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Chapter 32 – Guidance of the Magic Sword desuwa

The internal situation of the Lowlet Empire became messier as time went on, but I spent my time leisurely in my territory. It would be quite a while before the magic academy could resume its activity. If the densely populated imperial capital ran out of food, the danger of rioting would increase. There was no way lessons could be carried out normally under such circumstances.

The magic sword had been flying around me on its own ever since the battle against the grasshoppers, but it was really a troublesome existence since it kept consuming my mana to fly around. It also introduced itself and its name seemed to be Spars. I think I began to learn the naming clichés of magic swords.1 

And since light came out of the tip of Spars and pointed in a certain direction, I proceeded to analyze the magic circle of the magic sword. As for how the magic sword could fly around, the magic circle related to it had several layers, rendering it impossible to analyze, but as for the mysterious light that was pointing out from the blade, even I could analyze it. 

[“Stop! Don’t look inside of me more than this!”] 

“Shut up desuwa. Objects should obediently show everything to their owner… so it’s a timed magic that makes it glow for a certain period of time. It’s not that uncommon, is it?”

As a result of utilizing the knowledge I had learned at the magic academy, I found that this sword seemed to shine every three years. Dephassion didn’t shine, but it didn’t speak to begin with, so perhaps it would only do so once the magic sword acknowledged a master. 

Timed magic had a limit of about 3 years due to its composition, but this magic circle was set up in a way it would repeatedly use itself, allowing Spars to shine every three years, I guess that was how it worked. The magic sword sure was convenient as a flashlight for being able to keep shining dimly. It served well as an ornament desuwa. 

As a result of the analysis, I determined that the light would continuously shine for over a month. In the meantime, the light would point at a specific set of coordinates, basically telling me to go there. It was a hassle to have my mana continuously consumed, and I was also curious, so I guess I would go.  

…After analyzing the coordinates, the light seemed to point to the capital of Arcelus Kingdom, but was it telling me to go there while the famine from the locust swarm was still ongoing…? Rather, people might be unable to reach the coordinates within a month depending on the distance. The maker should think of the wielder’s circumstances before making this setup desuwa.

Since it couldn’t be helped, I left Crecia and Makina to take care of things at home and I went to the Arcelus Kingdom together with Mei. Along the way, I was often attacked by bandits at night, but before they could violate me, they were cut in two by Mei, so the development I wished for didn’t take place. 

The spots where the black grasshoppers passed by seemed to have suffered great destruction since even the forest was gone desuwa. The place that was formerly a grassland when I passed through during the invasion operation was now withered desuwa.

That said, it wasn’t like everything was gone since the mountain didn’t become bald. Those grasshoppers seemed to have eaten only to a certain extent so the ecosystem could continue.  

Also, the places protected by the military were less damaged desuwa. It seemed those grasshoppers also had no intention to die meaninglessly. It seemed the capital of Arcelus Kingdom was protected, since only a few people seemed troubled with clothing desuwa. But even then, food scarcity still occurred, with many people starving. 

“But considering food could still be purchased with money, it seems the food situation in the Arcelus Kingdom is generally better than the Lowlet Empire.” 

“Their prices soared to more than five times as expensive, but it certainly isn’t as bad as the Empire’s situation.”

As we continued walking around the capital following the direction of the light, we arrived at a large, aristocratic mansion after passing through a complicated alley, but the gatekeeper there seemed strong enough to join my knight brigade and had a magic sword to boot. Apparently, this was the mansion of that Garlon fellow, the magic sword blacksmith.

“Oi, there’s a wielder of the named magic sword who comes as a visitor.” 

“A-aah… Excuse me, but which of you is the master of the magic sword?”

“It’s me desuwa… I came without an appointment, but is it okay for me to enter?”

“Yes, of course. Please enter.”

Since I heard the gate guard say I was the wielder of the named magic sword, I guess that meant people who wield a named magic sword were dangerous fellows. After being guided to a room inside the mansion, I saw there were five other men and women inside. Not only did they all have their respective magic swords, but they also looked strong.

I also found Abraham among them, but since he desperately tried to pretend to be a stranger, I guess I would just wait and see. Then a middle-aged man came out from the back. He had a hairy beard and thick arms. Even looking from the outside, he clearly had an atmosphere of a “blacksmith” desuwa.

Since everyone other than me was bowing their heads at him, he must be the creator of the magic swords. I couldn’t help but wonder why he made a magic sword that could make its wielder depressed to suicidal levels and then release it to the world, but I also greeted him for the time being. 

Tsukii Note:

Abraham… turns out he was a spy of another nation… so that’s why he refused to go all out if he himself was not in danger.

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8 months ago

Spy of another nation? Unlikely. To me it seems more like that he is trying to gather all the swords, and do are the other people there.

Maybe the blacksmith didn’t create those named swords at all? Maybe he only created all those lesses magic swords instead.

As for why they have all those issues? Maybe all of the swords were originally a single weapon, like a Swizz army knife? And the all are supposed to be contained in Lia? Don’t forget that Lia removes ALL feelings. So maybe she needs all those other swords feelings, or maybe she just neutralize them?

This would also explain why Abraham can use more than one magic swords at the time safely… because Lia makes it so that he never suffers any consequences?

1 year ago

That awkward moment when you meet your classmate when you totally didn’t expect to.