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Chapter Three: A Visit from the Little Lady. (02)

“Older Brother, souvenirs. This is from Mother, and this one, from me.”

Seeing the mountain of luggage, two maids, and the coachman Flora had brought along, Vio made an exasperated face.
Giving a cursory glance, it seemed to comprise of clothes, jewels and eatables.

“I’m happy, but……you’ve brought quite a bit, haven’t you?”

It was a mystery where all these goods were loaded on the carriage.
But because his sister was looking at him, Vio gave a smile for the time being.

“Thank you, Flora. I must write a letter to Mother.”
“Mother is quite cross. She was saying that she didn’t receive a single letter from Older Brother.”
“Haha……But I did send a reasonable number? It’s just that there wasn’t anything of particular concern written in them.”
“Don’t write of such boring matters then.”

Because I too look forward to them, Flora said sharply.

Really, Flora is cute.

Being a single child in his past life, Vio couldn’t help but dote on his adorable younger sister. However, because his expression would crumble if not careful, Vio desperately made a nonchalant face.

“However, aren’t your clothes way to excessive?”
“Mother was quite enthusiastic. This is my recommendation.”

Flora showed a luxurious white cloth embroidered with silver threads and adorned with jewels. Vio gave a wry smile.

Where will I wear such a thing?

It must be for evening parties or dance balls. Vio, who never left the mansion, didn’t seem to have the opportunity to wear it,

“I-I see. I’m really grateful. Lil, won’t you sort them and take it to my room?”
“I understand.”
“Anna, you too give a hand.”
“I understand, Milady.”

Next to the bustling maids, Vio and Flora enjoyed the tea and confectionery Jill had prepared. Noticing the knight standing by the door, he instructed him to retire.

“Karia can also retire. Please rest.”
“Ha, Then please excuse me. Please call for me when you are going out.”

When Legion and Karia left the room, Flora asked.

“Older Brother, how is your health?”
“I’m doing great. Keep it a secret, but I feel at ease without Father and Eldest Brother around.”

Flora made a sorrowful face.

“I’m sure Father and Eldest Brother will understand someday.”
“It’d be great if that happens.”

Vio answered so, but he thought in his heart that such a day would never come. Vio himself had given up trying to be accepted by them.

“This quite a tranquil and wonderful place. I wonder if it’d be alright to go outside.
If you like it, then it’s fine. Aren’t you going to stay here for a month? You need not to make haste, the weather is always great at this time of the year.”
“Is that so? I hate that it always rains in Nada in this season. I thought it was like that everywhere.”

Flora said so, and her violet eyes sparkled as if she was enjoying herself.


“I was surprised, Sir Legion. For you to come to such a remote region.”

After they’d left the reception room, Legion came to the porch on Karia’s request.
Under the shade of the huge tree beside the gate, each talked while standing.

“You do know that I was dismissed by Lord Rupheus? I was picked up by the Lady of the house after that, and thus I am here. However, I am fortunate.”
“You have no ambitions, do you? After coming here, you cannot even dream of a promotion.”

Karia spoke as if to deride him, and narrowed her brown eyes.

“What’s that on your waist? What happened to your sword?”
“Ahh, this?”

Legion took the truncheon hung on his waist in his hands. He called it a truncheon, but it was, in fact, a stick of metal with a handle.

“Lord Violant has a distaste for swords, but because it’d be troublesome if I were barehanded at a time when something occurs, so this. Miss Karia should also keep in mind to not be armed with a sword in the presence of Lord Violant in the mansion.
“What, so the rumours were true.”
“Ahh. ‘A coward afraid of the sword’.”

The moment Karia said that, Legion pointed the truncheon at her. Karia raised both her hands lightly.

“Oi, oi, I didn’t say that.”
“If you say the same in front of Lord Violant, I won’t leave it just at this.”
“You’re a scary fellow. Even I show respect to the lord of the mansion the very least.”

She pretended to be afraid from her words, but the truth was that Karia’s eyes were twinkling in delight. Legion put away his truncheon but looked at Karia guardedly.
At the mansion of the lord of Nada, whispers about Karia spread amongst the male knights. That she’d turn into a ferocious ‘Rose Lion’ when angered. Because of that personality of hers, Karia had made up her mind to be a knight, not minding the fact that she was a young lady of nobility.

“So, why did Miss Karia decide to become the vassal of the young mistress? Weren’t you Lord Rupheus’ subordinate?”
“Rejoice, I too am a fellow dismissed comrade. I almost was dragged into the bedchamber and I declined.”

Karia placed a hand on her neck nonchalantly and showed.

“That man looks down on women too much. I was relieved and thought I’ll leave the mansion just like that, but I caught the eye of Lady Flora by chance. She looked at me with sparkling eyes. She said it was wonderful that I was a knight despite being a woman……. At that point, one can’t help but serve her, can they?”

Because I love cute things, Karia grinned.

When I tried asking the knights in that mansion, they seemed like were on the verge of collapse. So? There must only be information on the present situation.”
“Surely not! Lately, the movements the neighbouring Ruslan Kingdom have been fishy. The south is more dangerous than here, but that does not change the fact that only the Alpè Mountains separate us. I’m warning you.”
“Ruslan is?”

Legion looked at the Alpè Mountains for some reason.
The steep mountains were often called mountains of evil, where one would lose their lives once they step foot. There was a mountain path that led to the neighbouring kingdom, but as Karia said, they would but attack the south.

“If they do decide to come here, the infantry would be left stranded in the south. Is there a need for such worries?”
“There is the sky. Lately, they have been putting efforts into training knight dragons–the Kiryuu. It was an ordinary country town in the past, but Leca is now famous thanks to Leca ink and candy. It isn’t as if there aren’t any people who think there is profit to be made plundering this place.”
“……I see.”

Legion knitted his eyebrows, wondering if he was too optimistic.

“I shall inform Lord Violant of this too. He will surely think of something to deal with this.
“Well, it’d be best if nothing happens.”

Legion and Karia spoke to each other and once again looked up at the Alpè Mountains.


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P.S. I’m done tling Kiss the Black Cat, but I’ve also picked up another series, Sky of the Wolf. It’s a relatively short one and I’m 1/3rd of the way through the TLs as I write, so it should be done soon.

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