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Chapter 5

“I beg your pardon. I found it so amusing that I couldn’t hold back. I’m 38. I’m sorry that we’re not the same age. I also apologize for my rudeness in raising my voice and laughing out loud in front of Your Highness, a candidate for the future queen, even though I know full well that I’m a lowly official.” 

Just as he was laughing to his heart’s content a few moments ago, he was now apologizing while bowing his head to me. I waved my hands in panic. 

“No, no, you aren’t rude at all! I was just surprised that you could laugh like that. It’s my fault that I misunderstood you. I’m a lowly baron from a lower ranking nobility, and an omega male to boot. I’m also poor. I don’t look like a candidate at all. More than anything, there are already alpha candidates from the higher aristocrats. Don’t I seem like a freeloader by staying here for some free food?” I asked.

“Your lower status and gender aren’t of concern here. From the moment you were chosen by the god through an oracle, you’re already a worthy candidate for queen. You have something inside of you that shines brightly. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been an age limit of 16. Be proud of yourself. I usually work in the inner sector of the palace, and only happened to be here today to deliver some documents.”

He looked at me with sincerity and said pleasant things to me. I guessed he was showing his concern. He really was a good person, and moreover, he didn’t seem offended by this situation. I’m glad.

I put my hand into the pocket and took out the candy wrapped in paper. 

“Here, I’ll give this to you.”


“As thanks,” I said.

“I, I have done nothing to deserve your thanks,” he said.

“You did plenty. That’s why this is a form of gratitude. Sorry that this looks too shabby.”

Before he could say anything, I quickly shoved the candy into his mouth. 

Ah, god. The tip of my finger just went into his mouth. 

Oh, well, it’s fine. I only touched the flowers, so my hands weren’t dirty.

I noticed a tiny piece of candy stuck on my fingertip. I licked it off and grinned at the Adonis. 

“It’s delicious.” I said.

He said he was 38 years old. For me to mistake him as 16, it was a good thing, right? 

So he was working at the palace. Hmm~

“Hey, you work here so, does that mean you know His Majesty?”

When I asked him, he was frozen on the spot with an expressionless look on face. 

“Are you okay? What happened?”

Even when I called him, there was still no response.

I lightly tugged on his sleeve, tilted my head, and asked him again.

“Hey—, are you listening?” I asked once more.

As if a bubble had popped, the Adonis was surprised to hear my call. Did he just come back from a different world or something?

Then, I noticed his cheeks turned all red, flushed like a smitten maiden. Was he feeling hot?

It was certainly a little hotter than usual today. 

“Ehm, er, I can hear you. Pardon my rudeness. I was never fed candy in this manner in my entire life.”

“Ah, I’m sorry. It’s just kind of like a habit of mine.1 If you don’t like it, you can take it out.” I said.

“No, it’s okay. I was greatly surprised by it, but I don’t dislike it. I’ll gladly have this. And regarding your previous question, my job doesn’t qualify for meeting with His Majesty directly, so I have never had the privilege of having an audience with His Majesty.”

He lightly shook his head and said, “I’m just a lowly official.”

He was shyly eating the candy I had given to him, rolling it around in his mouth. 

As the person who had given him the candy, I also felt a little embarrassed as I looked at him. 

“Hmm, I see. Most people have never met His Majesty~. I wonder if he really exists~. I’m sure he’s there in the inner palace, but I’m sure I’ll never meet him in this life~. Even if we meet, it’ll be like an encounter with a complete stranger. If by chance I happen to meet him, I might end up saying something like, ‘Wow he exists.’ Oh, and by the way, what is your job like? Are there many fields in an official’s job?”

He’s here anyway, so I might as well ask him a lot about many things. I also wanted company. Ah, but wait, he’s still at work.

“Mr. Adonis, are you in a hurry?” I asked.

Hearing my words, he had a bitter and tiny smile on his face, and then suddenly, it changed to an expression of surprise.

“A-Adonis? Ehm? No, I still have time. How’s my job?… Well, if someone becomes an official, there are many fields to work in. For example, there’s accounting, apparel designing, culinary departments, and also housekeeping. Each official was appointed to their fields of expertise, and diligently serve day after day. If one becomes a military soldier, he or she must undergo several training sessions from morning to sunset. Among them, those who excel in swordsmanship or martial arts will be appointed as special forces officers directly under His Majesty. There are also military officers that use weapons that suit them the best and devote themselves to honing their skills to perfection. There are many kinds of people working under His Majesty regardless of age, gender, or social status.” 

“Hmm~. Come to think of it, I’ve heard that His Majesty accepts officials regardless of their social status. Even those who don’t have a job, as long as they’re motivated enough, he’ll gladly accept them. Even a coldhearted, ruthless, and inhuman king has good sides to him.”

