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Chapter 29 – It’s a Locust Swarm desuwa

Now that I had become a second-year student, I was part of a 4-person party for the practical training, but my party members were the usual choices of Mei, Makia, and Makina.

There was only one dungeon, or rather an underground space in the form of a large cave that was connected to the demon territory that people called a dungeon, in this world. It had been confirmed that it had 4 underground levels, but it was said that those who lived on the 4th level were monsters that didn’t seem to belong to this world, so I was really looking forward to it. 

Just as I excitedly thought about a dragon with a giant XXX on the dungeon’s last level, the Lowlet Empire’s wyverns, which were few in number, seemed to be spreading flyers. When I thought it was just a newspaper extra and took a look, I could see that the O’Shay Federation was devastated by swarms of black and red grasshoppers. 

…It was totally a locust swarm, no matter how I looked at it. Such a locust swarm was said to occur once every few decades, but just like in my previous life, an explosion in the grasshopper population would make them eat up crops. 

Those names of black and red grasshoppers were most likely named by Japanese people of the past, but the black grasshopper in this world was bigger compared to Earth’s counterpart, with a total length of about 20 cm, which was about the size of the palm of a hand. Not only did they eat crops, but black grasshoppers also ate books and clothing, but they wouldn’t eat animals or humans. Under normal circumstances, that was. 

As for the red grasshopper, their size was about the same as their black counterpart, but they were more vicious and omnivorous. Since they ate meat, not only would they eat livestock, but they would also cause damage to humans. Being eaten alive sounded wonderful desuwa. Having disgusting insects gnawing on my head might make me cum in ecstasy. 

The swarm of grasshoppers seemed to move through the O’Shay federation and then the Arcelus Kingdom, so if things stayed as they were, they would pass the border of Arcelus Kingdom and enter my territory. Due to this obvious emergency situation, we decided to return to the territory temporarily. I would like to see how the large swarm of grasshoppers covered the sky after all. 

“Lydia-sama, how should we deal with this?” 

“Crecia is to lead people of the territory to evacuate to the inside of the coliseum and the underground. Also, fit as many people inside the fortress as possible. Also, have the members of the knight brigade stationed at the entrance to all shelters desuwa.”

Since it was a rare chance to masturbate outdoors, I decided to dump all citizens who could possibly become witnesses into the coliseum. The coliseum could also function as a shelter since it was sturdily built, and as long as all entrances and doors had members of the knight brigade stationed there, nothing would penetrate inside.  

[“Hey! Could you understand my feeling at being dumped into a warehouse for several days by the person I could finally acknowledge as my master?!”] 

“Shut up desuwa. Also if you have any ability, tell me quickly.”

[“…I can move on my own. That’s why you don’t have to hold me.”]

By the way, the sword that made me feel high by wielding it seemed to be able to move on its own, so it flew around by itself. Considering its sharpness, it could be used as a funnel, so it was a strong weapon desuwa. I had no business with the black grasshoppers, so I told the magic sword to hunt down only those black grasshoppers. 

“That black swarm should be it, right?” 

“Um, Lydia-sama, what about your clothes…?”

“There’s only Mei here, so it’s okay desuwa. Everyone else is already evacuated.”

And the day of the clash came. I intended to suppress the locust swarm alone so I jumped out of the fortress that served as an evacuation shelter. Mei chased after me, but seeing there wasn’t any other pursuer, there was no problem. Since my clothes would be eaten anyway, I decided to go wearing only pants from the beginning desuwa. It was a unique chance of having insects gnawing all over my body. I was aware I was acting weird, but I wouldn’t let the chance slip by. 

“Hih?! There’s actually that many?!” 

“That’s… that black wall is all black grasshoppers, huh.”

As soon as a large swarm of grasshoppers approached and their appearance could be made out, Mei, who covered my chest from behind, began to tremble and cry, but well, that was a tough sight for a girl to stomach, so it couldn’t be helped. Everything in sight was black grasshoppers, so I guess I was in the wrong spot desuwa. 

People had no idea when red grasshoppers would appear, but there was a theory that said it happened when black grasshoppers were too hungry and resorted to eating meat, turning red by doing so, so seeing the number of grasshoppers, there should be some that were red. Even if that wasn’t the case, the existence of red grasshoppers was already confirmed in the O’Shay Federation, so even if some of them were subjugated, some should have been able to reach here desuwa. 

Anyway, I could only see black grasshoppers in this swarm so I decided to just annihilate them. My detection magic already told me there would be dozens of grasshopper swarms of this scale, so I could look forward to it.

I inflated fireballs with wind magic and burst them in the center of a grasshopper swarm, making a good number of them explode in one shot. The magic sword that could move on its own would handle the rest, so I decided to face the next swarm. 

Tsukii Note:

In people’s eyes, Lydia is what they see as an ideal ruler.

She personally led the evacuation process, and there is tons of stockpiled food (enough to fill several warehouses) due to the tax increase she established when she first ruled. 

It would definitely lead to rebellion if she decided to hoard the food, but she as the first king of her kingdom didn’t, so her name as the great and wise ruler would be passed down the generations… maybe?

If that Duke Constine, who raised rebellion due to opposing Lydia’s tax raise policy and YEETed after losing, dared to return for vengeance after all this, people of the kingdom would likely rush to kill him in Lydia’s stead…

Lydia’s method is forceful (purchasing kingship to secure as many people she could help (?)) and tyrannical (declaring tax increase and YEET the opposition) indeed, but it is also thanks to that the preparation made it in time. And after evacuating her people, she personally went to clash against the locust swarm… What is a tyrant she wanted to become again?

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1 year ago

Ah, man, sounds like she’s having fun at the end there. I’m feeling a bit bad for Mei though, imagine having to deal with Lydia.