Violant of the Silver

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Chapter Three: A Visit from the Little Lady. (01)

A month had gone by since Legion had officially become a resident of the mansion.
The town of Leca was gradually dyed in the shades of early summer, and the white flowers of Leca bloomed in profusion everywhere, giving an illusion of snow having piled up.
Being situated at the foot of the Alpè mountains, it was pleasant despite it being summer with a cool wind blowing when one opened the window.
On that day, Vio was fidgeting restlessly, going in and out of the front hall.
Seeing their restless master, the butler Jill, maid Lil and the personal knight Legion waiting beside him each gazed at the scene with a beaming face.
At last, Lil, unable to endure it, began chuckling.

“Lord Vio, even if you wait in your room, I shall go and fetch you?”
“Ahh, that’s true. Shall I do so……”

Vio was embarrassed for showing a disgraceful side of himself, but he leapt to the front gates the moment he heard the horses neigh.
Opening the massive doors of oak, a verdant horse carriage stood right in front of the porch. Opening the doors of the carriage, a young girl wearing a pink dress alighted. If one ignored the brown curls of her hair, her violet eyes and beautiful well-featured face resembled that of Vio and his mother Viola. Seeing Vio, the young girl bloomed into a smile.

“Older Brother!”
“Welcome, Flora.”

Vio, who hugged his sister Flora, who had run up to him, lifted her up and spun her around. Flora raised squeals of delight. It seemed that her childishness hadn’t disappeared despite turning twelve.
Putting down Flora, at last, Vio got down on one knee and took Flora’s hand.

“Welcome to Leca, my adorable Little Lady. I’m delighted to meet you who have come from far. How was your first long journey?”

At Vio’s question, Flora puffed up her cheeks.

“Gee, it was the worst. I was always sitting, and my butt ended up hurting.”
“Milady, that is vulgar.”
“I’m sorry, Karia.”

At the woman’s crisp voice, Flora became downcast and apologised.
Vio turned around, saw a female knight standing on the porch and stood up. Carrying a slender saber on her waist, the woman was wearing a light knight outfit. Flora grabbed Vio’s righted hand and lightly tugged at it.

“Older Brother. I’ll introduce her. She’s my knight.”
“I’m glad to make your acquaintance, Lord Vio. I am Karia Balmoa.”

Karia, who had auburn hair tied up in a braid at the back, got down on one knee at the spot and gave us her respects in the manner of a knight. She had the dignified atmosphere unique to soldiers.

“Please stand up, Lady Balmoa. Thank you for being Flora’s personal knight. My sister is a little too lively, so I hope you keep that in mind.”
“I’m afraid there’s quite a lot to be concerned about. Please, call me Karia.”

Karia, who had dropped the honorifics spoke with downcast eyes. She seemed to be the type who didn’t show her expressions.

“Then I shall call you Miss Karia. Also, if I’m not mistaken, aren’t you the fifth daughter of Viscount Balmoa? I met you at my mother’s birthday party in the past.”

When Vio pointed it out, Karia opened her brown eyes wide for a moment.

“Yeah, that’s true…… I’m sorry, it slipped past my mind unconsciously.”
“Not at all, you’ve changed quite a lot, so I wasn’t that confident, but I’m glad I was right that we’d met. Becoming a knight despite being a woman is amazing.”

When Vio praised her, Flora nodded vigorously.

“That’s right, elder brother. Karia is the strongest amongst the knights at home. Her archery skills especially are second to none! Even to other men!”
“I see, that’s wonderful. You must be tired from the long journey, I’ll lead you to your rooms, you can change there. After that, let’s meet up at my room for some tea. ——Jill, please.”

When Vio gave the order, Jill nodded politely.
But before heading to the room, Karia asked nervously.

“Lord Violant, May I ask something?”
“What is it?”
“Why is Sir Legion present here?”

Reminded of Legion who was waiting beside him, Vio beckoned him.

“I forgot to introduce him. Legion, come here. Flora, he’s my new knight.”
“It has been a while, Miss Flora.”

Hearing Legion, Vio remembered the fact that Legion had served for three days under his brother Rupheus. They seemed to have gotten acquainted then.
Flora made a surprised face, and intently gazed at Vio and then at Legion.

“Older Brother took in a knight?”
“Mother sent him.”

Vio said nothing more, but Flora, who glanced at Jill and got a mischievous wink from him, broke into a smile. Flora looked at Legion.

“Well, I’m glad. Sir Legion, I apologise for elder brother Rupheus’ discourtesy. I was quite anxious. I’m glad you’re doing well. I leave my brother in your care.”
“I shall protect him with my heart and soul!”

Legion replied in all seriousness.
Vio looked dumbfounded.

“It’s this…… Annoying fellow.”
“Hehehe, it’s because he’s Older brother’s knight, this much is just perfect. Then, I shall proceed to my room.”
“Take your time.”

Flora, led by Jill climbed up two flights of stairs accompanied by her knight and maid. On the carriage side, Lil was helping out with the unloading.
Vio headed towards the reception room with Legion.

“My sister is extremely cute, right?”
“Yes, it is precisely so.”
“Even father is indulgent towards my sister. I’m surprised how he let her travel to such a remote region.”

When the letter arrived, he’d thought his father would call it off just before she left, but he was glad he got a chance to meet her after so long.

“I want you to care for my sister too.”

Sparing a glance at the nodding Legion, Vio entered the reception room.

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Onto some good news, there’s 8 chapters till I’m done translating Kiss the Black Cat

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