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Chapter 11 – Self-Introduction desuwa

“My name is Lydia Narorosa. I mainly use fire and wind magic.”

One meager hour had passed since the entrance exam. Since the teachers were busy defending the academy after the devil’s infiltration, the students were ordered to stay at their respective dwellings, yet some of the students of the magic academy gathered at the academy’s dining hall and it was the time for self-introductions desuwa. 

By the way, Abraham, who wasn’t good at socializing, wasn’t present. Yuusuke was here, but for some reason, he immediately looked away when I looked at him, so it was funny. 

The only people here right now were those dorm students who lacked money or the rich people who bought or rented houses in the imperial capital located near the academy. The academy’s dorm was very cheap, with a cost of 5000 credits a month, but as expected, it was too cramped for two people to live in, so I refused desuwa. 

That was why most aristocrats wouldn’t stay in the dormitory. Abraham seemed to be staying in the dormitory though… Why did he not come to this meeting even though he stayed in the dormitory? This was why gloomy people ended up isolated before they knew it. 

As for Yuusuke, he bought a house some distance away from the academy, so he was actually loaded. I had no idea where the money came from, but he seemed like he might get sucked dry since he didn’t look like he knew the value of money well.  

After the new students finished introducing themselves, the senior students introduced themselves. The person I was curious about was the flustered girl who followed behind Linden, the idiot prince, when they invaded my house desuwa. Her name seemed to be Maria, and she lacked a surname so she seemed to be a commoner, but since there were tons of Marias in this world, they tend to have their father’s name attached to their name, so she introduced herself as Maria Jamie. 

Maria was a beautiful girl who was older than me by a year, had a petite build, small chest, and short brown hair that would drive one’s instinct to protect her, but she came from an orphanage and it seemed that she managed the orphanage now. To have a 12-year-old girl manage the orphanage, that was quite an amazing feat, if you thought about it. Well, in my case, I’ve been managing my territory since I was 5 years old, though. 

…Apparently, the person in charge of the orphanage died last year, so when the orphanage was slated to be destroyed, Maria begged Linden for money to buy it and the orphanage continued to run using donation money desuwa. Also, considering a person who hailed from an orphanage managed to enroll in the magic academy that was known for its steep entrance fee, it meant she was a capable person who earned her scholarships.  

“I want to focus on managing the orphanage in the future to help unfortunate children!” 

Maria, who seemed to be a good person, bowed her head as she said, “Please donate some money if you have any to spare,” which made her suspicious. The men had an atmosphere of “I’ll help you,” but I was sure she hid her true personality well. 

Then, since Maria mentioned her future goal, the topic shifted for people to say their respective dreams. My dream was already decided, but it would be troublesome if they were weirded out by me, so let’s hide my true self as well. 

“I want to be a splendid(worst) lord(tyrant) who rules so my people will be happy(sad) and carve my name in history (as one who got executed) desuwa.”  

My true thoughts were about to leak out every now and then. I managed to endure it, but it was quite hard. Also, my followers Mei’s, Makia’s, and Makina’s eyes shone as they looked at me, so I felt a bit of guilt that it felt good for me desuwa. My heart throbbed as I imagined how I would be destroyed in the future. 

After I was done, Mei said she dreamt to be the strongest swordsman in the world, and the dining hall shook strongly. The snack and tea in front of me were about to spill due to the shaking, but Makia caught the tea while Makina caught the snack… It lasted a short time, but it felt like a level 5 earthquake.

Almost all the new students became scared by the sudden shake, but seeing that Yuusuke and Maria didn’t look scared, I decided that they were yet another Japanese reincarnator or slider since Japan often experienced earthquakes. Well, even as a former Japanese myself, that shaking felt quite great, so it was okay for them to feel scared… 

The whole dining hall was enveloped with a restless atmosphere, but Cyril-sensei, the former military man who now served as a teacher, came and shouted, “That shake just now came from the hero’s attack! All of you are not to leave the dining hall!” The hero’s power was amazing since it managed to produce that much of a shockwave. I couldn’t help but wonder why she didn’t use such power to hit me before. 

Since her power was enough to produce something like an earthquake, it seemed that the fact she was said to be the greatest holder of firepower among the generations of heroes wasn’t a lie. I still didn’t forgive her for having a paper-thin defense that could be knocked out with a single cane smack on the back of her head though… If the hero got brainwashed, I think she would hit me with all her power. I could only pray that the hero would get controlled by the real brainwashing magic so she could do it. 

Tsukii Note:

If people knew her actual thoughts, they might have made their retorts, yet this pervert enjoyed being hurt by guilt…

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1 year ago

I decided that they were yet another Japanese reincarnator or slider since Japan often experienced earthquakes.

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Thanks for the chapter

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Thanks for the awesome translation Tsukii!