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Chapter 15 – It’s the Bullying Before the YEET desuwa

The academy had reopened so I went there, but the first thing I did today was donate 100 million credits to Maria’s orphanage desuwa. I also sent Makia and Makina to Maria and told her she could use them as she liked. I wanted to confirm if she was really planning a revolution, and if she really was, I would pour money like water to provide weapons and armor.

I also wanted the twins to betray me, but Makia and Makina were daughters of my vassals, so it was too bad that they were basically unable to betray me. Since their family would be in trouble if they did, no normal person would do it. When I imagined their conflict if they betrayed their friends and comrades for money, it really excited me so I’d like them to really betray me. 

Academy life began, but the first lesson was boring since it was just the teacher’s self-introduction and the explanation of the future schedule. 

“I’m Marilina Saito, in charge of practical magic exercises. Today is our first class, so I’d like to check the ability of each student. First of all, the best entrant Lydia-san, please come forward.” 

This world was interesting since there were people who were clearly descendants of Japanese reincarnators. Seeing how Saito wasn’t that rare of a surname in this world, I guessed Saito-san made himself a harem in the past. As I came forward, I stood on the scaffold in the middle of a special field surrounded by specially made fences below. If I wore a short skirt, people could peek at what was beneath. I should have worn a short skirt instead. 

Marilina-sensei allowed me to choose my opponent, so I chose Abraham. I would be able to bully him like this, so I planned to work hard so Abraham would want to exact vengeance on me in the future. 

When both of us had poured our mana into jewels provided by Marilina-sensei, a phantom that looked just like me appeared on the field below. Abraham’s phantom also appeared at the same time on the other side, jumping and running around… This jewel was likely an object that could read the ability of the person who touched it. 

I knew there was a similar jewel in the adventurer’s guild. It was a mass-produced object so it wasn’t that unusual. If one became an adventurer, their status would be measured with this kind of jewel and they would be assigned a rank based on it, which was a classic item of another world. Still, I think this jewel probably had a similar ability reading function. 

And somewhere in this academy, there should be something that reads the output generated by the jewel and conjures the phantom on the field. The phantom jumped and ran around according to my thoughts, so it felt like operating a game avatar. 

…This was something made by a former Japanese person without a doubt. They were too capable of making otherworldly items. If asked whether this method was close to an actual battle, it was quite vague since it was done from a third person’s perspective, but it was interesting controlling the phantom like playing a game desuwa. 

“This sure is interesting… Ei!” 

“Gh, Rafshuet!”1

Since the phantom properly imitated the ability of the real person, I could throw a stupidly huge fireball at Abraham. Abraham was surprised by the sudden attack, but he transformed his arm into a sword and blocked it… That ability of conjuring swords was quite mysterious. Did he fuse his body with his magic sword? I made a mental note to ask about it later. 

But I felt a little scared of this jewel that could properly enact what he intended to do desuwa. It might be able to read my thoughts after all. That might make the future of destruction come. That was good in its own way, though. 

Marilina-sensei warned me, “I didn’t give you the signal to begin yet,” and after a while, my phantom rushed toward Abraham’s at the start signal, but I wasn’t foolish enough to attempt close-quarter combat against a swordsman. I used wind magic to move around while sliding on the ground and kept shooting fireballs at Abraham. 

My phantom slid around while using a compressed ball of wind, so I felt a little envious as I saw that. When Abraham’s phantom got close, I used a ball of wind to hit my phantom’s back or stomach to accelerate in the desired direction desuwa. This kind of movement method was hard to do in person, but it was easy to do while looking down from above. 

Abraham was creeped out by my phantom’s movement method, so he didn’t approach. Instead, he swung his sword to send his slash flying toward my phantom, but none of them hit my phantom since I kept sliding around. Besides, it didn’t seem like it would cause great damage even if it got hit desuwa. 

“Are you underestimating me by not using magic at all despite it being a practical magic exercise? Why don’t you obediently go to a military academy and learn swordsmanship there instead? You are a shame to the Sometime Family.” 

“…I surrender. I have no way to win.”

“Oh my, you surrendered without transforming your left arm into a sword? That sure is an interesting joke, you failure of a student.”

Even though I kept provoking him, Abraham only transformed his right arm into a sword without transforming his left arm, unlike when he fought that devil back then, so I guess he was a boring man who held himself back. Moreover, since the match was over by the time one side surrendered, it ended very easily. I guess I should ridicule and provoke him more for this. 

Tsukii Note:

Apparently, our lady isn’t just a masochist, but also an exhibitionist…  or do they belong to the same vein to begin with? Also, Lydia’s complaint on how Abraham didn’t use any magic is also justified, considering they are in practical magic lessons at the magic academy. Not to mention it’s a spar, not self-training, and her complaint is also a piece of advice for Abraham to do better.

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For some reason I can hear Marine voice from Hololive lol.

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Even her magic is masochistic…

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Thanks for the awesome translation Tsukii!!