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Chapter 23 – It’s a Bountiful Harvest desuwa

The crop harvest began during the holiday, but it was spectacular to see rice growing like a vast land of other worlds for as far as the eye could see. It was a bountiful harvest without a doubt desuwa. The yield had been increasing every year for the past few years, so it could be said that territory management was going well.

Above all, the weather was good this year. With the sunny weather continuing during the harvest season, a tremendous amount of grain would be collected as tax. The grain crop was rice despite this being another world. Well, I was grateful for the reincarnator of the past. Rice was a very good crop indeed. 

It wasn’t like the bountiful harvest happened all across the empire, so it didn’t break the price of crops as a whole. All the vassals came to pay the tax seriously, so there was nothing wrong within the territory, which felt boring. Why did nobody try to be corrupt? Wouldn’t this situation make me unable to YEET anyone? 

Until a few years ago, some vassals committed acts of corruption with parades of data tampering and bribery, so I could YEET people as I liked. I confiscated all their private property and YEETed them outside the territory, so I thought it should be about time some of them tried to exact their vengeance… but I didn’t seem to hear anything about the YEETed former lords? 

In the meantime, the Lowlet Empire started an army and invaded the Arcelus Kingdom. This served as retaliation for the attack on my territory last time. This Arcelus Kingdom wasn’t that great of a nation considering their national power with landmass was less than 20% of the empire, but… 

Well, I doubt they would be crushed. The O’Shay Federation would surely send reinforcements for the Arcelus Kingdom since Arcelus served as a barrier between the Federation and the Empire, and the borders of the Arcelus Kingdom were lined with strong fortresses. Moreover, there were tons of S-rank adventurers wielding magic swords that were mass-produced in recent years. Even during the time when I struck back at them in the past, while I managed to slay their commander, they still managed to retreat properly, so there wasn’t major damage to their main force. 

“So obviously, there is an order for me to participate in the war… I guess I will be absent from the academy for part of the next term desuwa.” 

The number of troops deployed by the Lowlet Empire this time was about 20,000. It consisted of 10,000 of the Empire’s standing army and 10,000 of the lords’ armies. With the exception of armies that served to suppress rebellion and battle of succession, also the reserve forces placed in the imperial capital during the war, it seemed that all standing armies that could be deployed were moved desuwa. Because the hero party and high-rank adventurers were away for an operation rescuing the princess that was kidnapped by the Demon Lord, the lack of those forces felt painful in this situation.

…Since the original invasion served as a casus belli1 for Narorosa duchy, I had no reason to not participate. I already got a magic sword and I was thinking of boasting about it to Abraham, who seemed to be trying to collect magic swords, but I guess I had to put that off for a while desuwa. 

Since it was a war to retaliate for the damage to my reputation, I deployed all 400 members of the knight brigade and the 400 heavy infantry in the golden armor unit I made after I became the king. The equipment being golden armor seemed to show off how much of an upstart noble I was, and I think it would further polish the violated ojou-sama power. 

Well, as expected, I couldn’t make the armor fully out of gold, so it was just gold-plated, but it didn’t change the fact it was very conspicuous. By the way, the six former knights who were now counts were leading 100 men respectively, and with Ally duchy sending 300 spearmen and Harozer duchy sending 300 cavalrymen, it made the combined forces of the Narorosa Kingdom 2,000 men in total. 

Considering the Arcelus Kingdom invaded Narorosa with 4,000 members of their standing army last time, having Narorosa send 2,000 men was reasonable. By the way, the men I selected as members of the heavy infantry unit were those who had big juniors2 and were strong men, so they could fight decently. I would welcome the prospect of them betraying me anytime. 

Since I wished to be caught and violated, I requested to serve as vanguard and it was easily granted so I was in front of 22,000 men desuwa. Normally, the morale of a vanguard unit, a large army on a scale of 10,000, would easily deteriorate, but for some reason, the morale was exploding. I couldn’t help but worry if we could lose at all desuwa. If we lose, all of you are to abandon me and withdraw the whole army, okay? 

