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Chapter 13 – YEET with a Full Swing desuwa

Somehow devils invaded and turned the imperial capital into a sea of fire. I went into the sea of fire, thinking of enjoying it, but all I felt was a little hot… Perhaps this was because of my experience of doing costume barbeque for a long time. It was a villainess-like action of requesting an expensive costume, asking them to bring it, only to burn it, such a meaningless course of action intended to drive others to commit vengeance.

Also, I would have to wander around naked if my clothes burned, so I moistened them with water, but if I knew this devil was here, I’d rather have been naked desuwa. Rather, this devil was weirdly wearing only pants and a coat? Was such fashion a trend among devils? 

“If you want to kill me, do it quickly.” 

“I don’t want to. I wanted to ask you some things… I was looking into the battle earlier. You flew using gravity manipulation, right? You don’t seem to fly using the wings on your back after all.”

“…That’s right, but what of it?”

“…This is just my guess, but don’t you have the ability to acquire unique magic?”

This devil who attacked earlier used various unique magic, so I asked if he had a method to acquire it and he said he actually had such characteristics. Apparently, he had the ability to inherit unique magic from a dead person for 24 hours, but that sounded like a protagonist-like ability. It wasn’t an ability that could steal from others at will, but it was still a cheat desuwa. 

I also asked about the demon lord’s territory, which is located across the sea, but their system was similar to this side. There was an emperor (demon lord) who brought together multiple nations, and serving under the demon lord were the four kings, known as the Four Heavenly Kings. 

Below those kings seemed to be the dukes who managed specific regions, counts who managed specific prefectures, and barons who governed cities, so the system was mostly similar to this side desuwa. Both this and that side must have been a single nation in the past. The ancient nuclear war theory seemed to become a reality and I didn’t like it desuwa. 

It seemed that the goal of the attack was to kidnap the emperor’s daughter and was already accomplished desuwa. I was surprised since it was my first time hearing it… but I was sure this would cause a big uproar tomorrow. 

The current emperor had two sons and two daughters, but it seemed the eldest daughter was kidnapped this time desuwa… This devil seemed to really give up and easily gave me information. It made me feel pity for him. 

He was a person who had the potential to exceed me… he was a devil anyway, so he would likely exact his vengeance if I let him go. For the time being, let’s YEET him from the imperial capital desuwa. He seemed sturdy anyway, so he should be able to take one hit from me. 

“Anyway, I will expel you out of the imperial capital desuwa. You are YEETed desuwa.” 

“No, even if you say YEET I- gah?!”

I reinforced my cane with wind magic and smashed the devil’s abdomen with the jewel desuwa. I full-swung it as it was and sent him flying out of the imperial capital, but he seemed to survive that, so he sure had amazing durability. Since I gave him unreasonable violence, he would definitely return for vengeance. There was no doubt that he was muttering, “that girl, just wait for next time… I will exact my vengeance,” around this time. 

Well then. I confirmed the things I wanted to check, so all I needed to do was help extinguish the fire and go home. The fire was spreading wide, and people who could use water magic began to extinguish the fire all at once. I just used wind magic to alter the wind direction so the fire had a harder time spreading. 

…Still, what do those devils want to do by setting the imperial capital on fire and kidnapping the emperor’s daughter? Even if they set the capital on fire, due to the number of water magicians available, it would be extinguished in no time, and the eldest son would have better worth as a hostage since he would become the next emperor… hah, don’t tell me, they wanted to turn the emperor’s daughter into a sex slave…?! What an enviable situation…! 

In that case, I wish they would kidnap me instead desuwa. I’m a duke. I also have a beautiful appearance. My boobs are quite big, and I can already bear children. I’m also a top-class aristocrat in terms of economic power within the empire, so I have tons of utility value. So please kidnap me…! 

The fire was extinguished in about two hours, but the total damage seemed to be large. It might be because the barrier that could locate the devil was lost, but wouldn’t claim damages be sent to me, who caused the devil to escape during the initial attack? The damage might be so large that it could drive me into debt… and if that happened, I might be set on the course of becoming a debt slave and being bought by a brute of a master, which also sounded nice.

“Makia, how much do you think the total damage to the imperial capital is?” 

“Err, since one block of the imperial capital is totally burned down… I guess it’ll be about 2 to 3 billion credits?”

“…Tell Crecia to donate 3 billion credits to the imperial capital.”

“Eh?! …Yes!”

But unfortunately, I only lost the amount of money I could earn within half a month, so I told Makia to give it away… it seemed it would be hard for me to go into debt, wouldn’t it? 

Tsukii Note:

Let’s list Lydia’s deeds:

  • Pretending to be brainwashed and blocking the hero from finishing the enemy.
  • Didn’t block the jewel theft.
  • They met up all alone after the fact and she sent the devil out of the empire.

It’s totally proof she is connected with the devil! The traitorous crazy lady ought to be YEETed!

But then, she proceeded to help extinguish the fire and then donate 3 billion for reconstruction, so is she really related to the devil? Not a saint to common people?

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