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Chapter Four: Gloomy Prospects (02)

The trees in the garden were immersed in the darkness of night and looked like little black monsters.
The moon was hidden behind the clouds, and it wasn’t long before raindrops started to hit the window.
Vio was standing by the window in the dark study. His face wasn’t reflected in the glass.
After hearing Flora’s story, Vio was left with a shadow on his heart.

It seemed as though the thief who had tried to kidnap Flora had seen her before.

No, Vio denied.

On the contrary, it almost seemed as if they hadn’t met before……

Somehow, he felt uneasy.
Flora hadn’t made her society debut yet. It was rare for her to go outside. Naturally, places where people could meet her were limited. It was next to impossible if one had not visited the interiors of the Mansion of the Lord of Nada, a place where no public officials were allowed.
Vio laughed softly.

No way. Even if he had only heard about Flora’s features, a noble daughter was easy to recognize in such a rural town. I’m overthinking.

Maybe I’m just too tired, I should take a bath and rest. While thinking so, Vio reached for the curtain.


A sound could be heard in the garden. Vio was stunned.
As he wondered if there really was something there, it turned out to be just the trees shaking in the wind.

“Haha, I’m really going cra……zy……”

While laughing to try and deceive himself from his fear, Vio once again froze.
There was the shadow of a person under the shade of a swaying tree.
It was hard to see, yet it felt like that person was laughing.

“Excuse me, Lord Violant, it’s almost time to go to sleep……”

After knocking, Legion entered. Since Vio did not reply, Legion was curious and approached him.

“Lord Violant? Did something occur? Your face seems pale.”
“Legi, Just now, over there…”

Vio pointed at the tree in the garden.

“Is there something wrong with the tree?”

Legion looked at where he was pointing and asked with a perplexed voice.


Vio, who looked there unconsciously, saw the garden with the silhouette no longer in sight and blinked his eyes in disbelief. He let out a sigh and shook his head.

“Maybe I’m just tired. It looked like there was someone over there.”
“Is that so? Why didn’t you call me at once? I shall go take a look!”
“Eh? Oi, Legi. It’s raining……”

Before Vio could stop him, Legion opened the window and directly scrambled down to the garden. When he muttered something in a small voice, light shone at the top of his truncheon. He closed the window and rushed into the garden.
While Vio was waiting on tenterhooks, another person entered the room, and this time it was the butler Jill.

“What’s with all the fuss?”
“Ah, Jill…”

After he explained the situation, Jill gave a grim look. After calling Lil to accompany Vio, he went to check the inside of the mansion.

“I’m sorry for causing such a fuss……”
“No, there is what happened during the day. It’s a matter of someone slipping in. Without checking if it’s safe first, we will be unable to rest due to fear.”
“You have a point.”

Lil had a point. Even Vio was worried to the point of sleeplessness.
After a while Legion returned. When Vio opened the window, strong winds and rain blew into the room.

“I looked around the premises, but there were no suspicious people. Please rest assured.”
“Well, that’s good. I’m sorry, but please go around and enter through the bathroom behind. You might catch a cold, so Lil, please prepare some hot water.”
“Understood, sir ”

After Legion left, Vio closed the window and curtains. Even though it turned out that there was no one there, he still had chills going down his spine.
The panic-stricken Vio asked Lil.

“Lil, is it alright for me to come along?”
“Of course. C’mon, Let’s go.”

Lil gave a grin and took the initiative to walk out and lead Vio.

The bathroom situated next to the kitchen had a backdoor.
When you came out of the door, there was a well that doubled as a laundry area. Next to it was a clothesline to dry the clothes. It was right behind the mansion.
There were stables on the right side of the laundry area, and the stable hand washed the horses next to the well at times.
The door opened, and the soaking wet Legion entered. He must have taken his leather boots off at the door, for he was carrying them in his hand.

“Thank you, Lord Violant, Lil.”
“I apologise for making you suffer in the rain. But thank you, now I can rest assured thanks to you.”
“As long as that’s the case, it’s okay.”

Legion spoke humbly and happily broke into a smile. He looked like a dog with his actions.

“You were really reliable this time.”

Lil spoke in admiration, taking Legion’s boots and carried them over to the dressing room.
Jill came over as well.

“Lord Violant, I have looked through the mansion, but there was nothing unusual. Please rest assured.”
“Thank you, Jill.”

After hearing Jill’s reply, his nerves relaxed at long last.

“My, Sir Legion, you’re dripping wet. Taking a bath as it is will―― oh, my apologies. Master is first.”

The stone bath was already filled with hot water that was prepared for Vio.
Originally, the water in the bath was warmed by the use of firewood from outside. Contrarily, in there it was a lot easier because they used spirit magic to prepare and warm the water.

“I don’t mind doing it later.”
“No, that’s not possible. Using hot water before my master is impossible!”

Vio who came up with a good idea in response to Legion’s panicking then asked.

“Then, shall we take a bath together?”
“If that’s alright with Young Master.”

Jill who was beside Legion, nodded.

Ehh!? B-But, that would be discourteous.”

Legion, who was flustered, tried to refuse, but Jill calmly replied.

“Then couldn’t you at least help wash master’s back?”
“I don’t need help, but I don’t mind if you enter while you’re at it.”
“While you’re at it!? ――No, Lord Violant, I will be guarding outside, so please call me when you’re done. Then! ”

Legion, whose face suddenly became serious after saying that, left through the backdoor while barefoot.
Vio and the others looked at one another.

“What, in the world…”
“I thought he was zealous with his work, but it really seems true.”
“What a strange person.”

Each muttering on their own, Vio decided to take a bath because it was bad to keep him waiting.

Even my father and brother often took baths with their close subordinates. But this one is smaller than the one in the lord’s mansion, is that why he restrained himself?

Or maybe it was absurd for Legion. Vio tilted his head while pondering.

Intro Corner:

Hasr: This chappie’s done by the newest TL (lol I’m the only other one) in the Vio team, Aelen! Here’s a teeny tiny introduction〜

Aelen: Hey everyone, it’s the newbie translator Aelen here. I hope that all of you liked the little bit of fan service in this chapter.
I’ll do a quick introduction. I’m currently studying japanese at university. My native language is dutch (poor editors) and I love reading, drawing, gaming and animals ^-^
Hopefully I’ll get beter at translating soon and I’ll be able to help hasr speed up the translating ^-^

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