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Chapter 3 – The Slave will soon be YEETed desuwa

Because I kept YEETing weak people every week, the knight brigade became an elite group before I knew it!

…Hey, it wasn’t the time for me to be happy. It was a rare chance for me to be captured by an enemy army, then burned and violated back then. I couldn’t help but glare at the enemy army as they retreated, but please allow me to do that much at least. 

Recently, despite the fact I bluntly said, “Rape me (Okashite),” I ended up being given a snack instead. I didn’t say “Gimme snack (Okashi, te)” but “Rape me (Okashite)”. How did they mishear that? Those black-clothed units don’t get me at all. If I’m more specific on how I want to be treated, that would make it a consensual act instead of rape. 

Since it ended up like this, I have no choice but to go to an academy to bully the weak instead. The story of a student being bullied and then YEETed from the academy only to return for vengeance is already considered a common cliché. There are tons of protagonist characters who achieved awakening by being pushed to the brink, so it would be great if there was such a person who turned out to also have a cruel personality. 

“Crecia, please collect data for all the students enrolling in the Royal Capital Magic Academy this year.” 

“Yes, Lydia ojou-sama.”

For the time being, I will pay special attention to unknown people from the countryside or those who have lost their memories. Crecia, who leads the black-clothed unit, is great at gathering information so it’s very helpful. If I exclude the fact that he kept misjudging his master’s desire, he is a very capable person. 

A few days had passed since Lydia drove away the army of the Arcelus Kingdom. The rumor of Lydia’s active part in the war spread both inside and outside the Narorosa duchy, which made Lydia’s name become the most famous in the empire at that time. 

Crecia, the head butler that served Lydia, executed her command. It was to gather data on all 460 freshmen students that would enroll at the academy Lydia would attend this year. Despite being casually tasked with an enormous amount of work, Crecia immediately commanded his subordinates, and he also personally acted to make sure not even the most trivial information would be overlooked. 

They practically acted like intelligence units by infiltrating the academy or directly buying the information with money, with the information about sons and daughters of the influential aristocrats being scrutinized in great detail. Meanwhile, during that period of time, Lydia was bullying her recently purchased slave. 

“I-It’s impossible… I couldn’t do such a thing…”

“I don’t care about your opinion. Just do as you’re ordered desuwa. There, hurry!”

There was a young lady and a slave girl on a little mountain cliff. After arguing for a while, the slave girl pushed the young lady off the cliff. Lydia, who rolled down the cliff, hitting tree branches and rocks many times along the way, eventually slowed down after about 50 meters. 

Lydia stood up with a smile as the back of her head dripped some blood and then called out to the slave girl on the cliff… Mei. 

“See, you won’t die with this much. I will use recovery medicine if you are dying, so don’t worry and just jump down. This is a command, okay?” 


Then Mei also gathered her courage and jumped off the cliff… every time she collided with a tree or rock surface along the way, her bones broke, her skin was scraped, and she lost consciousness in the blink of an eye. When she arrived at the bottom of the cliff,  her limbs were crushed and she was bleeding all over her body. 

“…You haven’t died yet, so it’s all good! I’ll have you drink the recovery medicine quickly.” 

Lydia had bought slaves and whipped them, before YEETing (releasing) them for quite some time, which could only be seen as an act of charity. When Lydia considered why none of her former slaves returned for vengeance, she thought she didn’t bully them enough, or the slaves were just too weak to exact vengeance.   

Because of that, Lydia thought as long as she bullied them to the edge of death and made them stronger, they would return for vengeance earlier, so Lydia commanded Mei to jump down from the cliff. If Lydia didn’t give Mei recovery medicine immediately after that, Mei’s heart would stop after dozens of seconds and she would die. 

Mei, who was the same age as Lydia, after being forced to drink the recovery medicine and then receiving appropriate treatment from the black-clothed unit, managed to get away with her life. When Mei opened her eyes after a while, Lydia told Mei with a smile.

“I’ll have you jump down the cliffs about 100 more times. I’m sure you’ll come out of it with just minor injuries soon enough.” 

As Mei heard those words, life disappeared from her eyes. At the same time, Mei realized the weight of her sin. 

There were two types of slaves in this world: criminal slaves and debt slaves. The ones that Lydia often bought were criminal slaves, and Mei also had a history of committing great crimes. 

The story of how Lydia bought slaves and then released them was famous within the Narorosa duchy. The amount of whipping would be according to the weight of their crimes, and they would be released after that. The story was so famous that rumors spread far and wide. The whipping done by Lydia wasn’t a cruel practice that would make skin and flesh peel off, but was done with a rose whip developed by Lydia as a hobby. 

It was still painful, but it wasn’t unbearable. Some of those criminal slaves would commit another crime after being released, but it was a good thing for Lydia who aimed to worsen public safety. Rather, the low rate of people who committed crimes again made Lydia get a headache instead. 

…And so, Mei repeatedly jumped off the cliff as ordered by Lydia. The more she fell, the more Mei naturally learned how to soften the impact, and by the fifth time, Mei was no longer knocked unconscious by the fall.

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11 months ago

I wonder what type of great crime, Mei, a normal ten your old little girl actually was guilty of commiting. If it was murder she would probably have been executed… so what type of crime would have made her agree that having to jump down a cliff over a hundred times, would be suitable punishment for?

1 year ago

What the–who even thinks like this!? Our MC, apparently, but still! Wow. She is really…peculiar.

I have to admire a person that knows exactly what they want, though.

Thank you for the chapter! YEET desuwa!

1 year ago


1 year ago

I wonder if author is doing a research on “how much YEET can you put in a novel so that the novel remains coherent”

Thanks for the translation!

1 year ago

Nice! Thanks for the upload~