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The First Lesson

Gently, the crimson leaves fluttered and fell.

Seeing them, Soujirou sensed it was now fall. In his home country of Japan, the new school year started in spring, when the sky was filled with scattered cherry blossoms. That was why he felt it was quite uncanny seeing the entrance ceremony occur during fall in the west.

Going past the majestic school gates, stood a building that seemed like an ancient castle with its many towers.

Alstroemeria Academy.

His days of studying her would begin today.

At that moment, something oddly shaped like a round white ball rolled near his feet. Turned out, it was a cat.

Someone nearby must be raising it. But seeing how it was dirty here and there, it might just be a stray.

Walking along the path lined with fiery-red maple trees, a familiar green-haired girl ran up to him from another path.

He had not seen anyone else with such striking green hair. It was no doubt Soujirou’s partner, Chloe Noiret.

“Soujirou, good morning!”

“Ah, good morning, Chloe.”

Although she had come running, she wasn’t one bit out of breath. She seemed to have quite the stamina.

“Hey, what a coincidence! Let’s go to the classroom together. Our first lecture today is a combined one.”

“Well, I don’t mind it.”

“My, you’re already such good friends and you’re only first-years!”

“You’re right, it’s wonderful seeing such lovely children get along so well.”

Two female students passed by them, giving a beaming smile.

The navy blue ribbon on their shoulder indicated that they were third-years. One wore the mantle that was a part of the witch’s uniform, while the other wore a white apron that was worn by the tailors. The two seemed to be a pair.

“Hey, Chloe. It’s better if we go separately.”

“No way, we are pair. Don’t we have to get along well?”

“It can be helped.”

The words ‘Boys and Girls past seven should not sit together’ had been hammered into Soujirou back in Japan. He bore through his embarrassment and sat down for attendance.

“Even though you said you have to leave early to reserve a seat, I never thought I’d see students already on their seats. I’m impressed.”

“My, it’s our first lecture. We should at least do this much, right?”

A pair of male and female teachers entered the classroom, which also had a workspace. Incidentally, all the students in their classroom were already seated just before the bell rang.

The male teacher wrote something on the big blackboard. However, it was a language that Soujirou did not know. Perhaps… it was a name.

“So then, let me introduce myself. I’m Izard Chehavé. I will be the instructor in charge of the tailoring students in this classroom. If you do not understand something in class, have trouble adjusting to school life, or have any other questions, come to me.”

Unlike the schools in Japan, there was no such thing as a ‘fixed classroom’ or “class teacher” in this academy. Instead, it seems that there was an instructor in charge who would counsel you about school life.

 Izard was a man in his mid-thirties, with deep-set features. Tanned skin, short black hair, and a thin beard. Besides, his golden eyes gave him an exotic look.

Next, the female teacher wrote the name next to Izard’s. This time it was in English, thus Soujirou could read it.

“Hehe, Magnolia Ray. I have been selected as the instructor in charge of all the witches in this classroom. Let us all get along. Please feel consult me.”

If anything, the male students wanted to get along with her. Magnolia was a beauty with light purple hair that formed gentle curls along with large and bright, clear blue eyes. She was over thirty years old, but there were many students who yearned for such a sexy older woman.

“Okay, let’s get started with the class. Open your textbooks.”

When Soujirohe glanced at Chloe, who sat beside him, he saw she had opened a different textbook. The textbooks for witch and tailor classes seemed to differ even though they were in the same class.

“If the dress does not suit its wearer, it can lead to severe consequences. Especially during situations that call for quick movements… for instance, the dress one wears in a ‘Witch Battle’ must be the one that fits the witch’s body properly. If not, the witch cannot utilize the full extent of her powers. Well, I think you all know that quite well.”

“Even if that is not the case, a dress that fits your body is easy to move in and can even change your mood for the better.”

Izard drew a quick sketch of a human on the blackboard.

“The points that should be measured are along the chest, the waist and the hips, as well as the chest length, which is the distance from the torso to the waist. The height, which is measured from the back of the neck to the torso. In addition, one must also measure the sleeve length and the pant rise. These are the very minimum. In addition to this, you might sometimes need to measure the wrist circumference and shoulder width too.”

He rapidly drew lines, both horizontal and vertical, on the human figure, indicating the points to be measured.

“But taking measurements is a considerable task, taking into account the time needed for it. Sometimes despite thanking countless measurements, the end product might not be satisfactory. I want all students of the tailoring department should keep that in mind.”

“And so.”

Izard quickly shut the textbook in his hand with an oddly serious expression.

“Now, the tailoring students shall take the measurements of their partner.”

The female students of the witch department all let out a collective groan.

Most of them were the ones that had a male pair.

Well, it wasn’t as if he didn’t understand them.

Soujirou would have also felt strange to have someone of the opposite sex measure his size when he was nearly stripped down to his underwear if he were a young girl.

He gave a quick glance at Chloe.

She seemed to have a slightly uncomfortable expression, but she seemed calm.

Feeling his gaze on her, she gave him a smile and said, “Good luck.”

“You seem calm.”

“Yeah, I usually have my father make my clothes, so I think I’m used to having myself measured.”

“I see.”

If the other person was this calm, it would be strange if he seemed flustered.

However, it seems that not everyone was used to having themselves measured like Chloe.

When the measurement was over, there were some pairs whose faces were bright red and looked away from each other, while in others, the witch stared at her partner with a grudge.

“Next…Soujirou Hino and Chloe Noiret.”


Called by Magnolia, Chloe headed towards the space partitioned by the curtains.

“Yes, I’m coming.”

​Sojiro followed her with a small notebook, his writing implements, and measuring tape.

“Next, I’ll measure the sleeve length.”

“Got it.”

When Soujirou said so, Chloe bent her arm a little to make it easier to measure. It really seemed like she was used to having herself measured. This made it quite easy for him.

He measured her sleeve length by stretching the measuring tape, from her bare shoulder to the bone on the little finger side of her wrist.

Chloe wore a thin white chemise. Without her dress, she looked taller and more slender. She wasn’t thin though, the chest looked quite full. In a nutshell, she would look nice in a dress.

“Next, I’ll be taking your height, so please turn back.”

“Yes, please.”

After their first measurement, she murmured while flipping through the curtains.

“I’m looking forward to the dress you will make.”

“First, I’ll make one by the textbook.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it. A dress made by Soujirou.”

Saying so, Chloe Noiret laughed.

Hasr: How to put this…this series isn’t that popular. And I’m gradually losing interest in translating. Not that the story is bad, it’s really unique and has some wonderful world-building.

But then, I’ve already read the raws, and only TLing this to share it with other peeps. And the low rating and lack of views say that it’s probably not reaching many people.

I really don’t want to do this, but I’m unsure if I can keep up the motivation to TL 80-odd chapters with such low response. I am a TL for fame after all.

I might probably pick this back up if this garners enough interest though, so not all hope’s lost. So you might wanna leave a review and rating for this and spam this on other peeps.

Till then, enjoy my new series, The Gentle Death God Laughs Above the Cherry-Blossom Sky!

Tl;dr: I’m dropping this

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Maria Sophia Soledad
Maria Sophia Soledad
3 years ago

This novel is such a masterpiece. I am just sad that you dropped it. I can see the potential of this novel to become an anime with its premise