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Her Family

“Wasn’t it amazing!? The seniors’ ‘Witch Battle’.”

“Ah…you’re right.”

“The pink Robe à la Française senior’s super firepower barrage was awesome!”

“How the purple Bustle dress senior handled the attack; by reinforcing her body with magic and creating a defense without wasting one bit of magic; was nothing short of splendid.”

As the new students discussed the “Witch Battle’ they had just witnessed, their excitement settled and they left the arena.

No doubt, Chloe and her partner Soujirou were also a part of the crowd.

With this, the opening ceremony came to a close.

The new students dispersed from the arena and made their way back home.

However, Chloe did not wish to part from Soujirou and continued to converse with him till they reached the school gates.

“Hey, since Soujirou is a foreign studenty, you must be staying at the dorms, right?”

“Ah, I would have preferred to say by myself. But that was rejected by my family. So I’m currently at a boys-only dorm.”

“And where is that?”

“A short walk from the Academy, in the direction of the mountains.”

“Hey, hey, can I come to play?”

“ There’s no way you’re coming. It’s packed with boys.”

“Although he came off as standoffish, Soujirou did clearly reply to Chloe. The conversion drew to a close.”

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, Soujirou.”

“What is it this time, Chloe?”

“ I saw my parents there. Might as well you go greet them.”

“Huh? What do you mean, greeting your parents?”

Soujirou opened his eyes wide. Chloe, not waiting for his reply, caught his gray suit and pulled his arm. She dragged him towards her parents who were slowly waving their hands near the gate.

“W-Wait! Do you want to rip the seams off my new uniform!?”

“Ah, sorry…”

“To have my uniform ruined by my partner female student on the first day of school, what kind of a man am I?’

As Chloe let go of his sleeve, despite the grumbling, Soujiro still patted his uniform and turned to face her parents.

‘…Um…so…my apologies for introducing myself in such an inappropriate situation. I am Soujirou Hino. I shall be in your daughter’s care for the next three years in the Academy. I might cause a lot of trouble, but…”

Soujirou’s proper introduction was interrupted by a chuckling voice.

Ehehe, nice to meet you! I’m glad such a cute child will be our Chloe’s partner!”

Chloe’s mother spoke rapidly in a slightly, no, considerably giddy voice. She placed her hands that were in tightly fitting gloves on her cheeks.

Her mother, Claire, seemed like a dreamy young maiden, despite her age. The word ‘adorable’ would fit her to a tee.

“Calm down, Claire. Sorry, Soujirou, my wife and daughter were rude. I am Chloe’s dad, Alban. Nice to meet you.”

“Um, nice to meet you too…Miss Chloe resembles you two a lot…”

“My, my, Soujirou, you too think the same?”

“Haha, we’re often told that.”

“Uh…do we really resemble each other that much…?”

In reality, most of the people said the same when meeting the Noiret family.

Their daughter, Chloe, quite resembled them.

She inherited her pale green hair and emerald eyes from her mother.

On the other hand, her height and long legs were from her father.

People often said that her face had traces of both her parents in it. Her cat-like eyes and sharp chin were like her mother’s; while her long and well-defined nose, as well as her bold eyebrows, were a feature of her father’s.

As their daughter, Chloe felt a little conflicted. She did not hate her parents. If anything, she loved them. Yet, she was at an age where she felt gloomy for not having looks that were not uniquely hers.

“Soujirou, you might be slender and of a short build, but you have quite some muscle. Your palms too, don’t look like they are just made for sewing. Did you do sports…or perhaps, martial arts?”

At Chloe’s father’s words, Soujirou blinked his eyes. After a brief moment of confused silence, he finally replied after several blinks.

“I practiced with the sword as a hobby in my hometown. I practiced other forms of martial arts to an extent too.”

As he replied, Chloe’s father gave a gentle smile and spilled the beans.

“I work as a tailor in this town. I did graduate from here, but I get both witches as well as non-witch customers. I can easily discern what you did, based on how your muscles are built.”

“So you mean you graduated from Alstroemeria Academy?”

His black eyes shone with respect as he looked at Chloe’s father.

Alban gave a quick nod in the affirmative.

“Also, let me tell you another thing. The sword training that has been drilled into your muscles is by no means ordinary. Is being overly modest a thing your countrymen do?”

Soujirou scrunched up his eyebrows a little and showed a face of embarrassment. After a quick glance at his palm, he turned to face Alban.

“…That…ever since I can remember, I have gripped a sword. However, I am no doubt inexperienced in the ways of the sword, thus I spoke like that before. The master who taught me the sword too told me not to thoughtlessly display my abilities. But, if I made you feel uncomfortable, I apologize.

“No, I should be the one to apologize. I must have sounded quite rude. I didn’t think you’d be so troubled over it, so, um…

Seeing Soujirou’s black eyes, it seemed like Chloe’s father was the one troubled.

“My, my, Its rare to see you at a loss. Well, what my husband wanted to say was ‘I want you to protect Chloe with your sword. I don’t know who she takes after, but she always pokes her nose in troublesome matters!’.”


Why do you always do this!?

Geez, isn’t it the truth?

But still..!

Choose your words a little more carefully, will you?

But he might not understand it then…

Despite being in Alstroemeria Academy, the pair of husband-wife got carried away with their quarrel.

Though Chole did not hate them, she still wished she could pretend to not know them at that moment.

“Soujirou, sorry for my parents.”

“No need…uh, your family sure gets along well.”

“You don’t have to force yourself to say it!”

“But still, I never thought your father graduated from here and even managed to set up a tailor store on Atlantis. I’m envious.”

Soujirou seemed to be truly envious as he muttered.

Seeing him so, an idea popped up in Chloe’s mind.

“That’s right, Soujirou. Come to my house!”

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