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Chapter 35 – Timed Bomb desuwa

The Arcelus Kingdom was much smaller than the Lowlet Empire, but it still had a large population and seemed to be a rich nation. Even though it was in the midst of famine, people seemed properly prepared, I guess as expected of a nation that managed to declare independence despite being located between the two strong nations of the O’Shay Federation and the Lowlet Empire.

Garlon’s mere existence could raise an individual’s combat ability, which also gave the nation a great boost. Having a master blacksmith that could mass-produce S-rank adventurers was a cheat. The person in question was just a mad scientist though. As for the magic sword that affected one’s emotion, according to what he said, he originally intended to make it a “protagonist.”

It’s often depicted in a story how the protagonist manages to defeat an absurdly strong adversary due to the power of their bond, the power of anger, or some other mysterious power. Basically, Garlon thought humans would be able to exert their power to the fullest if their emotions were unified into a single emotion, so he made magic swords that made the wielder be dominated by fury, vengeance, or love for the act of fighting itself desuwa. As expected, he was a dangerous fellow.  

Even the woman next to Abraham kept crying despite not wielding her magic sword, so this group was quite unique. According to Mei, that woman was stronger than she was, so the reincarnator group was a group of dangerous people desuwa. 

Since I was already in the Arcelus Kingdom, I intended to carry out some business transactions, but just like when I got informed of locust swarms, wyvern soldiers spread flyers again, so there must be another incident about to take place. I had seen the way wyvern soldiers spread their information, but the Arcelus wyvern soldiers were obviously more skilled than the empire’s counterpart desuwa… 

When I took a flyer and read it, it seemed that the emperor, first prince, and second prince of the Lowlet Empire had all been slain and the culprit was the first princess. To think such an incident occurred in the imperial palace, the world sure was a dangerous place desuwa… come again? 

“Mei, are the things written here real?” 

“…It’s hard to believe such a crazy story. However, there was no reason for the Arcelus Kingdom to spread this kind of fake information… so it might be real.”

My brain refused to process the information due to the sudden turn of events, but basically, all men with a direct bloodline of the Lowlet imperial family were no more, is that it? The first princess was thoroughly investigated to see if the demons set up anything, but well, there was no way they could beat demons with magic skills. It took place half a year after being rescued from her kidnapping.  

They must have let their guard down by then, and the first princess suddenly killed the emperor during their family dinner, so the escorts and vassals must have been dumbfounded by the sudden turns of events. The first prince and second prince also tried to stop the first princess afterward, only for both of them to be killed in the process, how incompetent… no, they were incompetent.1 

Moreover, while a power struggle within the imperial castle was an obvious thing, the information got confusing and both the first prince faction and second prince faction finished each other off in a grand manner, as a result, the backbone of the Lowlet Empire was completely paralyzed in just a single night. 

The first princess that was brainwashed by the demons was immediately imprisoned in an underground prison, but since there was a law to not execute members of the royal family regardless of how problematic they were, it was decided she would live there for the rest of her life. Since having the first princess take over the empire wasn’t an option, it became a hellish situation where the choice was having either the second princess or the elder sister of the departed emperor take the throne. 

Regardless of who became the emperor, the empire’s influence would drop without a doubt, and the late emperor’s elder sister also didn’t have any children, so she couldn’t be considered a good choice. Practically, only the second princess could succeed the throne in this situation, but she was also the person who interacted with the brainwashed first princess the most, so… the collapse of the Lowlet Empire seemed to become a likely possibility now. 

Things would still be manageable if not for the famine, but affiliated kings including myself were considered part of the empire by paying tribute, so the current situation would make many kings not pay tribute, triggering the division of the Lowlet Empire all at once. 

Rather, the Hein Kingdom immediately declared independence and acted accordingly, and King Herson, who suffered from rioting, also followed suit, so the collapse of the empire would take place in no time. The Lowlet Empire still boasted a considerable influence even without those two kingdoms, but I would also declare the separation of Narorosa Kingdom after this, and the Rein Kingdom, which was located between Hein Kingdom and Narorosa Kingdom, would likely follow along, so there was no hope for the empire. 

The tribute that was paid wasn’t cheap either and seeing the empire weakened so much that they weren’t in a state to suppress the kingdoms, of course there would be many kings who declared independence. The Arcelus Kingdom was also once part of the Lowlet Empire, but they declared independence in the past. 

Anyway, with this, the warring states period would come without a doubt… I was thinking of giving instructions to strengthen the border defense, but then I recalled the large citadels I asked the people to build, so I had nothing to do. Since I was already in the capital of the Arcelus Kingdom, I guess I would appropriately pick a fight with the executive of this nation before going home. 

Tsukii Note:

Our lady likely suffered from “everything she did would turn in a better direction at the cost of having her dearest wish never be granted” kind of curse.

Also, her earlier wasteful spending on making castles immediately turned into a budget for national defense…

She said she had nothing to do above, but considering that she predicted the upcoming famine and raised the tax during bountiful harvest prior to securing enough food and ordered the castle to be built as if she had expected the collapse of the empire, people could only see her as great ruler who already prepared for everything.

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If only she was the one that was kidnapped back then…