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Chapter 40 – Demon Territory desuwa

I thought I was declaring war in all directions, yet it ended up being me invading them from all directions, and even though all people with authority above a village head were all YEETed, the expected ruin didn’t happen, making me feel indignant about it.

Rather, before I knew it, the weak of the conquered land were all YEETed while the strong were acknowledged as my citizens, solving the food problem in that land, which felt funny to me. Please do not solve the problem without my permission. By halving the population of men in the conquered territory, and even with very few men left as a worst-case scenario, there wasn’t a problem considering how fast humans breed desuwa. 

The scene of me, as a ruler, YEETing useless men would make me turn into a mesugaki1 character that would be taught her place later. There didn’t seem to be any men who could do that so far, but I had an expectation that they would appear someday. 

I had a feeling that my dream of ruin wouldn’t come true, so I decided to proceed with the backup plan of YEETing the goddess instead. Let’s start with interacting with demons for the time being. The demons, who lived in their own territory on the other side of the sea, were like human imitations with purple or blue skin and horns and wings, but I think all of them were formerly humans. 

The high-ranking devil that raided the magic academy during the entrance ceremony felt like a human, so he was probably someone whose body had been tampered with. The empire began to collapse, so I thought it should be about time for them to attack again, but since they didn’t seem to be coming, I decided to visit them instead. 

“And so, we’ll use Spars and fly to the demon territory.” 



“…What should we do about King Herson’s request for surrender?”

“The request is rejected desuwa. The incompetent king is to be YEETed desuwa.”

When I said we were going to the demon territory, both Mei, who sat on my lap, and the magic sword Spars, who was floating around, were surprised. I was obviously going to bring Mei as an escort-cum-pet, and Joshua, who served as my chair at the moment, would take care of things while I was away desuwa. I thought it was about time for Joshua to take over this castle, but she didn’t show any signs of rebelling, so it was boring. 

Rather, Joshua seemed to be trying to be useful to me as she began to educate people that could serve as replacements for lords that were YEETed away from the conquered territories, and my maids weren’t only excellent with housework, but they were also highly educated in regards to governing ability, which was totally weird desuwa. The lands conquered by vassals were managed by Joshua and Crecia and given to the members of the knight brigade, but as of now, about half of the territory lords were formerly maids or butlers. 

…No, I was sure both Crecia and Joshua were giving territories to their subordinates for the sake of preparation to rebel against me, the useless lord who pushed all my duty to them. Otherwise, my long-cherished dream of ruin would move even farther away from me, so please make it like that instead. 

And so, while hoping Crecia and Joshua would start a rebellion, I raised the magic sword into the air and flew all the way to the demon territory. I could ask for a wyvern and go there with that, but using the magic sword would exhaust me, which was more to my taste. Since I had to hold the magic sword with one hand and embrace Mei with the other, I would need some endurance. 

Personally, I would like to find the entrance of the dungeon from the demon territory side during this trip to their territory. Our side of the continent also had several entrances to the dungeon, but it was connected to demon territory and there was a record of exchange with demons in the past desuwa. But in the present day, because the demon beast that lived in the dungeon became even stronger, and the humans’ dislike toward demons was getting stronger, the path was practically blocked. 

Well, the reason the demon beast there was getting stronger was because the demon beasts on the lower layer overflowed because the goddess kept breeding, which caused the demon beasts that originally lived in the lower layer to be YEETed to the upper layer. I learned about demon beast ecology in the academy, but it seemed that they ate the ore bathed with mana that was abundant there. It was known as magic ore and there were many types, but basically, the closer it was to the lower layer the more mana it contained. 

[“It’s amazing that you have enough mana capacity to cross the strait…”]

“My mana capacity is over ten times that of a normal magic user after all. There, I see it. This is more tiring than I thought. That’s…”

As we crossed the sea between our continent and demon territory, I could see a gorgeous yet rustic castle as we advanced on the demon territory, but the space itself seemed to be preserved in a broken state. I didn’t feel like entering that castle so I ignored it and continued forward. I saw a new castle built behind that castle where I felt the presence of several demons. Or rather, there was a cityscape in that direction. 

“Are we descending in a place full of demons?!” 

“We might end up in a group lynching.”

As I saw humanoids with purple, blue, or red skin leading a civilized lifestyle, I felt quite strange about it. I was expecting to be surrounded by demons and ganged up on, so I descended at the central street, but they didn’t seem concerned regarding our identities. Apparently, there were also humans with normal skin colors in the city so we weren’t that unusual. They were living a more normal life than I expected. 

Tsukii Note:

It was interesting to see that despite Narorosa Kingdom being a strong nation with more leisure compared to others, she’s throwing refugees to surrounding nations. 

In a normal state, those nations would refuse the refugees like Lydia did, but since Narorosa is invading in all directions they would need to accept them as soldiers to resist the invasion. But having to do so after locust swarms where there are food shortages everywhere except Narorosa, would effectively lower their national power. Because many men were YEETed in Narorosa, they could serve as soldiers, but those YEETed men were weak people, so the strong army under Lydia’s possession wouldn’t even feel painful over that.

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