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Chapter 2 – The Army of the Enemy Nation is to be YEETed desuwa

Peace was the preparatory period between wars.

That said, I didn’t know how to respond when the neighboring nation actually attacked suddenly. Even if peace was called a preparatory period, it didn’t mean we could always prepare… No, now that I think about it, wasn’t this a chance to get caught and violated by an enemy nation? 

And so, the moment the count family who served as our family subordinate asked for help, I brought my knight brigade to sortie. The enemy side was 4000 strong out there, while there were only 400 of us. It was a totally real chance of getting violated for me. Somehow, I felt there were 2000 conscripts following from behind us, but it must be my imagination. I proceeded to go for an assault without keeping pace with those conscripts. 

Even if I was still 10 years old, my chest had already begun to grow and my beautiful blond hair grew longer and I made it into a twin drill. There should be only a few men out there who wouldn’t actually violate me if they saw me naked. I longed to be in a situation where I was ordered around by the commander of the enemy army and treated like a whore. Also, I would like to be restrained all over and then gangbanged by the grunt soldiers.  

…If possible, I’d like to be fucked all day and night for a year straight or so? Or rather, it might be possible if I got caught, right? There are 4000 of them after all, so they might be able to violate me for 1 year straight without any rest, right? 

Ah, no good. I got a little wet down there now that I imagined the situation. I’ll have to change my underwear later. 

The report arrived suddenly. 

The neighboring Arcelus Kingdom crossed the border of the empire and invaded the duchy of Narorosa. Their large army consisted of 4000 soldiers. Moreover, they were part of a regular army that received a high degree of training. It would be hard for the duchy to endure until reinforcements from the imperial capital arrived. Meanwhile, the Narorosa duchy only had 2500 troops in total if Lydia’s knight brigade was included, and most of those numbers were conscripts who weren’t trained properly.

Lydia’s grandfather, Grives, immediately gathered his subordinates and held a military council, but most people there were gloomy. But that council was put in order by the single sentence of Lydia. 

“I’ll lead my knight brigade and deal with the army of the Arcelus Kingdom. Those barbaric people of the kingdom are all to be YEETed desuwa.” 

Of course, many called out her choice as reckless, but Grives only said he understood and let Lydia do as she liked. For Grives, the precious girl left behind by his son was nothing more but some sort of evil spirit, and he already inwardly considered having the younger brother of Lydia’s father, or Lydia’s uncle succeed the territory if Lydia were to die here, so Grives didn’t stop Lydia. 

In hindsight, if Lydia were stopped there, the mightiness of Lydia’s knight brigade on the battlefield would only be revealed a little later. After Lydia received the order to sortie from Grives, she immediately gathered the 400 people of the knight brigade and set out. 

These were talented people who didn’t slack in their efforts. 400 strong people who each could match the might of a thousand people. They rode their horses and marched into the battlefield. Other armies couldn’t keep up with their speed and were left behind.

Along the way, Lydia embraced her own body; it shivered while riding. The high-ranking officers among the knight brigade who witnessed that thought the usually innocent Lydia actually felt scared by the battlefield, which was filled with an atmosphere of defeat. At the same time, Lydia’s figure, which appeared to be her attempt to protect herself, had triggered the knights’ desire to protect her. 

They had to avoid having their master get caught by the enemy army at all costs. They had no idea what might happen to her if she were caught. She was a beautiful girl that, despite the young age of 10 years old, would sometimes reveal the sex appeal of an adult. If she were caught, it was easy to imagine the tragic fate that awaited her. 

“We’re charging desuwa! I will be the vanguard!” 

Lydia waved the flag in front of the formation for the sake of being captured by the enemy army. Moreover, with Lydia leading the charge, the formation seemed like she was asking to get caught, but it naturally turned into a fish-scale formation and pierced deep into the enemy formation. 

The formation made of 3000 soldiers of Arcelus Kingdom’s army was easily breached, and the elite core of the enemy army rushed to aim directly at Lydia. However, they failed to even buy time and were overrun by horses. Lydia, who was thinking of being violated by the horse’s massive XXX, collected only the horses with massive XXX, the result of which was shown at this battle. 

“That’s the leader of the enemy army! Hurry and cut down her heaaaaaad!” 

“Have the magic unit keep shooting at that woman!”

“None of our attacks actually affected her… you say…?!”

The deputy general of the Arcelus Kingdom, who commanded the main army, led the army and launched a pincer attack, but they couldn’t make a significant impact and kept being pushed out instead. Eventually, with the renowned general of Arcelus Kingdom who served as the supreme commander of the army being cut down, Arcelus Kingdom’s army began to collapse and withdraw.  

Lydia kept glaring at the Arcelus Kingdom’s army, which was scattered as they left. That scene was burned into the minds of all the knights who participated in the war. 

From then on, Lydia’s fame rose up as fast as a person jumping off a cliff.

Tsukii Note:

You might find the expression of “fame rising up as fast as a person jumping off a cliff” weird, but considering Lydia’s goal is to fall down and how she failed at it, it makes sense in the context.

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11 months ago

“considered having the younger brother of Lydia’s father, or Lydia’s uncle succeed the territory”

But the younger brother of Lydia’s father would be her uncle though? Maybe Grives is referring to her uncle on her mother’s side?

I hope the story shows or tells us why Grives considers his own granddaughter an evil spirit. Was he afraid of her? If he just disliked her, it seems a bit odd that he never spanked her or had her punished some other way.

1 year ago

Man…all of her thoughts are completely one-tracked huh. She must really be holding herself back with thoughts like thoses.

Thank you for the chapter! I’m looking forward to more misunderstandings. YEET desuwa!

1 year ago

Wtf? too much of a degenerate