“Coldhearted, ruthless, inhuman?”

He repeated my words as if hearing something strange. 

“Eh? Ah—, it’s just a rumor. Like His Majesty dismissed and abandoned his subjects who begged for mercy without hearing them out. There’s also rumors like the tax was too low, so he demanded double the amount. Also, suddenly changing light punishment to capital punishment in the last second, and demoting his retainers, whose interests opposed him, without giving them a single chance to receive absolution. Kind of like this…?”

When I told him all the rumors I heard, he frowned. 

Maybe he’s one of His Majesty’s loyal subjects?

His Majesty was shrouded in all types of rumors, but there were still nobles that swear absolute loyalty to him.

I wonder if this person was like them.

There were all types of rumors circulating among the citizens, but in reality, no one has witnessed the scenes the rumors had described. 

In the end, maybe all of it was just a rumor?

Moreover, the country has mountains, oceans, and rivers. Everyday is spent in peace and there’s no war at all. 

Although there was a disparity between social classes, even the poor were guaranteed daily necessities, and there were even various recreational facilities to partake in. To say the least, it was so comfortable and peaceful living here. 

The people were afraid of the rumors, but whenever problems arose, he considered the citizens’ opinion and promptly carried out the task. So even if there were people who believed in those rumors, hardly anyone left the country. 

Despite all the rumors, approval towards His Majesty was really high. It was a wonder indeed. 

I hurriedly added all the other facts. 

“You know what, I never had an audience with His Majesty, and all I’ve heard was from my father who went to the palace once in a while, and from rumors that spread around the town, so I just assumed he was like that. As is typical with rumors, they tend to come with their fair share of exaggerations. Besides, there are good rumors, too. Like I said before, even ordinary citizens, regardless of their status, are allowed to take the exam to become officials. As long as you have the will, the door will always open for you. And also…”

“It’s okay, this is plenty enough. But to think there are such rumors floating around…”

He became silent as if he was thinking carefully about it. 

What? Did I say something strange? I mean, weren’t these rumors a common thing in the country? Was I wrong? Perhaps these rumors hadn’t reached the palace till now? 

But then again, he did say that he worked in a secluded place.

“There are always rumors among ordinary citizens! In fact, I’ve heard most of them have never met His Majesty, or even the head of noble families. My father is the same, too. He had only seen him from afar, and even from a distance, he had felt his powerful aura. Furthermore, only people from high ranking nobility are allowed to stay near His Majesty.”

Hearing that, he became silent again, thinking deep. Wha-what? Did I say something strange again?

“Just as my retainer said, if I don’t show myself in public, these types of rumors can float around…”

He was mumbling something to himself. 

I didn’t hear his words, but I quickly changed the topic of our conversation. I didn’t like this turn of events. 

“Ah, that’s right, if you’re fine with me, I can make you Kufa. When will you be able to come here again?”

He came back from his train of thought and looked at me after hearing my question.

“Will you make it for me?”

Somehow, I could see sparkles in his eyes.

“But I need to tell you this first, my cooking will taste the same as ordinary people make, so it’s not that much of a deal, okay? I won’t be using anything fancy either. Moreover, I don’t know what your preference is, so don’t expect too much from me,” I told him.

I needed to get this straight. 

I didn’t want to see a disappointed look after having too much expectation. 

His face broke into a smile after he heard my words. 

Ah, so he could make a face like that. Surprisingly, he was quite expressive.

“No problem at all. I’m really happy. It’s like a dream come true. Thank you very much. If you tell me the materials you need, and know the rough list, I’ll deliver them to your room. Then, how about I return here in a week from now around noon?”

“It’s all fine. I’m free all day,” I said.

The Adonis’ eyes were smiling with happiness and excitement.

“Then, I’ll get it ready,” he said.

He took out a piece of paper and a pen from his pocket, and began to write down the ingredients I mentioned. 

When I took a peek at the paper, I could see his beautiful and neat handwriting.

What?! I thought his writing would be worse since he was writing quickly, but it was too beautiful to be true!

It was interesting how different he was on the inside from how he looked on the outside.

From his appearance, he appeared cold-hearted, but if you poked him, you’d know just how gentle he was. I felt like I could never hate him.

Well, I just met him today but…

Somehow… how should I say this… I felt a little restless? Or maybe impatient? I couldn’t properly express how I was feeling right now. It seemed like a ticklish feeling?

Anyway, it’s been a long time, but I can now cook! 

After having a few more conversations with him, he happily went back to his work after saying, “We’ll meet again next week.”

I couldn’t believe we could have a smooth sailing conversation from such an unexpected encounter…

I needed to tell my father when I was back home. 

While humming, I went back to my room. 

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