“Come to think of it, there is a small kitchenette in my room; and with the vegetable garden nearby, maybe I can cook something? If the vegetables as delicious as this, Even I feel like cooking~. But then, I can’t turn down the luxurious three square meals and snacks in favour of cooking by myself after all~.”

As I spoke casually, the Adonis gave me a look of surprise.

“You cook, by yourself?”

I gave an unconcerned laugh and nodded.

“Yes, I can cook most dishes. From the simple to the most complex ones. A few simple snacks too.”

Ledeux and Avana were there back home, but I too could cook, clean, do laundry and basic housework in general.
My family didn’t employ many people.
Money played a huge factor, however, to add to that our house wasn’t large enough to accommodate that many people living in it, and there was also the fact that the first head of the family was originally of commoner birth. Thus, our family was the type who would rather do their work themselves than employ others for it.
My mother hailed from a well-to-do merchant family but prided herself in her cooking.
It is because of the recipes my mother left behind that I hold such a considerable repertoire of dishes I can cook.
Moreover, I held an interest in housework ever since I was a child, without ever being told so.
Through self-study and from the various things my classmates in school whose parents ran stores in the business of foods or clothes taught me, I was able to follow their example.
If another can do it, so can I!
Perhaps doing housework matched my disposition, for I felt quite happy living a life resembling that of a housewife than of a noble heir.
My family was strange.
Correction. It was too strange.
I might have perhaps been the only nobleman who did housework by his own initiative.
Moreover, it was but obvious for children of noblemen to attend an academy exclusively for the nobles, however, I deliberately chose one meant for commoners.
Of course, in the school for nobles, schoolwork was voluntary and the teaching faculty were carefully selected. But the education for commoners wasn’t half-bad either.
The country paid a lot of attention to children’s coursework, thus commoners too received considerable education.
Near the school was a huge library that contained many books that could substitute for textbooks.
Above everything else, I could absorb a lot of information, and every day was fun.
I was blessed with friends I could speak my heart out to.
On the days I attended school, Ledeux and Avana managed the housework, but on the weekends I did the housework as there was no school while Ledeux and Avana had their day off.
That was how I lived my life.

“My, despite being so young.”

Not even giving me a dubious look, the Adonis instead spoke so in admiration.
I thought he would retort with something like, “Why cook? Aren’t you a noble?”, but I was instead praised.
Certainly, it must be rare for someone to cook in this generation outside of when helping out at home.

“Cooking is fun! With just a single vegetable or meat, so many dishes can be made. It is my motto to create delicious dishes that fill your stomach with as few ingredients as possible. I don’t discard vegetable stalks either. I eat every single portion that can be eaten. Even the spices; I buy the ones I can’t grind at home, but the ones I can, I make at home. It’s fun. I somehow feel as if I’m performing an experiment.”

Tch, I unknowingly chattered away quite happily.
Ah, this is bad. I exposed my poverty.
Moreover, for a noble heir to comment on being thrifty and such.
I’ve done it now.
The Adonis’ face was blank. I could not read his thoughts.
Absolute, pin-drop silence.
I went on by myself. A-Awkward…!
As I was thinking of changing the topic, the Adonis slowly opened his mouth.

“……Is it fine to ask a question?”

I couldn’t believe that the Adonis, not even mentioning my poverty that had now come to light or my comments about being thrifty, without even a chuckle, posed me a question.
Eh? A question?
He simply asked if it was fine to ask a question, but his words still packed a punch.
I audibly gulped.
It was as if I had been challenged amidst swirling clouds of dust.(1)

“M-May I ask why…?”

I unconsciously took a step backwards.
Maybe he would say something along the lines of “Despite being a Nobleman…”
Well, it’s alright. I’m used to hearing it.

“Do you perchance, know of Kufa?”

…Huh? Kufa? By Kufa, you mean that Kufa?
My shoulders slumped immediately. The words were totally outside my expectations.

“Um, if you are talking about that Kufa, the food, then yes, I do know of it. Just the other day, I ate it for lunch at my home. It is delicious.”

Kufa was a staple food for the commoners.
Stir-fried with thin noodles, vegetables and mushrooms, with julienned ginger garnished on a thick chicken broth.
It was often sold by carts on the street and I too had often eaten it.
Thinking about it made my mouth water.
Seeing me so, the Adonis’ eyes twinkled as if he were a beast that caught its prey at long last.
What’s with those eyes? Scary.

Sad News…the author deleted this from syosetu, so this is the last chapter I have of this novel… I can give ya spoilers tho. Just ping me on NUF if ya need me
Good news tho, there’s now a light novel of this


  1. Imagine your typical shounen anime fights.
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