What? You want me to play with you?

I felt like I should’ve brought a cat toy and tamed him.

Finally, he looked like he had made up his mind and looked directly into my eyes. What? Did he feel like talking now? 

“I’ve been thinking about something. I’m sorry to behave like this while we’re in the middle of a conversation. Uhm… I fully understand that my request may be too much, but…. would it be possible… I mean… could you make one for me?”

He asked with a few momentary pauses in our conversation, all the while he looked apologetic and nervous. 

Again, I heard unexpected words from him. 

“… Huh? Make one for you? Me? You mean, you want me to make it?”

A silly sounding voice came out of my mouth as I pointed a finger at myself. 

Did it mean that he wanted to make one with me? Rather than a ghost writer, I had to become a ghost chef for him?

He stared at me with a serious face and slowly nodded. 

“Well, it’s not impossible, so we can make as much as you want. Rather than a simple dish like Kufa, you… I mean, a refined person like you is more suited to dining on some extravagant dish… Kufa is a simple food for commoners, isn’t it? No matter how many times I look at you, you look like an aristocrat, and if you’re trying to grab someone’s heart through their stomach, you should go for something more extravagant… No, I mean, rather than having me make one, Kufa from food stalls in the city would definitely be more to your taste… Oh and there are also high class restaurants aplenty in the city, so I think you can have something much more delicious there?”

“I know. Kura is my favourite dish and there’s a restaurant I’ve been a regular in. But I am currently in a complicated situation, so it’s not possible to go into the city for now. I’ve thought so many times of sneaking out of here just to eat Kufa, but something annoying… I mean, a small matter came to my attention, so my wish has not been realised. I’ve been holding back for some time, but recently, it finally came to bother me even in my dreams. After careful consideration, I decided to make one by myself; I’m hoping you’ll help me in this matter.”

He said this all flatly and with a straight face. 

He talked to me in a very serious manner, but the content of his speech was… a little… Did he know? Thinking hard about it, if he didn’t know, he wouldn’t ask me in the first place. 

And this was all for his favourite food? He was also a regular at a certain restaurant? I see, so this was all for himself. 

But still, this was unexpected in every way. To think that he could enjoy commoner food too~

Ah—sorry, I shouldn’t be prejudiced about these things. But there’s also a delivery service available for Kufa, isn’t there? Ah~, it seemed a delivery to the palace wasn’t possible. 

Well, let’s leave that for another time and please let me add a few jokes here!! 

Just how much did you like Kufa that you want to keep eating it!? You even dreamt about that too?!

I had never heard about anyone having withdrawal symptoms from Kufa

Now, tell them all! Tell everyone around you more about your addiction! ‘I want to eat Kufa so, so much that I can’t stand it anymore!’ You aren’t ashamed of it, are you? 

If you ever said it with that intimidating gaze and voice of yours, I think that your life will be over after that one sentence…?

Work is indeed important, but I can’t believe someone won’t peacefully let him go for a few hours to have his favourite Kufa~ 

It can’t be—there were demon-like superiors all around him?

If I looked at him in another light, wasn’t he too pitiful… Now I felt sorry for him. This was leading to some strange development, though. 

At this rate, wouldn’t he wander around at night looking for Kufa?

“Um… well, I don’t know much about your situation, but as long as there are ingredients, I can make it here… But before that, I want to make sure of something. Is it alright for me to ask? Come to think of it, it’s a little late for me to ask. However, since you’re in the inner palace, are you possibly a consort candidate for His Majesty?”

“… Huh?”

This time, he was surprised by my question. 

I had been talking with him quite frankly, but I didn’t ask for his identity. He was wearing uniform-like clothes, so he might be…

“Well, the inner palace is the place where His Majesty’s consorts, their lady attendants and chamberlain, can live, isn’t it? You aren’t wearing the clothes meant for chamberlains, and I haven’t seen anyone around here in the same attire as you’re currently wearing. I thought you were an escort for some high-rank aristocrats, but it didn’t seem like it either. So, I thought you were the same as me. Perhaps you are an alpha-sama candidate from high-ranking aristocrats!? I’m sorry for being disrespectful.” I rambled on.

As I was about to hastily bow to him apologetically, he grasped my arms and said, “Please wait and raise your head.”

The place he held strangely felt hot. 

As I was staring at his arm, he immediately let go of me and said, “Excuse me.” 

But somehow, my heart had been racing quite frantically and the areas of my arms held by his hands felt so warm. 

Again…? I rubbed my chest to calm my heart down. The heat around my arms also cooled down eventually. Was this just my imagination? 

Ever since I was born, I have never been sick my entire life. I don’t have any chronic illnesses and I’m super healthy.

Anyway, I thought this Adonis was around 30, but could we be similar in age?

I had judged him just by his looks. So there were people who were young but appeared older than they actually looked. I’m sorry. 

On the contrary, there were also people that were physically old but appeared younger than their age, almost like a kid. 

I made the mood turn sour, so I should apologise first since he is a high-ranking nobleman and the mistakes were mine alone. 

When I tried to apologise again in self-reflection, he immediately interrupted me and said,

“I’m not a candidate. But to think, I’ve been mistaken as a 16 year old with this appearance… I’m clearly an old man no matter how you look at it… And forgive me for wearing this and confusing you with my outfit. But still, for you to think that I’m 16… Ku, kukukuku… kukukuku!”

He was quite dumbfounded, then he tried to cover his mouth while his body shook from holding back his laughter.

He was even emitting the aura of ‘I’m definitely not laughing! I don’t know anything about laughing, it! It’s not in my dictionary at all!’ The man that seemed to wear an iron mask now shook with laughter. 

Where did the intimidating man from before disappear to? Surprisingly, he could laugh so easily like that. Wow, he even took out his handkerchief to wipe off the tears of joy in his eyes. 

Hey—, could you please stop laughing like that already? 

Was it that funny? Ah— Ah—, he was literally cracking up. 

I didn’t know what or why he was laughing so hard, but wasn’t this all a small misunderstanding? 

When I pouted, this Adonis tried to desperately hold back his laughter and said, “S-Sorry… Kuku, kukuku.” But he couldn’t hold back at all, so he just covered his mouth and turned his head away as if this would hide his obvious mirth. 

But your shoulders – I could clearly see how they shook with his laughter! Just how long are you going to laugh?! Aren’t you being too much?!

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