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Chapter 4 – The Road of YEET is not built in a day, desuwa

While I was having fun bullying the slave girl, Crecia brought the report I requested. Apparently, all the upcoming freshmen were investigated, with the information regarding aristocrats being especially detailed. To be honest, I wasn’t that interested in information about aristocrats, let alone those who were influential…

Oh my, there’s this son who hails from an influential aristocratic family yet is unable to use magic. I smell the scent of an avenger from this fellow. Let’s bully this one and YEET him later. Also, there’s the seventh son of poor aristocrats and a hick who doesn’t know society well. I guess it would be good to bully these three.

On the other hand, let’s get along well with the son of a great aristocrat who is famous for his bad personality. I will also give priority to getting along with children with exceptional ability and excessive pride. If I get along well with a person who might be on the receiving end of vengeance, I might get caught in the crossfire as collateral damage. 

“Mei, I’ll take you along to the academy as well. At the very least, you are my slave until I graduate from the academy, so I’ll have you take care of me until then.”

“Yes! Lydia-sama!”

Mei, the criminal slave with dog ears and a tail that I bought for a meager 100 credits from a slave merchant, is perfect for an avenger candidate because she learns things well and is talented in martial arts, along with magic. After forcing her to jump off the cliff 100 times, she gladly obeys all my commands, and her movements have become somewhat agile. Perhaps she is the same as me, seeking the pleasure of being abused? I’ll be troubled if that’s the case.

“Lydia-sama, the recurring profit for the casino this month is six billion credits, what should we do with it?” 

“Oh my, we got quite an amount this month. Then let’s expand the casino area again… and use the remaining funds to build a new big castle. As for the Buckgit Castle that was built before… let’s give it to Count Barigit.”

“…How big should the new castle be?”

“Of course, it must be bigger than Buckgit castle desuwa. You can use as much money as necessary desuwa.”

The casino, which was built to increase the number of tramps and deteriorate public safety, was growing into the largest commercial area in the territory. Considering it could reach six billion credits in profits a month, even building a villa every month was manageable. 

By the way, I’ll just give the surplus castle to the idiot aristocrat who kept fattening his personal wealth desuwa. I would personally feel happy if it became the trigger that forms a crack in relationships between subordinate nobles.

Crecia pondered after reporting to Lydia and receiving a new command. The casino that was built under Lydia’s command generated huge profits, with neighboring kings and local aristocrats also visiting to play and use their money. The currency of this world was known as credits, and it was created by a reincarnated person who founded a great empire in the past.1 

The value of one credit is about the same as the value of one yen, with the coins categorized by the different ores, namely small copper coins, copper coins, small silver coins, silver coins, small gold coins, and gold coins, where one small copper coin equals one credit and each type of coin is worth ten times the amount of the previous coin. 

One gold coin is worth one million credits, but the casino is the place where tons of gold coins move almost every night, with only a few percent taken away as pure profit. Due to the casino side only taking a few percent and the lack of restriction on admission, it isn’t an exaggeration to say it’s the most developed area in the territory with many people active in the area. 

It also caused deterioration of public safety at the same time, but Lydia’s servants, better known as the black-clothed unit, act as the security of the territory and thoroughly patrol the place to keep the public safe.

They were personnel that gathered for the sake of YEETing people after many servants were YEETed away. As a result of people being YEETed one after another based on their lack of ability or poor working attitude, the black-clothed unit grew into a very strict organization.  

“What is Lydia-sama’s command?” 

“It is to give Buckgit castle to Count Barigit, whose mansion was burned down in the previous war, and then build a new castle.”

“You mean that huge citadel?! And there’s a command to build another one?! …No, considering the precedent of Arcelus Kingdom’s army attack, there’s no objection to strengthening the defense facility. But what about the manpower…”

“Lydia-sama said we could use as much money as it takes to get the job done… I guess we have to gather people from outside the territory again.”

The one who gave an opinion to Crecia while rushing over was Joshua the housekeeper. She wore a black maid outfit, with a black beret that sat a little over her purple hair, in contrast to the large hat that hid Crecia’s face. 

She also wore multiple pieces of jewelry around her neck and on her arms, which showed luxury beyond what servants could afford. On her bountiful chest, which could be seen even through the black clothes that had minimal exposure, there was a huge, red spherical jewel. 

The male-to-female ratio of Lydia’s servants was about fifty-fifty, with male servants led by the head butler and female servants led by the head maid. Crecia served as the head butler, while the housekeeper Joshua served as the head maid. This organizational chart was made by Lydia herself after YEETing a large number of servants. 

Crecia didn’t have a good opinion of Joshua, who showed off her large amount of jewelry. Joshua was a very beautiful woman and Lydia deliberately favored Joshua just for her appearance. After Joshua heard the instructions from Crecia, she immediately relayed them to her subordinates. 

Even if Joshua was clearly favored, even if she possessed a beauty that could charm even fellow women, the fear of being YEETed couldn’t be wiped away. An absolute dictator could sometimes prevent corruption from taking place. Upon receiving the huge citadel from Lydia, Count Baligit became even more loyal toward Lydia and offered his two daughters to be Lydia’s servants. 

Tsukii Note:

Lydia trained her slave too well, it seemed there was no hope for that one to rebel then.

Also, the author might have put reversed gender name on purpose, as Crecia sounded female to me, while Joshua clearly a male name

PalenMisha Note:

Yes – Lydia is much too noble in her bullying. Haha

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10 months ago

Wow… So… Hail Fuhre— I mean YEET desuwa!

11 months ago

Okay. So, to sum it all up so far, our MC has developed an unrivaled military power, more economic growth than she knows what to do with, extremely competent servants, extreme loyalty in her followers, and high social standing in the Noble world…all on a quest to get raped by goblins.

How very fun!

Thank you for the chapter! Yeet Desuwa!

11 months ago

Oh! So it was deliberate, the names were weirding me out