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Chapter Four: Gloomy Prospects (04)

Vio entered his room on the second floor. The lamp on top of the chest lit up with spirit magic. If he lit the other two as well, the quaint room would be illuminated in calming blue and brown.
The lamp is filled with oil so it is okay to light it normally, but because of his mood that day, he decided to lighten it differently.
Near the window there were two spacious chairs, each with a small table. Vio sat down in the first one with a sigh of relief.

Somehow, so many things happened today that I got tired.

Looking back today was a very packed day. Someone knocked on the door before entering. It was Lil. She handed Vio a glass with fruit juice, and put the tray with an empty glass and a pitcher on top of the chest.

“Lord Vio, I am putting the pitcher here.”
“Yes, thank you, Lil.”
“You’re welcome.”

Lil gave a warm smile, before drawing all the curtains closed in the room and leaving.
Vio drank the juice that had a faint lemon taste, and looked at the blue curtain. The sound of the rain and the howling wind could be heard from behind the window.
This early in the summer, there were many sunny days in Leca, but the weather itself was unpredictable as the Alpè Mountains were close by.


Even though Jill and Legion had looked around, he was still uneasy. The storm may also have been a source for his anxiety.
But because he was tired, he could not read a book and stay up all night.
While sighing he heard a knock. It was Legion.

“Excuse me, Lord Violant.”
“You came? Pour yourself some juice and sit there.”

Vio recommended that Legion also drink a glass of fruit juice, and Legion sat down in front of him with a glass in his hand. He was dressed in a plain cotton shirt and black pants and had a truncheon at his waist even though he was dressed in sleep wear. He had the posture of soldier.

“Well then? I wonder what your other question is.”
“Yes. I wanted to resolve the misunderstanding and ask if you were thinking of returning to the lord’s house.”
“I wasn’t thinking that. The answer is simple: I don’t want to return.”

Vio answered straightforwardly while cocking his head to the side.

“Are you perhaps aiming to get promoted?”
“Get promoted?”

Surely Legion wanted to return to Nada and get promoted. But Legion just blinked, not understanding what he was talking about.

“Then why do you want to know this?”
“If Lord Violant wished to return, then I wanted to help as much as possible. But seeing as that is not the case, I apologize for being personal but, I would like to invite my family here.”
“Invite your family?”

He was a completely unpredictable man.
Vio felt slightly disgusted at himself. It seemed as if he had been corrupted by the ambitious people at Nada.

“Yes, because it is particularly peaceful here, although this is a part of the Lesserhain territory. It may be a bit difficult because my parents are merchants, but I think that it is more important to be safe.”
“So it’s like that…yes, you can do as you like.”

While replying, Vio felt Legion’s resolution. Until now he somehow knew, but he didn’t think he was this serious about it.

“Somehow, I feel sorry.”
“No, it’s nothing. Is that all?”

Legion nodded.

“Yes, sorry that it is so late. I will go look around again and then go rest, so I shall take my leave now.”
“Ah, yes. Goodnight.”

Even though Vio said so, he was wondering if Legion would sleep in this room if asked. His utter fear revealed itself and he hated the thought of sleeping alone in the large room.

“Ah, um, Legi…”

He steeled his resolve and opened his mouth. Legion, who had just grabbed the doorknob, turned around immediately.

“Yes, what is it?”
“…No, it’s alright.”

As expected, it was a childish request.
When Vio changed his mind, Legion looked at him strangely and went out after saying goodnight.

Let’s sleep with the lights turned on today.

Depressed, Vio retreated into the bedroom, magically lit the lamp and pulled the covers over his head.


When he exited into the backyard, everything was covered in snow.

“Erik, this is amazing. It’s full of snow!”

Vio laughed innocently while leaving footprints on the fresh snow.
When he looked back he saw that Erik’s face was shadowed. Vio stared suspiciously at Erik who pulled out his sword.

“What’s wrong, Erik?”
“Sorry, Lord Violant.”

Erik smiled lightly.

“Please die.”

The moment he blankly repeated what the other had said, a sword pierced his stomach.
Drip, blood dyed the snow red. Vio couldn’t believe it and looked down at the sword and then looked back at Erik.

“Why, Erik?”

He woke up with a scream.
He wheezed and furiously blinked his eyes. Seeing the familiar blue canopy he gave a relieved sigh.
It was a dream of that winter day two years ago. It had been a while since he had that dream.
He tottered around, limp with with exhaustion upon waking up.

“It’s awful…”

He was sweating so hard that his hair stuck to his cheek. As he sighed, thinking it would be better to take a bath in the morning, he heard the patter of approaching footsteps and the door opened.

“What’s the matter!?”

Legion burst in with the truncheon in hand.
He knew that Vio broke down. It seemed that his voice had been louder than he thought.
After Legion confirmed that Vio was safe, he had a quick look around with sharp eyes so as not to miss any thieves.

“Ah…. I’m sorry. I just had a bad dream.”
“Eh? No, I am sorry for this. I was being hypersensitive.”

Legion apologized without any reluctance on his face, and stopped moving around. Staring at Vio, he starting to blush.

“I-I am extremely sorry!”

After apologising in an exaggerated fashion, he left just as noisily as he had entered.


He looked down at himself and wondered what that was all about.
His gown was open, and his right shoulder exposed, but that was it.

“I am not an adolescent girl…. What is with that attitude?”

He looked like he’s almost half-naked, so girls of his age might not like it, but Legion was a man older than Vio.
It was an attitude hard to understand.

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