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At the Tailor Store: the Goddess of Destiny

“Here we are! This is my home!”

Chloe pulled Soujirou’s arm, dragging him across a lively path. After a short walk, they reached their destination.

“This is a tailor store… Moreover, a shop that belongs to one that makes Magic Dresses…”

Perhaps it was to be expected that Soujirou looked at the building with his obsidian eyes shining.

The shop wasn’t all that large and was rather smaller than the average shop on the street. But the black pillars on the exterior coupled with the white walls were eye-catching.

From the show windows, one could notice a mannequin wearing an autumn dress.

Written on the signboard above the storefront was ‘Tailor Store: The Goddess of Destiny’.

“Soujirou. Welcome to the Goddess of Destiny. Welcome to my home!”

Chloe wholeheartedly welcomed her beautiful partner with open arms.

Chloe did not have the keys to the store entrance and her parents were yet to catch-up to them. Thus they entered the house from the back door.

“Come in, don’t be shy.”

“…T-Then, excuse me.”

Invited to the house, Soujirou lightly brought his hands close to his shoes to take them off, but quickly drew back his hand and shook his head.

“What was that just now?”

“…Ah, well, it was an old habit back from home. Don’t mind it.”


Thinking it was a country of many strange customs, she looked over to the kitchen.

Although the smell of a tomato soup her mother Claire made with ample spices faintly lingered in the air, she could not find what she was looking for.

“We had tea and cookies somewhere… Ah, Soujirou, you can sit on that chair there.”

“Got it.”

Although he replied, Soujirou continued to survey the kitchen. Homes in a foreign country were quite unique.

“Ours is a very normal family I think, but do you think it’s strange?”

“If I had to say it, it would be strange. My house back in Japan was a traditional one. I haven’t stepped foot in the dorm kitchen either.”

“Well, our place is pretty small.”

“You say that, but don’t you have plenty of magic foci for cooking?”

“Yeah, you’re right. All the homes around here are the same though.”

“I see… As expected of Atlantis. It might be just a fragment, but you can still find remnants of the Magic Empire.”

At that moment, her parents finally arrived. Chloe no longer needed to rummage for tea and cookies.

“Here, some black tea. It’s a strong brew of Assam. It’ll taste delicious if you add milk and sugar.”

“T-Thank you.”

“Here, a raisin cookie. Can Soujirou eat raisins?”

“Yeah, it’s fine.”

“I’m glad, many kids don’t like raisins after all.”

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With a light tap, Mom Claire placed a tea set with a floral pattern, reserved for guests. She had always used the usual ones for Chloe’s friends until now. Seemed like her mom held Soujiro in high regard.

“Hey, mom. Where’s my share of the cookies?”

“Coming, coming. Here, Chloe’s cookies. Don’t go too overboard eating them.”


Chloe clapped her hands and took the plate full of cookies.

“Geez, she’s such a glutton. You’ll get fat if you eat too much.”

“I-I won’t grow fat! This- This’ll help me grow taller. It can’t be helped, can it?”

“Gee, this girl. You still wanna grow taller? Hey, Soujirou, making a dress for this girl is no piece of cake. She’s the kind that will shoot up in height here and there.”

At Claire teasing, Soujirou gave an extremely earnest reply.

“I believe it will be a learning experience then.”

“Soujirou…you didn’t have to actually reply.”

“Is that okay?”

“That’s how it should be!”

“Hehe, Soujirou is way too honest.”

Chloe’s mom smiled and said, “Then, I won’t bother you two anymore.” and left the two to themselves.

Soujirou was well-versed in the art of drinking tea. His manner of nibbling the cookies was refined too. Being a foreigner, he wondered what he would do if his way of drinking was considered strange. But it seemed that his worries were unnecessary.

“You came from your home country all the way by ship?”

“I took a ship to the USA. I then caught a train, and then again, a boat to Atlantis.”

“A ship, huh. The ships traveling to other countries are pretty large.”

“Yeah, you’re right. The ship I was in made a stop at the southern islands and then proceeded towards America. That’s why the journey was long. And because of that, my hair has grown this long.”

Soujirou grabbed the hair at the back of his head and showed it to Chloe.

His hair was smooth and lustrous. He must take good care of it. His hair was tied up with a braided red string with glass beads string together, giving it an exotic feel.

“I don’t know much about men’s hairstyles, but I think this suits Soujirou.”

“…Thanks. Actually, I like this too.”

With a faint blush creeping up his cheeks, Soujirou looked cute. ‘Despite being a boy, he’s so beautiful. I

How envious.’, Chloe thought in her heart.

She felt a little proud of having such a beautiful partner.

Each and every pair at Alstroemeria Academy was one that both the teachers and students dreamed of. Some shared a relationship close to that of lovers, while others preferred to maintain a purely academic relationship. What it would be, depended solely on the pair.

Chloe personally preferred to have a close bond with her partner. That way her student life would be smooth, with more fun times than quarrels.

“Eh, my uncle lives in the USA.”

“He’s a little eccentric compared to the rest of the family, but he’s a nice person at heart. He stayed here with me till the entrance exam.”

As she drank her second cup of tea, she listened to Soujirou’s story. For Chloe, who had never stepped outside Atlantis, his story was of great interest.

“The entrance exam…”

“Ahh, Chloe must have appeared for it too, right? The entrance exam.”

Soujirou blinked thrice and looked at her.

“I didn’t take the entrance examination for Alstroemeria Academy. I got a recommendation from my middle school. I only gave the aptitude test.”

“Was that possible too…locals are incredible.”

“Having said that, only two people, including me, received recommendations from my middle school.”

“…No matter where you are from, it is difficult to enter. That’s what makes Alstroemeria so incredible…”

“That’s true. Everyone on this island longs to wear Alstroemeria’s uniform.”

Saying so, Chloe grabbed the hem of her skirt and twirled around.

“Our rank is seventh. That must mean that you can use at least four or five types of magic? The condition for the witch aspirants of Alstroemeria to rank in the top ten is to be able to use a minimum of four kinds of magic.”

“Yeah. I can use four– fire, wind, physical strengthening, and summoning using magic foci.”

Witches can use anywhere between one and five kinds of magic. To use the magic of a certain type, the witches need to have an affinity for it, as well as a Magic Dress that complimented the magic type.

For example: to use fire type magic, a witch needed to have an affinity for fire type, as well as a Magic Dress, created for fire type users.

“Four, huh. And with the combination of those types…It would be good to change with the circumstances.’

One could at most wear three magic dresses.

First were the undergarments. Next, the dress itself. Finally, accessories such as hats, bags, parasols, and shawls.

“Hmm…then the dress shall be for fire type, and the summoning with the accessories…No, but what about wind type…”

Chloe quietly got up to make another cup for Soujirou, deep in thought about the dress.

He faced the topic of the dress quite earnestly.

Chloe too had to seriously face it. Even more than him.

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