By the time we entered the territory of Arcelus Kingdom, there were 4,000 men strong of their standing army, 4,000 strong adventurer units, and 15,000 reinforcements sent by the O’Shay Federation waiting there. So numbers-wise, it was a clash between 23,000 and 22,000. With the quality of the armies about the same, a great battle was bound to ensue.

I had declared to the general earlier, “I will lead my army to crush the enemy’s vanguard and win,” so I would do my best to make sure my army was crushed and I got captured, then tortured. The enemy’s vanguard consisted of 4,000 from Arcelus Kingdom’s army and 4,000 adventurers, so that was 8,000 people in total. 

Anyway, our vanguard was 2,000 men of Narorosa Kingdom’s army and 5,000 men of Lowlet Empire’s army, so it was 7,000 men in total, but I had told the empire’s commanders to not charge until my signal, so it would be 2,000 VS 8,000. It was my chance to be captured and violated. I would make it come true whatever it takes. 

Tsukii’s Note:

Others would see her gold-plated unit as her proud elite… with said king personally going to war with them.

Also, it’s gold-plated, not pure gold. It meant it lacked the fragility of gold, heavier mass than conventional armor(It’s a heavy infantry unit after all), and would pretty much protect them from most conventional attacks.

Even though our protag did her best to lose, why couldn’t I see her losing? Moreover, since she said she came to collect magic swords, I could only see it as a flag that there would be some adventurers who came wielding them…

Our lady also said she YEETed many vassals until a few years ago due to corruption, data manipulation, etc. Normally, people would choose to keep using them since there was no one who could replace them or lack of personnel so they came to compromise, but our lady YEET people without giving a damn as long as they did wrong since she didn’t mind getting ruined from doing so. But she actually did it after things were stable inside where her people kept improving themselves and closely knitted together with her as the center, so all went well.

To her enemies, all 400 members of her knight brigade are like mini bosses while Lydia herself is a raid boss, and they charge together with max morale possible… I guess the enemy’s vanguard wouldn’t last long. Also, why did she think she would lose, considering the history of them defeating an enemy that was 10 times their number? 

If we see it from the knight brigade’s perspective, they are people who are at least at the level of champion of a martial arts tournament, with their weakest constantly YEETed away, the most elite of the elite. But despite that, they lacked the chance to show it on the real battlefield, only fighting among themselves all this time. They might be proud of their post, but the frustration of being unable to be active would pile up. Yet it is then the king herself declared she would get the honor as vanguard alongside them. Of course they would be motivated.

Lydia was already strong as she was, but she now had the magic sword that could cut pretty much anything… I guess she would YEET her enemy from this world.

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7 months ago

Serious question, she might be a pervert but how did she know the heavy infantry she had chosen had big dicks? Did she ask her Intel commander to get her the info on all their dicks?

Her way of thinking is a bit interesting though and I can’t really wrap my head around it. I am not talking about her perverted desire to suffer a bad outcome, but rather her actions toward other people.

It was mentioned at the start that she had no problem with everyone else dying/suffering as long as she herself could suffer a bad end. We see this in this chapter where she is trying to create a situation where her soldiers will all die so that she can have a bad end.

But since she doesn’t care if other people suffer if it means that she can have a bad end, why does she feel like she can only punish people and YEET them if they deserve it?

Is it only a case of where the author has accidentally contradict themselves because the plot demands this… Or is there something I am missing here?

1 year ago

I am in despair from not being able to read more of YEET desuwa~ lady. Maybe that’ll get her rockers off.

1 year ago

Man is she stupid

Thanks for the awesome translation Tsukii!!

1 year ago

400 mini-bosses… with big PP energy.
One can only wonder what the selection process looked like…

Thanks for the translation!

1 year ago

I kind of bet that when she shows off her magic sword to Abraham, he’s going to be like “because she can wield this sword like nothing is wrong, this is the world she lives in” and try to bring colour to her world.

That said, her trying to get Abraham to show off his magic sword would be a hilarious euphemism.