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Chapter Three: A Visit from the Little Lady. (04)

When Flora left for the town, Vio shut himself in his study.
He had to calculate expenditure, enough that his head hurt.
Taking out the account books, he began thinking about ways to prepare funds for the war. Groaning, as he scribbled onto paper, writing down all ideas as they came to him, a cup was placed on top of the table with a clink. The fragrance of black tea wafted through the air.

“Thank you, Legi.”
“No need. Do you require any assistance?”

He thought it was his butler, Jill, but it turned out to be the Guardian Knight Legion. Legion asked Vio as he gave his thanks.

“Then, could you bring the previous year’s accounts from the bookshelf?”

Vio cast a sidelong glance at Legi as he turned to the bookshelf and drank the black tea in a gulp. Slightly sweet, it was to Vio’s liking.
He had got a wrong impression of Legion at first, but he now felt that employing him was a correct choice. He could do paperwork, his timing of putting up tea was the best, and when he requested a surprise inspection of a village or town, he’d properly scrutinise the things Vio wanted to know of.
Jill was quite a capable person himself, but Vio did not wish to overwork him considering his age, and thus requesting Legion seemed a much better option.

“Shall I leave it here?”
“Ahh, thank you.”

Taking the accounts, Vio looked at the expenses the year before. The budget had been roughly allocated, if this year is the same as the years before, it would be unlikely that they could manage with a low budget.

“Even though Lord Violant is only 15 years of age, it’s wonderful that he already has an understanding of property management.”

Legion unconsciously muttered.

“Does it seem so? I still feel I do not understand it thoroughly though.”

Perhaps it was because his father and brother were quite strict, but Vio was perplexed by Legion’s words despite having been praised. If it were the people of the Lesserhain house, they would give a sneer saying it was obvious he could do it.
However, Legion replied with an earnest face.

“It truly is wonderful. I was just an ordinary fool when 15. I would often be teased by the people around me for being a fool of the sword and a fool of the master[1].”
Chuckle, that hasn’t changed even now.”
“No, no, I’m much more subdued now. Although it’s just my tendency to pick fights that has reduced.”

Legion had a calm demeanour, and Vio found it unexpected that he too had a phase when he was quick to pick a fight. Perhaps he was of the type who were scary when angered.

“Lord Violant appears somewhat philosophical, or should I say, calm for his age,”
Perhaps it is because everything, including my face, resembles my mother? Flora too resembles mother in every aspect except her hair.”
“Forgive me for being rude, but Lord Rupheus appears too cutthroat. He is a terrifying person.”

Certainly, his brother was scary. When he saw one with his sharp eyes, it’d give off a feeling of being completely seen through on top of giving one the illusion of being stabbed by a sword. His words too were unforgiving, and Vio would often cry in the shadows ever since he was young. There had been instances when he had been thrown into the basement, him saying that showed his vulnerability.

“I too believe Eldest Brother is terrifying. Frankly speaking, I feel happier here. When I lived in Nada, I’d feel uneasy every single day.”

However, Vio added.

“That strictness is necessary for the lord of the manor, I think.”
“You think so?”
“You see, I’m too kindhearted and can’t manage a domain well. Nevertheless, Father and Eldest Brother’s strictness is too excessive. It is important to maintain balance. One would get exhausted simply given the stick.”

I think the citizens are pitiful, but because the Lesserhain house has excelled in the military arts from generations, their temper is quite the violent one.

“If Father and Brother aren’t strict with people, they’ll be thought of as corrupt. That’s why they’re strict even with themselves. And that is the reason why I, who is indulgent with myself am seen as a useless person. Well, it doesn’t matter to me either way. Because I’m thankful I’ve been abandoned like this.”

A sigh naturally escaped from his lips.
He felt gloomy thinking about his father and brother.
Legion apologised with a pained face at once.

“I’m terribly sorry for making you feel ill at ease.”
“I don’t mind it. It’s just the truth. Come to think of it, is your family doing well.”
“Yeah, my father’s leg injury is almost healed.”
“I’m glad.”

Vio gave a faint smile and once again turned his eyes towards the accounts.
For a long time, the dry sound of the turning pages schemes in the room. The breeze blowing in through the open window felt comfortable.
When I suddenly looked up, his eyes met with Legion’s. Vio cocked his head.

“Legi, you, sometimes stare at me, don’t you? Is there something on my face?”
“P-Please excuse me.”

Legion got flustered and his face flushed. It was increasingly mysterious.

“You don’t need to apologise, but first answer my question. Ah, wait, is it because you saw something that I cannot see, and are hesitant to say it because it is scary?”
“Ghosts? No, I cannot see such things……”

“That’s a relief. So? I won’t get angry, so you can tell me.”
“Um……you have a very beautiful face, and I was enraptured despite myself. I ended up thinking the words ‘sculpted by the gods’ embodied you.

The words of praise rammed into him like a fastball, and Vio turned stiff. He felt a shock as if he had just received an elbow. Blood rushed to his cheeks despite himself.

“B-Being called beautiful by a man is……. You’re praising me to the skies for the most part.”

Because he wasn’t accustomed to being praised, he gave an utterly confused reply.
He didn’t think much of it now that he was used to it, but he remembered having thought of it as an awfully beautiful boy’s face when he had first awakened as Vio.

“You have fair skin despite being a man, and you don’t have muscle like your father or brother. Your hair too, and furthermore you have a delicate body. I’d like to become like you if I could.”

As his real thoughts trickled out, Vio was struck with confusion.

“No, I don’t mind it. I’ll pretend we didn’t have this conversation!”

Legion nodded, losing to Vio’s influence, but he was grinning happily for some reason. Vio shot him a stare.

“Oi, stop grinning.”
“I’m sorry.”

Legion gave a cough and returned to his usual cold expression. But his face was just a tiny bit red looking from the side.

Why am I feeling all bashful about a fellow man……!?

While retorting in his mind, Vio hid his face within the accounts.
Because he was frankly praised too much, he did not know what to do.
When he was in Nada, all words of praise he heard seemed to reek of lies, yet Legions words seemed truthful to an extent that was odd.

Really, there wasn’t anyone like Legi in Nada, was there? I feel troubled at times and I don’t know what to do.

He was easily perturbed, but refreshingly, his heart felt warm. Unbeknownst to himself, Vio showed a smile.


[1] I’m just keeping the fool part to link it with the previous sentence. The meaning is more along the lines of him being obsessed with swordsmanship and his master.

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