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Chapter 7

“… Delicious.”

He said it was delicious in a voice so certain, it surely came from the bottom of his heart.

It was delicious, right?! It’s so difficult to understand him.

“Really? You’re not pushing yourself, are you?” I asked.

“There is no such thing as pushing myself. To be able to make such a tasty Kufa, you are really talented. It is amazing. Firstly, this…”

I was showered with praises as he explained everything that he enjoyed in detail.

I did not expect such a polite explanation to this extent! He went on like this for one, then two minutes. And he was already going into the three-minute mark.

“S-stop it already… You’re getting too excited. I’ll get a big head. Also, the dishes are getting cold.” I said.

“I am only stating the facts.”

Mr. Adonis was, once again, saying whatever he wanted.

“Okay, I understand your feelings. In the end, you liked it, right? Let’s eat now. If you still have things to say, you can write it down instead.” I said.

“Yes,” said Mr Adonis, as he resumed eating with a big appetite.

He then asked for seconds twice and wolfed down everything. He also did it with good table manners!

The side dishes were also eaten clean. The way he ate was also very beautiful.

I also prepared Milk Jelly just in case, even though I didn’t know if he would eat it. But when I asked him, “Are you going to eat this?” he answered positively without any hesitation, so I gave him a big portion. Even then, he still asked for a refill.

I also tried a thin chocolate brought by Mr Adonis. It looked so beautiful it would be a waste to eat it, with edible flowers currently popular at the Inner Palace sprinkled inside.

The taste of elegance and luxury!

As expected of the Inner Palace, the popular things are so refined. I wonder how much one of them costs?

After I happily ate it, Mr Adonis said,

“I was very surprised when I came to know that this edible flower you told me about is unexpectedly being used for chocolate, and this chocolate is also very popular in the Inner Palace. I usually do not eat sweet things, so my knowledge was insufficient. From now on, I will check every single popular thing. And the next time we meet, I will bring an equally popular Orange Cream Cake to you.”

The flowers used in this chocolate were of a much higher quality than the ones I usually eat. As expected of rich people.

Also, Orange Cream Cake? It sounds so tasty just from its name! Yay!

“No, no, just seeing you enjoy the food so much is already enough for me! Thank you! The chocolate was also very tasty!” I exclaimed.

Mr Adonis, who was elegantly drinking tea, straightened his posture and slightly bowed. 

It’s a waste to leave chocolate, so I will eat the rest later.

He he~

“I should be the one to thank you for making such a delicious meal. I am very grateful that you granted my willful and childlike request,” he said.

He looked very happy.

Compared to having my food praised by my father, it felt very novel. I wonder what this restless feeling is. But it wasn’t a bad feeling. Maybe I’m feeling a bit awkward from being praised so much?

“Apologies for the crude food​. By the way, why did you want to eat Kufa?”

When I asked while feeling embarrassed, Mr Adonis told me about his childhood.

“It happened when I was around six years old. That day, my parents were away since morning, so I sneaked out alone. Until then, there had always been someone near me, and being alone was a fresh experience. So I continued to wander around without knowing the area that well. Sure enough, I soon got lost, and the moment I got distracted, I fell down and lost my wallet somewhere.”

“What?! Alone?! No matter how safe the country is, it’s still dangerous! That said, I also used to go to the sweets shop alone, even though my parents got very worried whenever I returned late. Unexpectedly, you were also quite the mischievous kid.”

I said, feeling worried. Then, Mr Adonis laughed, amused.

“That’s not quite true. Because I was very mature from a young age, to the extent where it made others worried. I don’t even know why. But, when I think about it now, I wonder if my behaviour at that time was appropriate for my age,” he said.

“Is that so? Somehow, I can imagine you from your childhood~ He he. So you’ve been very serious since you were young. Ah, I mean this in a good way. However, saying things like ‘age appropriate’, isn’t it natural for kids to want to go out to play?” I asked.

“I am sure you were a lively child who had lots of fun, right? I would have loved meeting you,” he said.

“Yeah, well, that’s right! I moved around quite a bit. Okay, enough about me! It’s embarrassing. Let’s get back to your story! What happened then?”

It looked like he wanted to ask more about me, but even if I told him, it was a boring story.

“Even when I traced back my steps and looked for my wallet, I could not find it. So I asked people for the way back home and decided to walk back. Then, when I got tired from walking and was about to rest briefly on the side of the road, a couple from the nearby liquor store noticed me and decided to help. They invited me inside, treated my wounds from when I fell down, and gave me food. It was the first time I ever ate Kufa in my entire life.” He said.

“I see. So you ate Kufa in that store and became fond of it, right?”

When I said that and laughed, Mr Adonis nodded as he looked embarrassed.

“I was very moved when I realized that there was such delicious food in this world. Then, I shamelessly asked for more… After that, when I somehow returned home, I also asked for Kufa, but the taste was wrong…”

Mr Adonis said sadly.

I imagined the scene for a moment. 

Mr Adonis tasted the Kufa excitedly, only to be disappointed. Then he probably finished the meal silently to hide his emotions. Even so, the taste of Kufa should have been more or less the same. I wonder if its taste differs depending on the household? I wanted to try it.

