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Chapter 34 – Kill Two Birds with One Stone Desuwa

Garlon said things that shouldn’t be said one after another, but if Garlon’s story was true, it meant this world was in quite a pleasant situation. The goddess who managed this world was sealed, and the reincarnators who gathered here were plotting to kill her. Since it might open the possibility of returning to their old world, I could understand wanting to bet on that.

…Garlon also said the god who made this world and the god who managed the world were different. The god who managed the world was sealed by the humans it managed. This was just speculation, but there should be something like a higher world. There were several parallel worlds, and all of them could be observed. I did have the desire to take a peek, but that would mean I had to quit being a human and ascend into godhood, so it would be hard to achieve. 

There were theories about there being various dimensions out there, but none of the theories could be said to be exactly correct, and I didn’t want to think deeply about it since it would lead to philosophical musings… The world we live in is often said to be made up of three dimensions: the vertical, horizontal, and depth axes, in addition to the time axis desuwa. There should be various 4-dimensional and 5-dimensional worlds out there, the so-called parallel worlds. Since such world axes existed, the god who managed it should be a 6-dimensional entity who could perceive 5 dimensions. 

It was a completely superior existence, yet she managed to get sealed by us humans, life forms of 3 dimensions, so I guess she wasn’t that big of a deal desuwa. I was quite curious about the topic of why the god who made the world and the god who managed the world were different though. 

Even so, I envied the state of that goddess, who was not only sealed and trapped in an egg-like cocoon, but she even served as the mechanism that continued to breed monsters endlessly. She was definitely a goddess who had perverted acts done to her. Perhaps even monsters she gave birth to sow their seeds on her further, and as I imagined the very envious situation, I couldn’t help but want to shout, “Switch with me desuwa!” 

…This group of reincarnators seemed to want to slay the goddess to prevent compatriots from suffering the same fate. They seemed to be a useful community, so I decided to join hands for once. But at the same time, I also made a plan for myself. 

I call it the YEET goddess plan. The magic of this world basically functioned under the premise of the caster’s survival. And such a basic law was designed by the god who created this world, and despite the fact that the creator god went to another world, this basic law didn’t get disturbed, so even if a god was YEETed to another world, any laws they made would persist. 

Since the mechanism that summoned the reincarnators didn’t cease despite the goddess being sealed, I think it wouldn’t stop even if she was YEETed. Above all, I could receive the goddess’ retaliation with that desuwa. This group of reincarnators would also become hostile to me since the mechanism wouldn’t stop, and I would also become a symbol of hatred for any reincarnators that came after. 

The more I thought about it, the more certain I was that the YEET plan yielded more profit to me than slaying, so YEET it was desuwa. In the first place, I couldn’t get vengeance if another party was slain after all. That said, being hostile from the beginning lacked beauty so let’s go for betrayal at the last moment instead, since it would be more effective. I would push forward in hopes of the upcoming retaliation. 

For the time being, I agreed to report if I found any other reincarnators. Well, reincarnators I knew about were most likely known by Abraham as well, and he should already have reported them himself, so I only got a one-sided benefit. 

Finally, I asked how many named magic swords Garlon made, which he answered was 20, so it wasn’t that much of an increase compared to the prior information desuwa. Seeing how the magic swords made use of the souls of former reincarnators as their cores, Garlon was quite a madman, but seeing how I also intended to make use of reincarnators if I could identify them quickly, I guess I wasn’t that much different… 

“Most likely, the Lowlet Empire would turn disastrous inside. If you’d like, I wouldn’t mind lending you power.” 

“That’s unnecessary desuwa. Seeing that even a person like Abraham could become an S-rank adventurer, I didn’t have any expectations of them.”

“…I see. But we hailed from the same home world, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need to.”

I could feel my skin tingling when Garlon acted like a good person, so I chose not to trust him. In the first place, there was no person in their right mind who would make a magic sword that reduced their wielder to suicidal despair… I think that magic sword also had a reincarnator’s soul within it, but I was getting curious about what kind of environment he had come from. Perhaps I could use such memories for masturbation. Other people’s misfortune tasted like honey. 

…Even so, since Abraham managed to become an S-rank adventurer in this short period of time, it meant either the rank standard was becoming looser or wielding named magic swords became the proof of a dangerous fellow within the Arcelus Kingdom by default. The masters of such magic swords were mostly reincarnators, and reincarnators should have various ways to rise up in this world… I could understand that being wielders of magic swords could be considered a status symbol, but having my road opened wide just by having me walking around made it seem people feared it too much.

Tsukii Note:

It seemed our lady didn’t want to be a god yet…

Also her YEETing the goddess could be interpreted as her releasing the goddess… wouldn’t she get appreciated instead?

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7 months ago

Yes, I can imagine Lydia saving the goddess and the world.