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Chapter 12 – Imperial Capital is a Mess desuwa

Around the barrier control device of the imperial capital magic academy, the hero and her comrades were preventing the invasion of demons. Because the numbers of invading demons were few and the teachers were powerful people, only a few managed to reach Elsie at all.

“…It seems that crazy lady from before isn’t here.” 

“Gah! You were the devil at the entrance ceremony earlier!”

However, the teachers would certainly avoid fighting the strong devil, which almost certainly ended up being taken care of by Elsie. Elsie then confronted the devil who had attacked during the entrance ceremony. The devil immediately rose to the sky at once and shot fireballs at high speed in quick succession, but none managed to hit the hero. 

On the other hand, Elsie’s attacks either failed to reach the devil up in the sky or veered off target, so they ended up in a stalemate, but Elsie was accompanied by her reliable comrades this time. The devil that was flying above was suddenly struck down to the ground by a sudden gust and then immediately restrained by the ivy that emerged from the earth. 

Then, after Elsie jumped up and swung her sword down with all her power, the result was the earthquake that Lydia’s group was experiencing. The attack that would crush even a high-ranking devil without even leaving dust missed its mark as the devil teleported away just before being hit. 

“He escaped again… be it brainwashing, teleportation, or gravity manipulation, just how much unique magic does he have…?” 

“He is quite different from the devils so far… Was this their last attack?”

“I can’t detect any devils in range, so that must have been the last one.”

Next to the hero were two people, a wind wizard and a plant wizard. This world basically divided magic into 7 basic elements of fire, water, wind, earth, light, darkness, and non-elemental, but there were exceptions in the form of unique magic, which brainwashing magic, plant magic, and teleportation magic were categorized as. There were only a few people who possessed such magic.  

The wind wizard, who was the top graduate of his magic academy, used detection magic and confirmed that the devil was no longer within the academy grounds. Once the attack on the academy was interrupted, the academy teachers and the imperial army rushed to confirm the damage and resumed the restoration of the barrier. 

The reason why it took time to restore the barrier was because the size and quality of mana in the jewel that served as the power source were different, so it was necessary to modify the device before it could be restarted. 

Specifically, the current situation was that the machine still had circuitry in it, but it couldn’t be activated immediately since the type of the available spare battery was different. It was the type of situation where a machine that ran on AAA batteries needed to be modified to be able to run on AA batteries, which would take three days. 

Since finding the same type of jewel was rare in the first place, devices that ran using jewels basically couldn’t restart easily once the jewels were removed. A type of jewel that could continuously produce a certain amount of mana could be priced at tremendous value if it was large in size, and even the medium size jewel that was embedded in Lydia’s cane could cost a few billion credits just from the price of the jewel alone. 

Elsie and her group continued to be vigilant while watching the new jewel and the staff who incorporated it into the device, but outside of the academy, it suddenly became noisy. It was because a fire broke out that was so big the rising smoke could be seen even inside the academy. Elsie was about to run there, but she had to stay to protect the process of barrier reactivation. 

This fire was obviously caused by arson, and the high-ranking devil, who was the main culprit of this attack, smiled when he saw the fire spread over a relatively wide area. Fortunately for the said devil, Lydia’s mansion wasn’t included in the arson’s range. 

There was a raid on the magic academy, mysterious rumbling, and widespread fire in the imperial capital. The scene began to become chaotic and the dining hall became noisy. 

“Almost all the devil presences within the academy have disappeared. Some of them seemed to have entered the imperial castle, so perhaps they were aiming for the emperor’s life.” 

“…Lydia-sama, is our house safe?”

“The fire didn’t reach our house, so it’s fine. It seems things are about to settle down, so let’s go home for today.”

The only one who was calm among the group was Lydia, who kept detecting presences throughout the imperial capital. As Lydia drank her tea, she confirmed that most of the devils had already left, and decided to take Mei and the others back home, but on the way, Lydia sent them ahead as she stepped into the sea of flame. 

Lydia, roaming around saying, “it feels sultry and hot,” as the houses burned with roaring noises, would appear to be a monster if seen from the side. Lydia kept her clothes wet with magic as she walked around until she finally reached her destination. 


“We’ve met earlier… Why aren’t your clothes burning?”

“I’ll return those words to you… what do you want?”

The devil, who set this place on fire, was currently healing his wounds. He barely managed to escape from the hero’s attack at the last moment, but the aftershock of said attack still reached him, so the devil’s body was battered with wounds. 

As the devil encountered Lydia in that state, he immediately gave up and asked what she wanted. Looking at the state of the devil, Lydia smiled, thinking she could ask a lot of things. 

Tsukii Note:

Our pitiful macho devil actually had clothing with him… (plot twist).

Even the devil is quick to give up and face reality… it’s a terrifying world where a devil (crazy lady) attacked a devil (macho).

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1 year ago

I hope we’ll get the answer to the question “how demon’s clothes didn’t get burned”…

Thanks for the translation!