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Chapter 6

“He should be coming soon.”

When I looked at my watch, it was 5 minutes before the agreed time. I was a bit nervous. No, there was no reason to be nervous. Actually, I haven’t slept much since last night. I felt just like a kid before an outing. It’s the first time I felt like this! I ended up pacing aimlessly in the kitchen. Why is this so nerve-wracking? Aaa~. I couldn’t calm down. I ended up meaninglessly opening and closing the lid of the salt bottle. I glanced down at the pot. There was only Kufa and red bean jam placed inside. Thinking back about his large stature, Kufa alone would probably not be enough to satisfy him, so I tried to make some side dishes as well. 

Because I forgot to ask about the foods he disliked, I tried to make something he seemed he would like. And if he did not like it, I could eat it. No, if it’s that person, he would probably keep silent and eat it pretending to be fine. Even if I secretly added mustard or chili pepper to his food, he looked like the kind of person who would stoically eat it anyways. Solvay-san also happily helped me cook when I stutteringly told him my plan while handling the newly delivered ingredients, even when I said he didn’t need to do that. I felt a little bad about it so I diligently made him a portion as well.

“Excuse me.”

The cool voice of the person I waited for came from the front door of the room. He came!

I trotted over and Mr Expressionless Adonis, who I met last week, was waiting at the entrance. Surrounding him was an aura so powerful and strong, it practically whirled around  the air like a sharp blade. His presence was so impactful that it could silence crying children and it brought a palpable pressure, making the room feel smaller.

He was wearing the close-fitting light green uniform today as well.

 Confused, I asked,  “Welcome… eh? Wasn’t today your day off?”  

If I wasn’t mistaken, he said he would come on his day off. Could it be that he was called to work?

“Ah, yes, that is correct. I dressed this way due to the fact that unpleasant rumours would spread about your person if I came in casual clothing. With this uniform on, even if we waltzed around the Inner Palace it would not be perceived as suspicious.” 

I see, to think that there was such a thing.

“My goodness, you are so thorough. Thank you for your care.”

When I bowed my head, Mr Expressionless Adonis put his hand on top of it. Why did he do that? Moreover, that hand was held very steady. There was no petting, just a still hand placed on top of my head. What is going on? Why am I being grabbed by the head? Did he want to crush it? Or did he want to suck out my vitality like a vampire?

I felt my height shrink even though there was only a hand on my head. Please stop this. If you don’t stop, I will become even smaller (lit. even more chibi) than I already was.

When I carefully took a glance at the face of Mr. Adonis, he looked embarrassed. It was different from what I thought! What was that face? He looked a bit fierce. Even though I only said thank you? Could it be… could it be that he wanted to stroke my head? Was this the way Mr Adonis stroked someone’s head? Just a hand held still? Or, was he the type of person to stroke it only after a while? Which was it? While I was worrying about it, the hand disappeared. Eh? That’s it? In the end, what was he trying to do? What a strange person.

“This way.”

I beckoned Mr Adonis to a normal dining room, reigning in my wild thoughts. 

“Solvay-san, it’s this person. The one I mentioned. Do you know him?”

Solvay-san who was preparing tea turned around and dropped the hot drink he was holding on the table, his eyes as wide as saucers. Eh? He looked like he saw a ghost. Was Solvay-san okay? Why was he so shocked? No way, was there really a terrifying ghost waiting behind me?! I quickly turned around, but there was only Mr Adonis standing there. 

“Er, Solvay-san?” 

I tried to call him, but he only stood there frozen, looking behind my back. Erm? Where are you looking? What was he looking at that was so terrifying?

“You, You, Your Maj..!!”

Solvay-san stuttered, startling me. He finally came back to his senses, but you, you, your? What did he mean by “you”? Was this a new greeting that I had never heard of? The face of the always calm Solvay-san quickly turned blue. 

“Why… … Yo, Yo, Your” 

He said going from “you” to “your” while bowing so low, his waist looked like it would break in half. 

“Ollie-sama, I will retire for a bit. I will return in the evening. Please excuse me.” 

He said and hurriedly left the room.

Oh, did he have to go to the toilet? It’s not good to hold it in. 

“Does his stomach hurt? I wonder if he’s okay. Oh, Mr Adonis, please sit.”

I spoke to Mr. Adonis standing behind me.

“I brought a present for you. But I do not know if it fits your taste.”

He replied as he brought out a drawstring purse (Vee: the kind used with kimono) in which there was something wrapped in cloth. 

“A present? You did not have to do that. Wow, thank you! Later I will have a look.”

Yay! I wonder what’s inside? So exciting!

“Please sit here. I will prepare the dishes.”

I said as I set the cloth-wrapped present on a different table.

“I will help.”

He was about to move, so I smiled and waved my hand.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s only serving the dishes.”

I quickly returned to the kitchen to prepare the Kufa. I took out the side dishes that were placed inside the warm pot and added them to the plates. The ones placed inside the fridge to keep cool were also taken out. I carried the plates of Kufa, which tasted as good as always when I tried it, with both hands, and placed them in front of Mr Adonis who was quietly sitting. As soon as he saw it, his eyes started twinkling.

“I hope it will suit your tastes. I also made some other dishes. I will bring them over, so please eat this first.”

After I went to the kitchen again and carried back the other plates, Mr Adonis was seriously looking at the Kufa like he wanted to pierce a hole in it with his stare. Even though I said it’s okay to eat it first. Also, he didn’t have to stare at it like that. Somehow, he looked like a giant child. Or like a dog waiting for its owner.

Worried for the integrity of the food, I put down the side dishes and his eyes started twinkling again. Just a while ago he looked like he was about to stab someone with a knife but now an aura of pink flowers was surrounding him.

“Did you make everything by yourself? How amazing. All of the dishes look delicious,” said Mr Adonis in admiration. Chuckling, I was a bit embarrassed. 

“Yes, that’s right. I forgot to ask about your dislikes, if there’s anything you don’t like, forgive me. You can put it aside on the plate.”

Then I said to Mr Adonis, “Please help yourself while it’s warm,” and as if waiting for these words, he put his hands together while saying “Itadakimasu” and took a big spoonful of the piping hot Kufa in his mouth. He slowly chewed the food and then solemnly pressed his finger between his eyebrows.

No way, did he not like it? Even though I made it taste the way I usually do. In the end, it didn’t suit his tastes? He was used to eating the best after all. Or maybe the seasoning was not enough? I liked milder flavors more. Should I bring some salt? Or pepper?

“You don’t have to push yourself. If you can’t swallow it, spit it out!”

I immediately brought a plate to his mouth. Such a shallow plate, would it be enough to hold everything? And even if he spit it out obediently, I would be a bit disappointed. In the end, he should try to swallow it.

Mr Adonis raised his face as if startled and looked at me. I couldn’t tell from his expression if he liked it or not.

Which one was it? (Sunshine: my introverted self would have a breakdown)

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