“Then, do you still go by that store?” I asked.

“Yes. When I was a child, I had someone accompany me once every two or three months, and once I reached a certain age, I was allowed to go there once a week. But recently, I have become so busy, I could not go there for a year. And when I thought I could finally go, some troublesome matters came up. I wanted to eat Kufa so much, I would think about it all the time. The other day, I even started dreaming about it.”

He said with a serious face full of worry.

He made such a serious expression, even when he talked about such a mundane matter.

Did he want to eat Kufa so desperately? Just how addicted can you be?

But then I accidentally descended like a god, just as his withdrawal symptoms started kicking in.

What am I, an angel? With this tadpole face? Did he choke on his chopsticks? Also, eating it once every two-to-three months as a child? And once in a week as an adult? It was quite regular! He must really like it!

“Your spouse is unexpectedly quite a terrifying person. Could it be that you married into their family? It would be nice if they just made you some Kufa.”

I accidentally blurted out my thoughts.

“Spouse? I believe in a fated pair, so I had no intention of marrying anyone at all. I just completely immersed myself in work. But, I wonder why people suddenly started talking about marriage to me. I had no idea what to do, so I just ran away from it.”

He said and let out a big sigh, as if fatigue came from the bottom of his heart. I see, he was really popular.

And no one would leave him alone.

But a fated pair? Unexpectedly, you’re quite pure! What would you do if they did not appear? Well, it’s not something I should be concerned about, anyways. A fated pair is a special existence, no matter if you can meet them or not. I’ve heard of people that spent their lifetime without meeting them even once.

“Is that so? It’s been hard for you, hasn’t it?” I asked.

Saying things like ‘running away’, just how badly did he hate marriage? Or is the other person so persistent? Even adults seem to face so many problems. Unconsciously, my hand started petting Mr. Adonis’ head.

Eh?! What am I doing?! Mr Adonis’ eyes widened and stared at me.


I took away my hand in a flustered manner, and apologised. What am I doing! Me?!

“Don’t be sorry. You really are a kind person, Sadon-sama. To do the same thing I did.”

Hm? Did he just say Sadon? With ‘sama’ attached as well? Have I ever mentioned my name to him though?

Also, ‘the same thing’? What thing? Hmm? Could it be me petting his head?

“Was the thing you did earlier, you petting my head?”

I ended up unintentionally raising my voice. But Mr Adonis unexpectedly said,

“Yes, but I have never heard about touching someone in the way Sadon-sama did.” 

Eh, it couldn’t be – is this the first time he’s heard about petting someone’s head? Seriously? But let me correct something.

“That was different! Mr. Handsome! Petting someone doesn’t only mean putting your hand on their head! If you don’t do it like me, the meaning is unclear! You have to pet people like me from now on!” I exclaimed.

“… Is that so?”

Mr Adonis showed a surprised face. I’m the one who should be surprised.

What about your family, it couldn’t be that they did not stroke your head at all?

“That’s right!”

I said, and Mr Adonis put his hand on my head and stroked it as if scrubbing something.

What are you scrubbing? What’s wrong with this person?

I gave up, each person has their own personality in the end. Just do whatever you want.

“Hey, we strayed from the topic. By the way, did I tell you my name before?”

A question mark floated above my head as I tried to remember it. Hmm? Did I mention it last time?

“What? O-ohh, this week I was entrusted with some work from over here. And then I asked your name from other people. It wasn’t Kito-sama, right? I was rude and mistook your name. Please forgive me, Sadon-sama.”

“Wait, you can just call me Ollie.”

I immediately replied.

So when he asked about the flower’s name that time, he actually meant my name?

Mr. Adonis narrowed his eyes at my words.

I see, if you walk around the Inner Palace, you’d end up hearing my name. It makes sense.

“Let me introduce myself formally, my name is Ollie Sadon. What about you, Mr. Handsome? What’s your name?” I asked.

“… I… sorry for the late introductions. I am called Iyuri Yashe. Nice to meet you, Ollie-sama,” he said.

For a moment, I felt I couldn’t breathe. Was it the air?

“No need for ‘sama’. Iyuri, you say? Good name! If I remember correctly, Iyuri means ‘green’ in the old language. The same color as your eyes, right? It suits you! I’ll only be here for 2 months, but nice to meet you, Iyuri-san!”

When I said that with a big smile, Iyuri-san’s cheeks flushed a bit for some reason.

Wa ha ha! Are you shy? So cute.” I said and patted his firm shoulders.

“Please stop. You should not tease adults like that,” he said.

“Why? I’m not teasing you. I’m just stating the truth. If it’s okay with you, come visit me

again when you’re free. I’ll cook whatever you want.” I said.

I smiled a bit and Iyuri laughed happily.

Later that day, a twenty page long letter expressing all his thoughts about the dishes I made was sent over to me.

Because Solvay-san handed it to me so respectfully, I got curious about what it was about. I looked inside the envelope, and my eyes turned round. Inside of it was a thick bundle of papers that reviewed the meal we just had. And right from the beginning to the very end, it was jam packed full of praises.

Hey, what should I do with this embarrassing essay?

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