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Chapter 10 – The Entrance Ceremony is Resuming desuwa

“To think that that devil is capable enough to knock me unconscious. He must be a high-ranking devil.”

Shortly after the devil left, the sleeping students slowly woke up. The female hero Elsie went up to the stage and explained the situation. Supposedly, that devil was an incredibly strong, high-ranking devil, but… Was it true that kind of existence didn’t even train their brain? Rather, I would still launch a mental wave even if he did, but he didn’t feel like that big of a deal though? Especially since he couldn’t take even a little of my mental pressure. 

Also, since Abraham didn’t tell the hero the full story, the hero thought it was the devil that knocked her unconscious. I chose to leave it alone since it was interesting, but Abraham kept stealing glances at me, so it felt annoying desuwa. 

[“Abraham, explain to me how you managed to get rid of the devil alone.”] 

[“Lydia?! So you could launch a mental wave… I’ll explain verbally later since it’s a waste of mana.”]

[“Eeh? This barely used any mana though?”]

[“Little self mana.”]

[“Don’t simplify your sentence there.”]

The magic known as “mental wave” in this world allowed its user to send a message directly through the use of mana, so it was a convenient magic desuwa. As long as they had talent, they could exert more mana than necessary to directly attack the enemy’s brain through the mental wave. When I tried it on mice and wild boars, I saw their brains explode and die so I wanted to experience it personally someday, but… it seemed like only a few people were capable of this? 

Abraham seemed to be somewhat aware that I was a reincarnated Japanese person. Yuusuke was practically a reincarnator or a slider from his name, but it seemed Abraham was also one. If they found out I was just acting brainwashed earlier, I might have ended up in a terrible state. That made my body throb in excitement as I imagined it. 

…Well, it already passed, so it couldn’t be helped. Brainwashing magic truly existed in this world anyway, so I was thrilled to imagine the situation where people close to me aimed their blades at me and then stabbed me all over. 

If I ever encountered a situation with that kind of magic, either the situation of being brainwashed to kill people close to me or the situation where people close to me were brainwashed and killed, was so exciting to picture that I felt like cumming… fuh. 

For some reason, Elsie made a junky deduction, saying, “Since that devil is capable of using brainwashing magic, they might be the demon lord himself or someone related to him by blood,” so I obediently acted surprised. Now that the barrier that protected the imperial capital was gone, demons could invade and do all they liked until it was fixed desuwa. 

According to the teachers, the jewel that served as the power source of the barrier that covered the imperial capital was gone, so the devil seemed to fulfill his purpose. The barrier itself didn’t have the power to prevent the devil from invading, but it would immediately send the coordinates of the intruder to the hero and high-level adventurers desuwa. 

So that was why the hero could appear so soon after the devil appeared! Since the barrier that could locate intruders wouldn’t work for some time, it might develop into a crisis that led to the fall of the imperial capital… Wouldn’t it feel great to be kidnapped by the devil while at it? 

“I’m terribly sorry, Lydia-sama. To think that I didn’t notice the devil’s invasion and was knocked out cold.” 

“I was also knocked out cold, so I don’t mind. Since it could knock out even me, it couldn’t be helped that Mei was unable to resist.”

Mei looked at me apologetically, so I thought she knew something, but it seemed to be a needless worry. I did train Mei in physical endurance, but her magical endurance was not ideal. 

It would take 3 days to restore the barrier, so the army stationed in the imperial capital would be guarding the academy until then desuwa. The barrier’s activation device was in the academy so it couldn’t be helped. That was why the devil made use of the entrance ceremony, when all the teachers within the academy gathered in a single location.

“Eh- next one would be the greetings from the current student representative. Linden Hein, please come forward.” 

The entrance ceremony resumed despite the major incident of the devil’s invasion; this inflexibility was similar to modern-day Japan. This time, that foolish prince came up to the stage and gave his greetings. Linden endured the first sleep magic that the devil launched, but he was knocked out by the second shot, so he wasn’t a big deal… Since such a prince could serve as an academy representative, this academy was quite dark. 

Afterward, there were no other major troubles as the entrance ceremony ended rather anticlimactically. The students were instructed to stay in their homes/dorms until the barrier was restored and the teachers were on high alert.

…That devil should have destroyed the barrier control device, yet he only took away the jewel, possibly because of my instruction. Well, looking at it, there should be a second attack anyway, so I was really looking forward to it desuwa. 

Tsukii Note:

Our devil needs to train his brain before he makes a second raid…

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