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Chapter 28 – Slackers are to be YEETed desuwa

I was now a second-year student even though I rarely went to the magic academy, but Abraham surprisingly still survived. Now that we had become second-year students, we began to have lessons about diving into dungeons, and some people were condemned due to the unforgiving environment that didn’t allow any kind of slack. Well, the person who was condemning others wasn’t me, but Yuusuke though.

Yuusuke was aware of how capable Abraham was when he was serious and they ended up grouping together and diving into the dungeon, but sure enough, even though the party members were in danger, he still only transformed a single arm into a magic sword desuwa. 

…Well, Yuusuke might actually do something similar though. Anyway, since he did an action that deemed him to be YEETed, I went ahead to YEET him. Abraham asked, “Under what authority is Lydia allowed to do so?” but I was the king of Narorosa Kingdom, which boasted the largest economy within the Lowlet Empire. Recently, even Duke Reynard transferred from being the empire’s vassal into my vassal, so my total territory became a decently-sized kingdom. 

Also, I gave him the option to tell me the mechanism of how he was able to transform his arm and what he knew about magic swords, but since he refused, I kicked him in the butt as I YEETed him from the academy. I thought he was more of a calm person, but unfortunately, he was a person who couldn’t trust anyone but himself. 

Well, considering how many reincarnators were lurking around in this world, I could understand his thought of wanting something exclusive for himself, but that didn’t make it okay for him to still hold back when his party members were in danger of dying and insist on not giving a reason to explain, so there was no choice but to YEET him. 

I personally found it a satisfactory YEET since Abraham was likely able to exact his vengeance later. Also, I was always ready to receive condemnation. Rather, please do so desuwa. 

“Lydia-sama, here is the letter containing Abraham’s soliloquy during his stay at the academy dorm.” 

“…I had a really bad feeling about this, but did he really speak to his sword?”

“Eh, yes. He changed his arm into a sword and did his monologue. We couldn’t analyze the transformation magic, though…”

Apparently, Mei was lurking in the ceiling of the boys’ dormitory while I was away for war, and she seemed to take note of Abraham’s soliloquy. I guess as expected of a former assassin. What were you, a ninja? 

Even the number of times each boy masturbated was recorded so I could even make a ranking of boys who were most sexually active. I could only say my condolencea toward the boys in this academy. As a former man myself, I definitely didn’t want such information to spread among the girls. 

[“Lia, how many magic swords are out there in total?”] 

[“Sixteen… it’s quite a lot.”]

[“Ah, you mean 16 excluding Lia. You are the holder, after all.”]

[“Do you know the unique abilities of other magic swords?”]

According to Abraham’s soliloquy, I learned there were 16 magic swords that could cause mental pollution like rendering its wielder only able to cry or laugh. Rather, it’s possible all sixteen were capable of talking. One of the magic swords that Abraham had seemed to have the name of Lia, but I had no idea of the other one, so I couldn’t help but be curious. 

…No, if I recall correctly, he shouted Rafshuet and the magic sword appeared during the practical magic lesson back then, so that might be the name of the magic sword. That opened the possibility that he had 3 or more magic swords with him. 

Also, the word “holder” that Abraham said might mean a magic sword that was capable of storing other magic swords. Rather, Lia seemed to be such a magic sword. That was the conclusion I could naturally infer from his soliloquy desuwa. But well, he seemed to be collecting magic swords. Each magic sword had its respective, convenient special attack, if in possession of all of them, even if the wielder were a mundane person, it could make them strong desuwa. 

And considering Abraham’s expertise in swordsmanship, if he managed to collect them all, perhaps he could face an army alone, which made him a dangerous fellow desuwa. Well, that wouldn’t come true since two of them were in my hands.

It was good to know there were 16 such magic swords, so I ordered Crecia to continue to search and collect them. If possible, I’d like to get back the magic sword that Mei said made its wielder lose their emotion, but that magic sword seemed to be Lia… Since Abraham hailed from the Sometime family that owned a mine, they should have quite a lot of money, so it was possible that it was he who won the auction bid.

Well, Abraham was safely YEETed, so let’s be satisfied with that desuwa. I intended to switch my target to Yuusuke next, but he was already Maria’s love slave so he would naturally be included in the strength of the revolutionary army, so it would be best to do nothing about him. I would continue to give donations to Maria. The scale of her orphanage already exceeded 1,000, so her plan should be moving smoothly.

Rather, it seemed the number of her followers increased considerably and her popularity as the saint was unstoppable. Maria would be graduating next year, so I guess she would be moving to enact her revolution in full scale by then. Hein Kingdom was a rich nation with a large amount of agricultural land and was known as a bountiful nation, but in fact, most of its population were slaves under the guise of peasants who desperately earned their living. Having such lives continue for a long time, their resentment naturally builds up. 

Maria only needed to incite them a little and it would be easy to cause an uprising, and for the sake of increasing people’s dissatisfaction and desire to rebel, she already established the “Linlin newspaper” so it was only a matter of time before things exploded desuwa… She was a saint who started the religion and established a newspaper company; it was easy to see how dangerous she was just by using written words. With this, Maria’s status was unlikely to waver. 

Tsukii Note:

Well, that’s the reason Abraham enrolled in a magic academy despite his lack of mana, to search for magic swords! The rich could purchase them quite easily, and since many of them gathered at the magic academy, he came there.

Also, even without the incitement of communism, it was only a matter of time before a great empire shattered from the inside due to the number of powerful vassals inside, just like the Mongol Empire or the Late Han dynasty of china.

There was nothing weird with Lydia YEETing Abraham this time. Choosing to not go seriously despite the danger of life that team members suffered marked him as an inept student, not to mention he isn’t suited to the magic academy to begin with. Things might be different if he is an honor student, though…

As for Linlin Religion… well, nations who couldn’t handle it mean they couldn’t last long to begin with. It meant the people in power chose to ignore a potential uprising when it was still subtle, and couldn’t react by the time it was too late.

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1 year ago

That’s not true, even Empires that are strong can fall to such religions if is to peaceful yet has populated by a lot of dumb people that have power.

In a dictatorship you can just kill all those people. Even if we are talking about millions here.

But in a peaceful nation where such things is a no go? How do you deal with such a religion?