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Chapter 36 – Diplomacy desuwa

The incident where the first princess murdered the emperor, the first prince, and the second prince would later be known as “The Black Knife Incident,” and when the countdown to the end of the Lowlet Empire began. Lydia, who was in the capital of the Arcelus Kingdom when this happened, proceeded to infiltrate the Arcelus royal castle just because she felt like it.

She stealthily made her way into the king’s bedroom and put a note on top of the king’s face before she left. Normally, diplomacy was handled through diplomats, but it would take some time before her request reached the king that way. That’s why Lydia chose the quickest way and stuck a note right on the king’s face. Needless to say, the royal castle was in a big panic afterward. 

After all, the king would already be dead if Lydia was an assassin. In the first place, Lydia was a king of a neighboring nation with a bounty on her head. To have such a person actually visit his bedroom personally was a horrifying incident that would likely make King Arcelus scream. Or rather, he really did scream in horror. 

Moreover, all the escorts and guards near the king’s bedroom were knocked unconscious, which chilled his heart further. When Lydia snuck in, she knocked everyone out either physically or with sleeping meds, leaving the royal castle littered with unconscious bodies. Moreover, if the note was real, then the neighboring king of the Narorosa Kingdom, Lydia, would come to visit by noon. 

Sure enough, King Arcelus had to cancel all of his plans for the day and the royal castle worked hastily to receive their visitor. Lydia, who did all that and didn’t care about the trouble she had caused them, was wandering around the capital of Arcelus Kingdom, exploring the city. 

“…The quality of the weapon and armor shops is unbelievably good. Although the price collapse didn’t take place, it is pretty cheap.” 

“Even without named magic swords, there were still an unusually large number of swords that were outstandingly sharp, durable, and possessed some sort of abilities.”

When Lydia visited the weapon shop with Mei, she was surprised by the quality of the swords there, so Lydia intended to purchase all the weapons there, but then she recalled the trouble of bringing all of them back home, so she refrained. Lydia bought expensive yakisoba for lunch and ate it with mayonnaise. At this point, the luxurious lunch prepared by King Arcelus was wasted. 

“If food here is bought then sold to the Herson Kingdom, people can make a lot of profit.”

“…Since Lydia-sama has prohibited food to be taken out of Narorosa Kingdom, that would mean people need to take a considerable detour to reach Herson Kingdom, though…”


The Arcelus Kingdom bordered the Narorosa Kingdom, and the Narorosa Kingdom bordered the Herson Kingdom. Among these three nations, only Narorosa Kingdom didn’t suffer from famine. Although the Arcelus Kingdom wasn’t in a serious crisis that rendered them troubled over being able to eat food for the day, the Herson Kingdom suffered a very serious food shortage at the moment.

However, since Lydia prohibited food from Narorosa Kingdom to be taken out of the territory, it was difficult for Herson Kingdom to procure food from the Arcelus Kingdom. 

“Well then, let’s go to the royal castle then.” 

“Um… Is it really okay to enter from the front…?”

“In case of emergency, we could just use the magic sword to escape to the sky.”

[“It’s quite difficult to carry two people, you know?!”]

Lydia did mention she would visit at noon, but she didn’t write the exact time. Because of that, the executives of Arcelus Kingdom ended up waiting for Lydia for quite some time, but when they were advised that Lydia had arrived, they became nervous. 

Lydia and Mei were guided to the audience hall by four gatekeeper soldiers surrounding her from all directions. Although it wasn’t rare for a king from a foreign nation to come to the audience hall, there was an especially large number of people from the Arcelus Kingdom, with the executives of the Arcelus Kingdom and their escorts, the S-rank adventurers, and experts of the army standing by. Among them was the figure of Yurugen, who fought against Lydia in a duel previously. 

Lydia and Mei were taken to stand in front of King Arcelus, where Mei bent one of her knees and lowered her head, but Lydia stood proudly on the spot and raised her head. 

“…What have you come here for?” 

King Arcelus spoke briefly to maintain his dignity, but he failed to prevent his voice from quivering. If Lydia felt offended, everyone there might have ended up dead. There were some experts stationed around the room, but there was a magic sword that continued to shine on Lydia’s waist. That was enough for the people there to know that Lydia was a mentally weird person. 

“I came to declare war.” 

Lydia’s goal was to pick a fight and have her territory attacked, so she declared war and urged them to surrender quickly. King Arcelus was very scared inwardly at those words, but since they would end up in a full-scale war against the Narorosa Kingdom, he ordered the people around him to catch Lydia and Mei. 

“I’ll proceed to leave this place then. See you again, everyone.” 

After hearing the order of King Arcelus, Lydia held Mei and raised her magic sword. Shortly after, Lydia jumped up and broke the ceiling of the royal castle of the Arcelus Kingdom and escaped from the capital. Some adventurers who tried to catch her and approached Lydia were seriously injured by the light of the magic sword and the part of the roof that fell. Seeing such a scene, the executives of the Arcelus Kingdom held onto their heads. 

Tsukii Note:

Things that Lydia did this time:

  • Sneak into the heavily protected King’s chamber.
  • She didn’t kill the enemy’s king, leaving only the appointment note, and obediently left.
  • All the escorts and guards were knocked out, preventing unnecessary casualties.
  • She proudly came through the front gate of the castle and then declared war.
  • Even as she was surrounded from all directions, she escaped to the sky unharmed.

She was a woman who could do everything except lower her reputation.

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