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Chapter 21 – Searching for Magic Swords desuwa

A month had passed since academy life began, but other than the fact that Abraham’s expression grew darker by the day, there were no particular incidents or events of note. Also, I was wondering what to do to target Yuusuke, who was being used by Maria now. That hick was showing the sad figure of a man being exploited by Maria, a villainess.

…Because of how easily he promised his help on the initial request of looking for something, Yuusuke was forced to work for free from then on. Even without me doing something, he would likely go wild on his own and drop out of the academy desuwa. Looking at how Maria expertly acted in a way that made several men have the wrong idea, it seemed that she understood the nature of men, which allowed her to exploit men to their bitter end. It was amazing she didn’t get a bad reputation because of that desuwa.

“That magic sword is capable of cutting magic, so it’s cheating… By the way, Mei, do you know anything about magic swords?” 

“Magic swords, you say…?”

I had my second match against Abraham in practical magic exercise class today, but even as I shot fireballs from all directions, he cut all of them down. He was at a level where he could join my knight brigade. 

I casually collected information about Abraham and I found out that the reason why his arm transformed into a sword was that it fused with his magic sword; the magic sword on that right arm allowed him to amplify his minuscule amount of mana. So that was why he could shoot a slash or cut down magic with his sword. 

“Now that I think about it, I think there was a magic sword in my facility…” 

“…Is there such a thing?”

After the morning class, I enjoyed daily lunch at the dining hall with Mei and currently was having tea time. When I told Mei I was looking for a magic sword, she desperately dug through her memory about the facility where she once was. 

Mei was a crime slave, as for the exact crime, she was a former assassin guilty of killing my escort and thus turned into a slave. Or rather, I was her assassination target. Unfortunately, she was unable to break through all of my escorts and ended up captured, but considering she was a child back then, she was amazingly capable of managing to kill one of my escorts, and that was a major crime desuwa. 

She was raised by the assassin institution of the Arcelus Kingdom, the nemesis of the Lowlet Empire, so her general combat ability was high, and due to her agile movement and now improved endurance, perhaps she could successfully assassinate me now. 

When I captured Mei, I came to learn of said assassin institution, so I messed around with said institution under the hope they would send tons of assassins at me afterward, but the institution was destroyed before I knew it. I didn’t destroy the institution itself, just part of it, but was there a magic sword among the things I looted back then? 

“That sword made one lose one’s emotion when held. We were told to hold onto it as our daily routine to control our emotions.” 

“…I think there was a sword back then. I didn’t look in detail, but there certainly was a sword that was wrapped in cloth along with its scabbard… I think I sold it off in an auction desuwa.”

When I asked for a detailed story from Mei, it seemed to be a sword that would erase the emotions of a wielder, and if one held it, they would leave without feeling anything for the rest of the day. It was said that you couldn’t feel pain or exhaustion at all, so it was dangerous stuff. On top of being unable to feel pain, they would also be rendered unable to feel panic or nervousness, so it was a perfect sword for an assassin. 

“There are many types of magic swords, but the ones that people are most scared of are those that are made by a blacksmith in the Arcelus Kingdom.” 

“I understand that magic swords have their respective characteristics in addition to their advantages and disadvantages… or rather, I guess that’s exactly why they are known as magic swords.”

When I took over the orphanage (assassin fostering institution) Mei came from, I took all the things that interested me, and it seemed there was a magic sword among them, but I ended up selling it. I think wealthy aristocrats love objects like that, so it would be hard to get it back desuwa. 

Personally, I was curious about the man who was said to forge magic swords. It seemed he was treated very kindly in the Arcelus Kingdom, and being a person who could mass produce magic swords, anyone would want them, so it would be hard to bring him here desuwa. 

“Do you know the name of that blacksmith?” 

“I think his name is Garlon. He is known as a magic sword blacksmith and is better known by that name in the Arcelus Kingdom… He is the only living person in the world who can make a magic sword today.”

Just as I explored Abraham’s movement, Abraham also asked around for the maker of magic swords and a magic sword itself. It seemed he failed to learn the name of the blacksmith… but it was surprising he didn’t try to ask Mei. 

Well, Mei was a follower of a person who defeated him mercilessly in a practical magic exercise battle and the very person who started bullying him, so I guess he didn’t have enough courage to ask. Seeing how Crecia had no idea of the blacksmith’s name, I guess the blacksmith’s existence was considered heavily classified. 

Tsukii’s Note:

Read what Abraham did in his spar against Lydia again. Then read Lydia’s comment about it.

It meant the average member of Lydia’s knight brigade could easily do the same.

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Amo Page
1 year ago

For a masochistic fool she’s kinda smart and quite a schemer(though almost none worked)

1 year ago

Lol her knight brigade is too overpowered

Thanks for the awesome translation Tsukii!!

7 months ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

The main reason why her YEETing of her knights doesn’t work as she wants it to, is because of how she designed it. She kicks out the weakest person, however she always allows them to come back when they are stronger because it would make it easier for them to take revenge.

But why would they feel angry when they can rejoin as many times as they want? They only need to get stronger afterall.