Hasr11: One last announcement! I’m really sorry for making you guys wait for a year for a single chapter. The results for my college entrance exam that I’d been talking about came out. They aren’t that good (It’s above the cutoff but I can’t get into any of the colleges I want with those marks.) It’s my fault for having lazed about all this while. Well, it time to move my butt now. Thankfully there was a major revamp this year so I get another chance to redo it in April…hopefully I’ll be better prepared then.

But that means I’ll not be Tling anything till atleast mid-April. There might be a few releases here and there but nothing guaranteed. Thankfully, OhGoshNo is gonna be picking up this novel. Fingers crossed that second time’s a charm!

TL;DR: Novel’s gonna be picked up by OhGoshNo.


Translated By Hasr11

Read on Watashi wa Sugoi Desu

Sou Fell Sick?

It rained on the day of the concert.
I walked leisurely up to the station that was our meeting place.
I don’t hate rainy days.
Especially the rainy days when the cherry blossoms are still around.
I loved to walk while seeing the cherry blossom petals floating on the asphalt.
I bought new clothes just for this day.
My seat is quite ahead on the first floor, so if my luck’s good, there’s a chance of entering Nishikawa Miwako’s field of vision.
I walked while grinning to myself.
It seems Sou too, was considerably fired up, he said he called for the most popular hairdresser yesterday.
Are hairdressers to be called?
I asked on Line.
Eh? Of course, they come.
Sou sent me a picture of his look after the haircut.
A photo of Sou’s look after the haircut came on my mail.
In it, Sou was as usual smile ear to ear in that tastelessly luxurious house, with his well-set hair.
Which country’s prince is this?
More importantly, hairdressers don’t come to your house, do they?
Replying with a “You shitty moneybags!”, I sent a sticker of a pig chewing on dango. It didn’t have any particular meaning.
Everyone from a hairdresser to a doctor and everything from a boutique to a consumer electronics store is in Sou’s house.
Just how rich is he!?
「I’ll be going to Tokyo next year.」
I remembered the words Sou had muttered.
I’m convinced Sou has already accepted the consequences of the fate of him being rich.
I think that part of him is amazing.
That’s why we’d always been friends.
We’d always been together, but it’d all end after this one year.
I gripped the cold handle of the umbrella in my hand.

Our meeting spot was the station.
I folded my umbrella and waited.
Sou would no doubt come by car. It a huge black car that Hase-san drives.
He came to school by bicycle though (Seemed the reason was that he liked to accompany me).
Normally, he’d travel by car.
While saying I disliked being used for the fancies of the rich, but if it comes along with a huge black car……right?
Sitting on the cold bench, I fiddled with my smartphone.
Being a provincial city, there were a number of trains that ran here, but both I and Sou liked to take those that stopped at every single station[1].
I liked to climb on the train idly while casually fiddling with my smartphone, and so had set the time a little early.
I gazed at the rain in a daze.
The spring rain felt as if it’d scatter the blooming flowers.
But it’s better for them to scatter and fall before they wilted.
Sakura is wonderful because it can do so.
I made sure of my smartphone.

He’s late.

Sou is never tardy.
Because it’s Hase-san who drives.
Because he’d get ready in the car itself, he’d be picked up by the car immediately.
In fact, he’d be tossed into it.
Tardiness is inexcusable for Sou, who is to become the president of a Zaibatsu in the future.
I sent a Line.
‘Have you still not reached?’
Come to think of it, it’s the first time I’ve sent such a Line.
Sou doesn’t make others wait.
I felt a prick in my heart.
No, I’m just overthinking it.
I should more worried about Hase-san, who’s old.
Hase-san looked as if he was in his sixties, but he must be well over that.
I waited, but Sou didn’t come.
Running out of patience, I gave a call.
With Line and Social Networks becoming a matter of course, I hardly if ever called.
But if I didn’t ride the next fast train, I won’t make it in time.
The dial tone rang and then switched to voicemail.
What happened?
Should I try going to his house?
No, but there are many servants in his house.
Let’s go to the concert now.
I got on the train the pulled in.

I proceeded towards the venue.
The windows had fogged up in the April rain, and I sat there thinking how going in the slow train would have been much better.
‘Maybe Sou is waiting in front of the venue?’ With slight anticipation, I walked to the venue in quick steps, but he wasn’t there.
I wanted in front of the gates till there’s was barely any time for it to begin.
Many from the audience entered beside me.
Even though I and Sou could have been one of those.
I thought of the well-dressed Sou.
Even though he looked forward to it so much, I wonder what happened?
「It has already started?」
At the voice of the person-in-charge of the entrance, I entered the venue.
Many fans and a stage.
Even though I wanted to share this touching moment with Sou.
When I arrived at my seat, as expected, there was no one beside.
Sou, just what happened……?

The concert was amazing.
The fist some was the one we loved, 【On the Other Side of That Cloud】.
My chest hurt remembering Sou singing that song by the riverbed.
Even though I’m listening to Nishikawa Miwako’s song at long last, to remember Sou singing, something must be wrong with me.
I didn’t feel like doing the moves that we’d learnt together either, and I quietly watched the concert.

The concert ended, and I left the venue.
The first thing I did was to plug in my smartphone and check my Line.
When did that, I saw a message from Hase-san.

I had requested to contact Sou no matter what, and he’d sent this in reply.
‘Sou-san lost consciousness.’
We are at the Minamikyousai University Hospital, so please contact as soon as possible.

At the venue, with people pouring out of the exits, I came to a standstill.
Sou lost consciousness?

The hospital was close to the concert venue than my home.
I walked as I looked at the map.
The rain had begun to grow stronger and the raindrops pattered against my umbrella.
I sent a Line to Hase-san.
I arrived before long.

Lost consciousness?

But he must be fine, right?
‘Cause he’d been bragging about having cut his hair just yesterday?
Wasn’t he in good health?
Just what happened!?

Hase-san was waiting at the hospital’s entrance and guided me to his room.
「Is Sou doing all right? What happened?」
I asked while walking in quick steps.
Have-san simply shook his head lightly and didn’t say anything.
The concert pamphlet I held in my hand rustled loudly.
Hasegawa-san opened his mouth hesitantly.
「He’s fine for the time being, so please meet Sou-san, he’s been waiting for Ryouta-san all this while.」
What the!!?


Translation Notes:

1. We call these kinda trains slow trains (they’re not that slow actually) and the ones that don’t stop at all stations ‘fast trains’, but I can sure say that trains in India aren’t exactly the fastest in the world either. I wonder if ‘slow train’ is actually a term in English tho…

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solo travel
solo travel
5 years ago

You back! lol

5 years ago

The english term for “fast trains” and “slow trains” are “express trains” and “local trains”, respectively, I think.

Anonymously Amused Reader
Anonymously Amused Reader
5 years ago

that was unexpected