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Chapter Three: A Visit from the Little Lady. (03)

“The Ruslan Kingdom is fishy……you say

As night fell, Vio mulled over Legion’s report as he looked at the moon. The crescent moon shone clear and bright.

In ‘The Princess Dances with the Night’, there is no war with the Ruslan Kingdom till I turn 17, but……. With both I, who am unable to go out, and Legi, who didn’t become Eldest Brother’s subordinate, it wouldn’t be strange for the order to be upset.

Sitting on top of the bed, he let out a long sigh. His body trembled in fear.
If there is a war, incidents like when he was almost killed by Erik would become an everyday occurrence. And the Lesserhain House would fall to ruin before long. Vio was prepared to be sentenced to death, but being executed was frightening.
Public executions were carried out using a guillotine or an axe.

Right now, we are still in an alliance with the Ruslan Kingdom. The heroine, Princess Leona is close friends with our kingdom’s princess, Diana, close enough that she even appeared at the crown prince’s 18th birthday party. But, Eldest Brother, humiliated by Princess Leona, will send assassins at her, sparking a war between the two nations……

The cause of the ruin of the Lesserhain house was his brother Rupheus’ folly. Having lost the war, it was a matter of course that the Lesserhain house, having been the one to ignite the conflict, took responsibility.

Before that, there was also the case of being betrayed by the royal family to avoid the war.

According to the developments in the manga, this would lead to war, but there were already discrepancies popping up here and there, and thus, what would happen was uncertain.

I can accept being sentenced to death, but I’ll be troubled if we are attacked. I’d hate for the people in the villages and towns to get hurt.

Although they had now amassed some wealth thanks to the Leca flowers, there wasn’t enough money to wage war. It was only to the extent that he could rejoice having got over winter without incident.

We have neither time nor money to prepare weapons and gunpowder. I have to at least reinforce the walls surrounding the town and prepare weapons that can act as a stopgap.

Vio suddenly realised.

Right, I could make some magic that can be used just by chanting the beginning and make the people of the town use it as self-defence? If they have just the ink and paper, they can use as much magic as they wish, no matter how little magical power they have……

However, Vio groaned.

But, it’s at a level that even a single misstep can be regarded as dangerous. If the king thinks this is a dangerous town, it’d be putting the cart before the horse.

The first priority was to secure food, despite having overcome winter. Establishing a secret hideaway would be for the best.
Next was, preparing a protective wall.
For self-defence, it was enough to make preparations for spears to be used by the townspeople.

Sigh, my head hurts. From where can I get the expenses ready?

He felt gloomy.
An ordinary nobleman’s child would not personally bother about the financial condition of the territory they govern, and would simply order their subordinates to do so.
However, because Vio had memories of his past life, although his physical age was only 15, his mental age was far greater. Moreover, because he knew that the world was a manga, he couldn’t take a leisurely approach.
Because the town was in the midst of a revival thanks to the Leca flowers, he had a plan regarding the allocation of money, albeit a rough one.

Well, nevermind, let’s think about the money later. Let me just think of the order of priorities today, and sleep.

Vio changed his line of thought and thought of what he was going to play with Flora tomorrow, and as he thought of happy things, he slipped inside the covers.


“I tried making a magical power recovery menu for today’s breakfast.”

Vio said with a smile as he placed a tray of freshly baked scones in front of Flora.
Flora’s eyes grew wide.

“I’m terribly sorry to make Older Brother wait upon me. What about the maids?”
“Please do not get angry, Little Lady. I made them out of my own curiosity. Aren’t they delicious?”
“I-I-I-I-It’s made by Older Brother!?”

Seeing the fluffy baked scones, Flora was astonished.

When I tried making them kill time, they caught my interest. It’s Leca jam. This one’s preserved in sugar. The jam’s delicious, but they don’t have a long shelf life, so we can’t sell them.”

Flora looked into the distance and muttered something. Vio cocked his head.

“By any chance, do you not like what I made? In that case, I’ll ask Lil……”
“I’ll gladly eat this!”

Flora sliced the scones in half with a knife, spread the Leca jam, and brought them to her mouth. Soon a smile spilt out.

“The outside is crispy and the insides are soft……. The Leca jam accentuates the sweetness, it’s very delicious.
“I’m glad. I’m better than Lil only in scones. Because they’re my favourite food.”

The scones here were mostly chunky. Vio, who liked crispy scones in his past life, put in a lot of practice simply because he wanted to eat something delicious.
He was normal at other dishes. He could only chop and cook.

“Flora, what do you want to do today?”
“I want to take a stroll around the town.”
“I see. Then, Flora. I want you to see a lot of things and tell me about them later.”
“To Older Brother?”
“Yeah, because I cannot go outside, I haven’t seen them well.”

At Vio’s request, Flora nodded enthusiastically.

“I shall see carefully and return. Then I’ll talk about many things to Older Brother.”
“I’ll request of you then, Flora.”

Vio and Flora laughed amicably at the breakfast table.

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