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Chapter 33 – Plan to Slay the Goddess desuwa

When the magic sword began to shine and Lydia followed its guidance, she headed to the place where the light was pointing to. The location turned out to be the mansion of Garlon, the creator of the magic swords. There were 5 other wielders of magic swords there, with Abraham among them.

This gathering, Lydia realized, also took place three years ago, and those who participated in the past gathering stayed in Garlon’s mansion during the period their magic swords shone. Almost everyone present was an adventurer with a lot of free time. 

And Lydia heard a certain story from Garlon. It was the story that touched the core of this world. 

“Don’t you ever think that there are many reincarnated people in this world?” 

“I don’t know. I would like to be spared from a topic that would likely shave my SAN value desuwa.”

“I see that you have no intention of hiding it… people who gathered here are all reincarnators. Moreover, all of us were considered lucky ones who managed to get our respective magic swords through some method.”

“…Well, I wouldn’t be able to purchase it without money, and the fact I led a relatively peaceful life until now, I guess I could be considered fortunate. Also, Mei is not a reincarnator.” 

“What?! Say that earlier. I’ll have that person go to another room for a while.”

The moment Garlon realized Mei wasn’t a reincarnator, she was immediately requested to go to another room. 

Garlon then cleared his throat and spoke again, but his dignity had already diminished slightly.

“Perhaps you already learned it yourself through your own investigation, but well, let this old one fill you in. This world is…” 

Garlon continued to talk to Lydia for about an hour. He talked about there being a goddess in this world. Also, that goddess sent several Japanese reincarnators to this world for the sake of destroying it or just to vent her stress. 

“…Why do you know about that?” 

“I’ll have to hide my source of information. You can treat my story as idle gossip if you prefer.”

Garlon said that the goddess eventually became an evil god in this world, and she was summoned to the deepest part of a dungeon in the past, where she ended up sealed. But they failed to kill her back then, and she continued to produce a large number of monsters even now in her effort to destroy humanity. 

Also, although the goddess was sealed, she was accumulating and consolidating her power and would eventually revive herself. It was an unrealistic story, but Lydia appeared to accept it easily and inwardly praised Garlon’s talking skill. Lydia was sure Garlon must have been a swindler in his past life. 

Lydia was skeptical about the source of information and asked Garlon directly about it, but Garlon said he didn’t mind if she chose not to cooperate if she couldn’t believe him. 

“The goddess might be sealed, but unfortunately, the mechanism that kept summoning reincarnators didn’t seem to stop… you often hear about demon-possessed children, right?” 

“It is said that children that didn’t cry at night, didn’t say their selfishness, and are understanding are reincarnations of demons so they ought to be killed, you mean that one, right? Well, I happened to regain my consciousness by the time I was 5 years old, though.”

“I was abandoned by my parents. Well, I guess it was better than being outright killed.”

The topic shifted to the demon-possessed children. In the villages within the Lowlet Empire and Arcelus Kingdom, the reincarnated people were born with hope for the future, only to be killed in a few days. Lydia was aware of how often such a thing took place. 

Likewise, she was also aware that those demon-possessed children were reincarnators. 

“In order to prevent further damage, we are planning to kill the goddess who is the caster of the spell.” 

“Won’t the world collapse if the goddess is slain?”

“…I was also worried about that, but according to the source of my information, it seems the universe that created this world and the god that manages the world are different entities. So there should be no problem.”

Eventually, Garlon asked Lydia whether she wanted to participate or not. After thinking a little, Lydia declared her intention to participate in exchange for getting her questions answered. 

“I’ll answer what I can, but what do you want to ask?” 

“Then, first of all, it’s about this magic sword. Please tell me the reason why it has consciousness and can talk. Even in the unlikely case you were an AI researcher in your previous life, it’s unbelievable you could make such an independent will.”

“If it’s that, don’t you already have your own speculation about the answer…? It’s because they were formerly human. There was no way a mere blacksmith like me was capable of creating personality from zero.”

Lydia asked several questions regarding the magic swords. Regarding the fact that magic swords could talk and had their respective personality, Lydia already had her own assumption. One of her theories indeed was that the swords were former humans, but Lydia couldn’t help feeling a little astonished by Garlon’s blasphemous actions.  

He made use of the souls of children that were demon-possessed by purchasing them and using their souls to be the cores of magic swords. When Lydia heard that, she recognized Garlon was a dangerous kind of character like the mad scientist that often appeared in fiction. 

After thinking a while, Lydia took Garlon’s hand and expressed her intention to participate in the plan to slay the goddess. It was because, in this short amount of time, Lydia came up with an idea. 

Tsukii Note:

It was likely that Garlon’s information was not the full truth, but it seems our lady didn’t have a problem with that.1

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7 months ago

The goddess is probably not evil. More likely she was sealed there by humans when they tried to usurp her power. As a result she sent swarms of locust as punishment to deal with them.. just like the pharaoh in the Bible was punished by locusts when he acted as if he himself was a god.

10 months ago

He’s lying? Let’s work with him. He’s evil? Even better.

This is more or less Lydia’s whole thought process.

10 months ago

Lydia is probably hoping the info is incomplete in a manner which lets her betray them, join the goddess, and get abused alongside her.

She isn’t stupid after all and is fully aware how the person giving her the info is. She is just horny.